Charlie Sheen: Winning…Or Losing It? With Dr. Drew – Watch Clips


We just received a round of clips from tonight’s VH1 News Special Charlie Sheen: Winning…Or Losing It? With Dr. Drew, airing at 8/7c. Dr. Drew is clearly tackling Charlie Sheen’s criticism (“That's ridiculous – ” to have a prognosis on someone you've never been in the same room with? Come on.“) head-on: “People ask how could I possibly assess someone I’ve not met. Because I’ve seen this hundreds and hundreds of times before.”

Also popping up in the special are Celebrity Rehab counselor Bob Forrest and Dad Camp‘s Dr. Jeff Gardere. More clips below…

In this clip, Drew discusses how Sheen’s behavior exhibits “signs of typical hypomania” and a few talking heads discuss how Sheen’s public outburst eclipsed the Oscars:

In this clip, Drew discusses the fallacy of “home rehab”:

Of course, this special is one chapter in a long line of statements Drew has shared regarding Sheen’s behavior. A sampling of the discursive history:

October 27, 2010: – Charlie needs least three months of in-patient treatment. His addiction is far worse than anyone knows or realizes.”

January 31, 2011: “This is somebody with some character [and] logical flaws that make him like to be a bad boy, but … [he] has a life-threatening illness.”

February 15, 2011: “He’s becoming the poster child for distorted thinking and denial.”

February 24, 2011: “After all these years watching these poor people manifesting their disease, people still think they’re watching a cartoon.”

February 25, 2011: “This is no joke, he’s getting manic. These are bipolar manic symptoms. Maybe induced by drugs, maybe a secondary problem, but I’m frightened for the guy…The thought process is unraveling.”

February 25, 2011: “You see how he goes from thought to thought and they’re disconnected? That’s acute mania…That’s an acute psychiatric emergency. Bipolar patients that are manic are more likely to kill themselves or hurt themselves than when they’re depressed.”

And, of course, there were the comments a few days later that Drew gave to Piers Morgan and that led to Sheen’s reaction quoted above. Sheen also mocked Drew in the premiere episode of his Sheen’s Korner Ustream show. Is it wrong to be excited for Sheen’s response to tonight’s special?

Charlie Sheen: Winning…Or Losing It? With Dr. Drew airs tonight at 8/7c.

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