Dr. Drew: ‘Charlie Sheen’s Life Is In Big Trouble’


In a sneak to Charlie Sheen: Winning … Or Losing It?, we mentioned that Dr. Drew has made repeated comments about Charlie Sheen‘s psychiatric state. But in this one-hour VH1 News special, Dr. Drew teams up with a roster of mental health professionals to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis to date. Dr. Drew first explains why his experience allows him to diagnose someone he’s never met, then shares the details of his opinion:

“It is clear that Charlie Sheen is showing signs of Hypomania, an elevated mood that can occur with or without depressive episodes. Hypomania is the hallmark symptom of another larger psychiatric condition, bipolar disorder. Inflated with their own grandiosity patients may boast of their own achievements and special abilities.”

While Dr. Drew said Charlie’s condition is as serious as any patient he’s ever treated, he doesn’t think it’s too late. The video below explains what must happen for Charlie to get better. (Hint: It starts with an intervention).

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