Dr. Drew: ‘Charlie Sheen’s Life Is In Big Trouble’


In a sneak to Charlie Sheen: Winning … Or Losing It?, we mentioned that Dr. Drew has made repeated comments about Charlie Sheen‘s psychiatric state. But in this one-hour VH1 News special, Dr. Drew teams up with a roster of mental health professionals to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis to date. Dr. Drew first explains why his experience allows him to diagnose someone he’s never met, then shares the details of his opinion:

“It is clear that Charlie Sheen is showing signs of Hypomania, an elevated mood that can occur with or without depressive episodes. Hypomania is the hallmark symptom of another larger psychiatric condition, bipolar disorder. Inflated with their own grandiosity patients may boast of their own achievements and special abilities.”

While Dr. Drew said Charlie’s condition is as serious as any patient he’s ever treated, he doesn’t think it’s too late. The video below explains what must happen for Charlie to get better. (Hint: It starts with an intervention).

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  1. Kris says:

    Come on people Charlie Sheen is honestly telling you how it is…from his point of view! He was the highest paid actor in a TV series! Do you really think he doesn’t know what he is doing, by lashing out? He knows, and this is why his followers love him! Because he did all this in a timely manor, and is getting exactly what he wants, attention and fame! He isn’t a threat to anyone, especially his kid. His ex-wife Mueller is just as crazy as he is, if that is what you want to call him. The rumors of his sexual activities was in all the trash tabloids before she got with him! If his actions with his “girlfriends” is such a BIG deal then why isn’t the “sister wives” exploided…all I am saying is he might be a little crazy, but were all a little crazy…ROCK ON CHARLIE~

  2. adriane says:

    As I have said before can noone give this guy a break already. I believe his behavior is normal for someone in early recovery. It is not fair for everyone to pick at everything he says and does. This is a prime example of why I dont like the mental health profession. I brag about myself and say outrages things all the time, I dont think that means I have a serioius mental disorder.Bipolar is not even and serious mental disorder,it is a chemical imbalance in your brain correctalbe by medication. Having said that does not mean I think Charlie Sheen is bipolar I am not a doctor. All of this stress and pressure I am sure is not good for him. I find no joy in watching this guy go through a hard time and neither should anyone else.If in fact he is in need of extra help then that is something for his family and him to decided. I think people should leave him alone.
    team charlie

  3. Katherine says:

    This probably isn’t the place to post this, but I just wanted to ask if Dr. Drew had any intention of writing something about Mike Starr. His Tweet post, while very kind, sort of came across as a little pat and insincere — not that his sentiments were that, though; I think it’s more the medium of Twitter that can make it that way.

    I hope VH1 does a piece about Mike and addiction. Jen made a remark about him at the Sober House — that if you got to know Mike, you’d realize that he was just really lost. I was wondering if she could elaborate on that. What were his issues? Lost about what, why, how, etc..

    Dr Drew and everyone on the Rehab and Sober House shows are doing such a good thing, not just for the celebs but the public as well. Please keep doing the shows. Thank you.

  4. Robin says:

    Charlee Sheen is always WINNING no matter what happens to him. He’s attitude is I don’t care what you think I’ll do what I want and be happy with it.

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