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We are so excited to have Royce Reed blogging here at throughout the upcoming season of Basketball Wives. From her insider’s perspective, Royce plans to recap her life both onscreen and off. Below, Royce takes on the finale episode of Basketball Wives, Season 2, including being called the “mole,” Evelyn’s relationship with Chad Ochocinco, Jen’s lip gloss, Tami and Evelyn’s fight. She also gives us a preview of her upcoming novel, College Girls: Book 1.

What’s Done in the Dark, Will Always Come to Light!


Let’s Get Ready To RUMBLEEEEEEE!

First thing’s first: once again, this is my blog and I will say whatever I want, how I want and if you don’t like it… read it anyway, hahaha! Now that we’ve cleared that up, I’ve got a lot to get off my chest quickly without boring y’all. I’mma just speak in the way of my thoughts, not the order of the show.

1. MOLE? Really? Last I checked, I wasn’t the one going behind my girl’s back saying, “Tami, Evelyn also said this and that about you,” or “Evelyn, lemme tell you about the dinner Jenn and Eric had with Kim and her husband.” Better yet, how ’bout we mention Evelyn and Shaunie’s convo about Jen, and vice versa? I’m not gonna even mention how many times my ears were ringing to the tune of “Say My Name.” I tell you if anything this is the pot calling the kettle blacker than midnight. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. At least I can be a woman about my mistakes and own up to them. Right or wrong I take my faults and learn from them. Outside of the Suzie incident that I owned up to, can they name another situation involving me ’cause I can name at least five for each of the so-called “friends?” Nope?! But I’m the mole? Gotcha!

2. To call your best friend jealous because she’s looking out for you is a low blow. I believe Jen actually gave a crap about the situation Evelyn was getting herself into but shallow people never tend to think too deep. I’ll be the first to say a few weeks ago I thought the Evelyn and Chad relationship was fake. I’m still not 100 percent sold but with the amount of attention they’re asking for and constant remarks about babies, etc., I’m just gonna say, “I get it!” If they are willing to go that far then certain things in life truly have become business deals. I personally think Chad would’ve still respected Evelyn, if not more, if she held out and actually got to know him outside of Twitter and Skype dates. But who am I to judge? I’m not God. Maybe it is love. Not my concern. I have my opinion and whether or not it changes I’m sure neither will care. I did think it was a bit much to say the intentions were the same on the first “real” date. I doubt many young girls learned anything from taking lingerie to a guy’s house you just met and sleeping with him on the firs date…but like she said, those were her “intentions.” To each his/her own, I guess. I prefer to know his favorite color, what his future plans are, what he sees in me deeper than the physical, etc. But hey, that’s just me. I like substance…and not the creamy, sticky kind that can get you in trouble. #justsayin

3. I commend Jen for trying to pursue other endeavors. We may not see eye-to-eye, but I support anyone who is trying to do their own thing and not ride someone else’s coattails. I saw a lot of shade going toward her lip gloss, but regardless of the fact that we aren’t friends I’ll still support her. I’m the type of person who doesn’t have to like someone to respect her. That’s just me. I don’t throw shade on anyone’s dreams, foundation, career, or future endeavors. I may not agree with it, but I never throw shade. I do throw sand when it involves using someone else’s name. Just a little bit though — enough to make you rub your eyes but not to scratch them out. I genuinely wanted Jen to be OK. I knew what she was going through despite our differences and I could tell she was a little bothered by something. It seemed everyone else was busy having side conversations than dealing with the fact Jen had her head down the whole time. I’m sure this is a hard time for her, but all I could do was ask the questions. She’s a Virgo, so apparently it’s a Virgo thing on how much they say :wink:

4. WOW! So the Tami and Evelyn situation by way of Shaunie….by way of Jen. I felt for Tami. I used to be there. Not entirely…well, I don’t think so at least, but to the point I was in tears because I felt I was building a friendship with certain members of the cast. I was shocked when I found out days after the fight that Evelyn had slept with Kenny while Tami was married to him. My issue was I thought it should’ve been put out on the table Day 1. Around the time Evelyn mentioned Kenny’s other chick, she could’ve thrown in the fact that she was one other the “others,” too. I would’ve believed she didn’t know if it wasn’t hidden for so long but I gotta be honest, I definitely think she knew. Search engines have been around since the 80’s. Google specifically since the late 90’s. I’m much younger than Tami and I knew she was married just from watching The Real World and hearing on the news that she was marrying an NBA Star. In either case, I don’t think Tami’s issue was Evelyn sleeping with her husband, it was the fact she’d been smiling in her face holding on to that secret. On top of that, it was the way Evelyn reacted when Tami got a little heated. Come on Eve, its not like you just said I burned your toast, YOU SLEPT WITH HER HUSBAND, and you’re telling her she was a “non-muthaf***in’ factor, bitch!” Hell, you coulda stepped on my toe, but if you followed it up with that, my head woulda spun so what did you expect…again? #justsayin

Sidebar: If I’d known about Evelyn and Kenny and I was as close to Tami as I am now, and no one said anything a week or so into it, I definitely would’ve said something to her. Y’all can get mad at me all you want but I’d be pissed as all hell if my friend knew a chick I was befriending slept with my man and she didn’t tell me. No need for all of us getting a beat down. I believe in a code, not a circle. My code = friend. Smiling up in someone’s face with a secret like that is exactly why she believed none of them were her friends.

As I digress, I think this whole season has been a separation. F the Circle. We’re not in high school. For women in our late 20’s to late 30’s, we have all acted a fool at times and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. If anything, its becoming the real vs. the fake. My friends tell me when I’m right or wrong, a bitch or a sourpuss. I don’t think everyone in this cast has that. Call it what you want but I’mma be Royce no matter what even “when keepin’ it real goes wrong.”


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