Shaunie O’Neal On The Evelyn/Tami Fight: I Didn’t Start It



Following the broadcast of Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman‘s physical altercation on the Basketball Wives season finale, a few were quick to point fingers at Shaunie O’Neal for supposedly causing the fight by urging Evelyn to tell Tami about her affair with Kenny Anderson. Below, Shaunie responds to that criticism. She also discusses the tough spot Evelyn put her in by withholding the information until that point (Shaunie says even she knew nothing about it before) and the mixed feelings she has about the season ending on such a violent note.

What are your thoughts on urging Evelyn to tell Tami about her affair with Kenny? That’s what precipitated their physical altercation. Do you feel like you started that fight?

I couldn’t start something I didn’t know. I didn’t know that about Evelyn. I didn’t know her in the days of Boston with Antoine playing. I didn’t meet Evelyn until he was traded to Miami. Before we brought Tami on the show, I talked to Evelyn and Jen, just to run it past them and to see if they knew her. It was kind of like, “I’ve heard of her,” no big deal. Since that was off camera and since we’re friends, that’s what I went off of. We taped the whole season and no one said anything to me about Kenny. When Evelyn finally told me [on this week's episode], it was so uncomfortable for me. I had a similar situation happen to me, and Tami just had spilled her guts about how she felt about all of us. She really seemed to have this bond with Evelyn. I felt awful, an immediate disgusting feeling. I figured that Tami probably thought we were the devil. She probably thought that because I’m friends with Evelyn and Jen, we had sat up there and held this secret from her. That’s not anything any woman wants to hear. I told Evelyn, “This should not have been held till now.”

There were a lot of mixed, confusing emotions going on at the table. I almost wished that Evelyn hadn’t told me, but since she did and since Tami had just cried about how much she loved us, it didn’t feel right to walk away from the situation carrying that secret, like, “I know something that probably will hurt your feelings, but let’s all leave this table and pretend like everything’s OK.” I wish it weren’t at Jen’s birthday dinner, but I don’t know how we could have walked away with a clear conscience.

Did I hold a gun to Evelyn’s head and say, “You gotta go”? No. Did I think telling Tami was what she should have done? Yes. The only reason I went with her was to support both of them. I felt both sides. I felt Evelyn’s side of, “When is the right time to say that?” and I felt Tami’s side of hearing that. I never what have thought it would have turned into what it turned into. I think once Tami’s anger kicked in, Evelyn’s anger kicked in. And that’s when it went wrong. Had it been me, I would have let Tami be pissed off. She had a reason to get pissed off. I think Evelyn getting pissed off back at her is what sparked the whole thing. When Tami said, “It’s taking everything in me to keep from punching you in your face,” that’s when you knew she wasn’t planning on doing anything. She was just so hurt. The reaction should have been, “I understand, you should want to punch me in the face,” but Evelyn being Evelyn, it was instead, “F you!” It turned from what it was about to being about ego and pride and, “You’re not gonna talk to me like that.” I regret it happened that way at that moment. I never want my friends to fight. I would never want to cause anything like that. It was not my intention at all.

Tami aside for a second, were you upset with Evelyn that she’d waited to tell you about Kenny?

Yeah. I wasn’t pissed off, but it put everyone in a tough position. I know how it looks from the outside. I know how it looks for Evelyn’s reputation. The bottom line is I never would have imagined that it would come to a physical altercation. If I could redo the evening, I would rather not have heard it. People were saying that I started it. I didn’t think I started it. It wasn’t until people were saying that on Twitter that I thought about it: “Really? I started it? How?” I never brought that subject up. I told Evelyn she should tell Tami and I still think she should have. The emotional part of who got angry and how is so not my fault. I expected Tami to be mad, but I didn’t expect Evelyn to get mad at Tami for being mad at her. It was so stupid. I think Tami walked away pissed off at all of us. I think to this day, she thinks we all knew this secret and kept it from her. I’ve told Tami that I had no idea. I know she’s said, “I don’t trust any of these bitches.” I can only tell the truth; whether you believe me is on you.

Are you disappointed to go out on this kind of a note?

I am. We’re better than that. I wish we didn’t have to go out with a physical altercation. But it’s a mixed emotion. I wish we went out on a high note, but then you have fans who are like, “That was the best thing ever.” We all like to see a damn train wreck and somebody else fighting, but I don’t want to see my friends fighting, especially something like that. I did go to Evelyn and say, “I guess I made a bad decision of telling you to tell her then, because I didn’t know you would physically fight.” I think if they hadn’t physically fought and it went smoother than it did, I wouldn’t be seen as the villain here.

Any thoughts on your farewell Miami, in which multiple people confronted Royce? Evelyn called her a “mole.”

I know people have called that an “ambush,” but that was not what that was! The topic of Royce talking to both sides came up. It was never an ambush, it was never just about Royce and we talked about many other things. We left the party all talking. We took pictures together. Everyone was cool. It was just simple girl talk.

Any final thoughts on this season, going into the reunion?

I wish people would broaden their minds a little more. My lesson learned from this season is that some people are extremely narrow-minded. People still don’t understand that, yes this is reality TV, but you have to read between the lines and not take it so literally.

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  1. EXQUISITEOne says:

    The basketball wives should go on the Steve Wilko show! I wish Steve could do a lie detector test on ALL of them. I think only two ladies would pass; Tami and Jennifer.

    Shaunie will get exactly what she wants…Season 3.

  2. Barbara says:

    In my opinion, Jen,Shaunie and Evelyn are the three evils of the group..Jen is a follower of Evelyn, she cannot think for herself, Shaunie is behind the scences messy, Evelyn cannot be trusted with anybody or any man! Royce is sweet, but, she does not fit in with those wolves, they will keep her upset.
    The show should be named basketball Ex’s..None of them are married or was ever married to an NBA player.

  3. 2atee says:

    The timing was inappropriate. It showed a bit of immature as well. I really thought Shaunie was above that and more mature. Evelyn said she was confused and unsure if it was the right time. They knew what the end result would be because Tami is still stuck on her bad divorce and can’t get pass it. Why hurt her like that? Darn, I know it must be some secret the two of you never disclosed in your lifetime. What a ugly, messy and insensitive finale.

  4. Tishana says:

    I loved every stankin minute of it. Every hoe and blow. It was so real. I love to see women being real and having emotions. I would have had to cut up to to have someone not tell me from jump that they been with my husband. Anywho they do need to make up they were great together. ish happens, move on!

  5. Michael Nichole says:

    i understand where youre coming from shaunie. i think you did right by telling eve to say something. evelyn was absolutely wrong. i dont think she gave a damn either way. her personality on the show makes her seem to be nothing but a starving woman. she says that jen may be a little jealous of her but i believe its the other way around. Evelyn played tami so hard. she knew from jump who she was. even if she didnt know when she got with kenny she definately knew who tami was when they were introduced. eve doesnt like tami though. tami doesnt fit into eve’s make believe life. also i agree with you that eve should have expected tami to be upset. who wouldnt?! eve is selfish and only cares about herself. then to screw ochocinco on teh first date was ridiculous. dont get me wrong eve is an adult and can make her own decisions however she does have a daughter. how embarassing is that for her. then at first shes like i want a husband and a baby but after she screwed dude she needed to justify her actions. im with tami… eve screws for handbags. tell eve to retire the red loui. i like tami’s crazy self. she’s real and you know what you gonna get with her. she has know reason to be fake especially with her being not as financially strapped as you all. she has a vulnerable side and she’s very open. tha only thing shaunie you did that i really didnt like was upon the other ladies meeting tami you discussed her personal business with them. why was it necessary for you to tell them she was on foodstamps and all? she went through some ruff times and it was told to you in confidence and out of respect that she has for you. jen is nice. i like her but she is a follower. the last person to follow is eve. which im concluding with… why does tami FEEL SO STRONGLY ABOUT EVE??? i mean who is she? what has she done?? nothing but screwed nba players that are married, dumped her ex after she drained him, screwed ochocinco for some shoes and flowers, talked about everyone but you, pretends to be sooo business minded and a mom all while holding her red loui that she needs to put up. WACK!!!!

  6. Elle Nicole says:

    It totally floors me that they these are the women that men of celebrity status would actually choose to represent their name and brand. These women are an embarrassment not only to women but also to ethnic women who already have a stereotype label of being violent and ghetto…These women may have a little bit of money (from the men who they make pay for it from them) but they have absolutely no class. And to top all of this drama, they’re mothers…they’re the train wreck!!! I didn’t even realize that women of this (supposedly) status acted like such in public…

  7. Sandra says:

    Wow! So interesting how Shaunie is still saying it wasn’t me? She is just as junkie as Evelyn… When she told Evelyn to tell her she “laughed” and said, now? and so the laughs continue. (Sure, we love drama!) I guess she didn’t think she would get smacked…so did the fans get what they wanted??? I did! Because I was like finally someone smacked the taste out of her mouth. Funny how Shaunie had so much to say to Royce about she is not a child and how irritating Royce was. As a fan did I get what I wanted then, NO… because I wanted her to say it to Tami… who would have checked off in her cavity! They are always picking on the weaker link, playing the victim, while constantly being poker faced. I always wondered why Jennifer’s husband laughed about her friends who she is so faithful to (hummm).. guess he already knew their reputations and what they are all about (I would be surprised if Evelyn didn’t try to throw some at him, oh! that’s next season). I hope she can save her marriage and get the heck away from Shaunie and Evelyn. I solely watch this show for the dysfunction humor that it gives me… Superficiality, makeup, glamour, fame, handbags, adultery, idolatry, all the other missing and moving parts, will take you straight to hell. This is so sad, hope your ratings are worth it. Royce and Tami Rock!

  8. Bevlyk says:

    I just want to know how you were dressed up in a really nice dress ( I think that Shaq really messed up and he should beg his way back) and your boyfriend was dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and his little brothers polo shirt.

  9. sophiafrm tucson az says:

    im willing to bet that evelyn being a prior(obviously) groupie has slept with jennifer and shanies exhusband!!! shes beautiful but very ugly inside!! shes a very 2 faced and shady person im suprised tammy diddnt do more then that to her!!!! and come on were all adults here she was seeing him for 6 months ok it was more like a year and she says they only had sex 2 times its more like 22 times and we all know that evelyn and jennifer knew exactly who she was coming on the show she just wanted to make her look stupit but look how she made her self look classless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sunrise says:

    First of all Shaunie you keep saying u didn’t know it was going to end like that but how could u not u know Tami and Evelyn and how they react to things! Lets keep it real. No one is blaming you for the whole situation but u do play a part so own it and stop making excuses!Oh and you talked to the girls before Tami came on there and u say u did not know yeah okay. Tami told u that she was on welfare at one point and you felt like u could tell Evelyn and Jenn that why? That was none of there concern then u turn around and talk about how she is going to dress when you all leave and go on that trip. Evelyn and your self had to figure out how to tell her you guys want to take her shopping so she wont take it the wrong way and you still say you did not have a part in that fight. Girl bye if u have to make up a story to take her shopping how u think telling her Evelyn slept with her ex-husband would go! Yeah u continue to tweet and say you knew nothing to those that live in the same mind setting as your self cause that does not fly this way.

  11. Debra says:

    I usually don’t write to these show, but Shaunie, I understand your position when Evelyn told you. Evelyn should have mentioned that situation to you in the first place, and then Tami could have made the decision as to weather or not she wanted to be in the show. I really felt bad for Tami!

  12. SilkBeauty says:

    Don’t call anyone narrow minded Shaunie. You were messy from the beginning. You picked on Royce for no other reason than that you thought she was the easy target. From what I knew about you, I thought you were more mature than this. How wrong was I? A producer should be in the background and not intertwining with the drama. You’re like P-Diddy. Every group he forms, he has to be in the middle dancing around like a buffon.

  13. kodi says:

    shaunie your really showed ur true colors this season ur jus as immature catty an messy as evelyn jus u do ur ish behind the scencs behind ther backs .. all that back an fourth ur doin with tha gurls an tellin all them what eachother said all this an that startin trouble right under ther noises an ther so blind they dont see it smh an it baffles me how u called ppl like evelyn ur friend knowin u went thru that same thing wit shaq an glorias sister an jen might of went thru it wit her hubby how u gona be friends with someone as skanky as evelyn who sleeps with married men an no tell who eles she done slep with prolly yall husband an exhusbands too…shaunie you kno that was dead wrong to mention that ish to tammie like that an eve azz was soo disrepectful she needed her azz beat down to the ground evelyns nuthin but a skank azz ho shes the non factor.. so glad tami suzie an gloria kept it real this season an let yall have it y come you wasnt doggin evelyn out like u was tryna do gloria??? really shunie ur so 2 faced… u played all sides of the fence jus like royce an is 2 faced an fake jus like evelyn ..jen need to take heed an get the heck away from yall specally if she wanna save any of her marriage thas left hangin around fake azz heffas ;)

  14. kia speng says:

    Shaunie, you act like an innocent victim, all the time. You accept what you do after you have done it, when nothing can be changed, except ” Sorry !” The show seems to be a pay back to the league, like take that for all that I endured for years of being with Shaq. This is both for the men and the women who you encountered and left on negative terms.
    You have all these women like puppets, and I don’t understand why they allow you to do this to them.
    Evelyn, you are a non-factor, because if you were, you would not lay yourself carelessly to every man with money a penis ! You have devalued your self publicly, and appear to have absolutely no integrity. By the way, you advocated for Jen to leave her husband , and then turn around and say that she’s jealous of you because now you have a man. You are SOOOOOO SHADY ! All the make-up, bags, and shoes in the world can not replace self worth. SMH ! You made it bigger than the Bronx now girl. The world now knows that you are nothing but a low class around the way girl. Jen- you should use your degrees and class to socialize with people of cailber and dignity.
    Keep laying with the dogs, you will rise with flees.

  15. Jackie Smith says:

    Shaunie- you are still so tight about Gloria and her sister. You don’t let an opportunity pass by without taking a jab if possible. If you have a ” new man” get over it. But wait… maybe he’s not you thought or want. Hmmm, sound like a filler.

  16. lucy says:


  17. Sharlotte says:

    Shaunie Shaunie Shaunie, you already know Tami is half-cocked and ready to fight for the sake of being from New York, please you instigated this. However, I blame Evelyn for the whole thing. I was the biggest Evelyn Lozada / Jennifer Williams fan because she always claimed to keep it real. But Evelyn pulled a shady move. She had plenty of time to tell Tami about the affair…especially when Tami and Evelyn had lunch. Jennifer’s birthday party was not the time nor venue for this revelation. Shaunie, you and Evelyn are both more moles and Debbie Downers than Royce. And Evelyn you know you are lying when you say you didn’t know this man was married. Whatevah Boo, bring it in.

  18. Nitza Pretto says:

    “I really think Shaunie was the bigger person by making Evelyn come clean, this is why we have a conscious it is our worst judge (Evelyn). I felt so bad for Tammie she showed a lot of class in how she responded to Evelyn. All that time Evelyn and Jennifer knew, Just to think the mocking behind Tammy’s back. Oh hell no. Evelyn is lucky she still got teeth.” (my comment, Nitza Pretto)

  19. Mo says:

    Shaunie, I BLAME YOU!! You had an opportunity to debunk the preconceived notions that people had about these women with the initial concept of this show. “Basketball Wives” and no one is a “Wife”? REALLY?? I will be the first to admit, I’m a reality show junkie and will watch pretty much anything but I had to turn this show off. Why not show women doing their thing, empowering themselves, making their own money and having positive relationships with other like-minded strong women? Oh yeah, that’s right, RATINGS! And please stop playing the victim role. If I hear you say “It’s not my fault” about how another encounter was protrayed this season, I WILL SCREAM!!! You’re the producer and I’m sure you have some power in the editing room.
    What happened to Tami was wrong, plain and simple, and you are guilty of being an instigator. How convenient that Ev tells you ON CAMERA and that you urge her to tell Tami ON CAMERA. Her reaction was understandable and Ev’s unnecessary anger is what got her smacked.
    I really hope that if these “ladies” didn’t learn anything about themselves this season, they at least learned something about those they consider their friends.

  20. shan says:

    Evelyn should have gotten her ass wiped.She went about it all wrong. What bothers me about us women at times is that we are so quik to hurt one another over men- men in most cases that we are not in a committed relationship with, have no extensive history,and at the end of the day will still do what they want with who they want. When Tami invited Evelyn out for lunch after her surgery, Evelyn should have told her then. I know this is reality T.V, and enjoy watching some of the drama… but not when you hurt someone that is in a vulnerable spot. It seems to me that Evelyn has been a little bit of a jump off herself. I wish all the ladies the best, and I really want tami to come back for another season with her mojo/swag turned all the way up.

  21. babyluv60 says:

    I love to watch B-Ball Wives. I really don’t blame Shaunie for the fall out. Evelyn thinks she’s the s*** and that she can do whatever. She thinks she’s the bomb and that she can have any man she wants. As soon as she found out who Tami was she should’ve told her then. Tami would’ve been cool if Evelyn had not became a smart@#$ with her. Tami has been thru a lot and just when she decided to let her guard down Evelyn came in for the kill. Shaunie I do blame you for encouraging Evelyn to go and talk to Tami about her ex’s 2-nite bootie call with Evelyn. Evelyn I just hope your daughter doesn’t decide to “GOOGLE” her mom one day. Sad just plain sad…..:o(

  22. wow says:

    Shaunie experienced the same situation with her cheating spouse and a friend and now she gives Evelyn a pass? If I were Tammi, Jennifer, or Royce I would run because these women are incapable of being friends and providing advice about marriage/relationship. Evelyn’s guilty conscience over compensated for the repeated nasty attacks on Tammi. Just be right ’cause your friend was wrong. How do you know that she didn’t sleep with Shaq? WoW.

  23. susan says:

    Evelyn a big liar. she new she was sleeping with a married man. she no different than those groupies her hang out trying to get a rich athletic.shes a hypocrite!
    Tami should of kicked her ass.
    Go Tami love u the most.

  24. Lasix Furosemid says:

    It is not my cup of tea.

  25. Page says:

    3 of these ladies are act as though they are above the other ladies. They live in a world of their own. I found Royce this season to be very pleasant and the other 3 ladies did behave like mean girls. I lost all respect for
    Evelyn. What goes around comes around. Evelyn got hers with her break up, but I think Karma is a unpreditiable lady and is not done with Evelyn yet. My heart goes out to Tammy in so many ways. It will take along time for her to gain her self esteem back.Probably a even longer time before she will trust women as her friends again thanks to ladies like Evelyn.

  26. Dee says:

    Shaunie knew exactly what she was doing. She needed a WOW factor as a season finale. Yes Evelyn should have told Tami before now.This situation could have been handle alot better than it was. Shaunie cannot make the statement she have nothing to do with what happen. It’s because of her it happen the way it did.Shaunie got what she wanted out of it. Anyone interested in Season 3?

  27. BasketballFan says:

    Shaunie EXECUTIVE PRODUCED all the DRAMA!!! She’s guilty for the all same reasons she’s trying to nail Royce and Suzie to the cross..WHY??? Because Shaunie and EVE talked about their BFF Jen on numerous occasions… On top of that, BEFORE they went to Madrid, Shaunie and Evelyn Talked about Shaunie’s so-called-friend “TAMI”! My close minded self seen that.. Remember Shaunie and Eve laughing it up about Tami’s clothes and how she lost her MOJO and turns out Evelyn screwed Tami’s EX??? and remember Shaunie telling Tami what her bestie Evelyn said about Tami needing Theraphy??? AND…Didn’t you say TAMI CRAZY/hearing voices, then turn around and hug Tami and tell her she wasn’t in Madrid.. Welp, I dont think Tami was Crazy! I believe Jen and Evelyn indeed were laughing and making little slick comments/faces behind Tami’s back, because they knew Evelyn screwed Tami’s ex!!! Get it together Shaunie boo, You’re making YOURSELF LOOK BAD… and you can delete this comment too… it lets me know I’m making progress… TEHEHEHE…. Truth HURTS…. TOODLES!!!!

  28. big sexy says:

    shaunie shaq taught u well, how to lie and decieve. u set tammi up just remember what comes around goes seems that u all wanted to make fun of the less fashionable girls to show what that u have class, yeah right, evelyn are u going to throw chad a baby shower for the baby that he has due?

  29. Jamila H says:

    @ Elle Nicole…

    Women will get in disputes and have disagreements.
    I’ve watched all the shows of second season, and have seen a mixture of caring for their friends well being, enhoying each other company’s , mediating a issue that they must resolve one another , apologies, embracing their single life & womanhood, being independent, etc.

    These women represent themselves , NOT ME…
    I have my own mind…
    Women, and Women of color are not a collective…we each have our own minds, and experiences…
    Therefore their not an embarrassment to me…
    You perpetuate the stereotype that we must remain docile and timid, and if we get upset, or have some angry management issues , we’re GHETTO…
    But if a Man acts up, it’s just a little testosterone, it’s Ok
    and that if One Woman of Color acts that way….then we all act like that…
    We are individuals…
    These women will work out there differences, and learn from them…being Human isn’t about perfection…
    You Live, and You Learn…

  30. Thunda Jackson says:


  31. Boss Lady La La says:

    Shaunie, I don’t think that you started the fight at all. I do however think that Evelyn is a real groopie who has slept around with several athletes. I realize that she is the biggest groopie. I also think that Evelyn knew that Kenny Anderson was married. We all knew. As for Tami, she has some major issues. I can see that she has not really grown emotionally since the Real World and now she has added alcohol to her insanity. She is a ghetto mess and I hate to use that word when it referring to women but she is a ghetto low class mess. At her age, why is she trying to fight. She is low budget and low class.

  32. khandi says:

    In the first season Evelyn talked about Royce and the rep she had sleeping around, and you are no better. Timing is everything and that was not the time to share something like that, and to top it off your attitude was so raw. Remember what goes aroung comes around, when you dig a hole for someone else, dig two, that’s yours. I felt Tammi’s pain, and it should ended with women who embrace each other. Shaunie is a snake, that is why Shaq did you like he did.

  33. Dana Archield says:


  34. Nitra says:

    Shaunie, you said people need to be open minded well from where I sit you are the messiest drama filled woman. You are a bully or your tried to be until you met Gloria who wasn’t no punk and scared of you big ups Gloria. You are messy and drama filled your whole little clan of people of followers. I am glad that Tami popped her and you got exactly the response you wanted to see and wanted for your show. Stop being fake cause that is all you are with all of them. Royce i feel bad that she may have fallen into the messy group with you negative and selfish broads. All the Groupies/skanks and cheats you’ll referred to that was Evelyn the whole time. Gold Digger

  35. Khalilah says:

    I think Shani did start and instigated it. She shouldn’t have told her to do it then at Jen’s birthday. There is a time and place for everything and that should have been done another time. And Evelyn should have just kept it to herself. The marriage was over anyway. I can understand if they were still married and it is not like Evelyn was the first…. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!!!

  36. Kelley says:

    OMG!!! As soon as Shaunie opened her mouth and said “you have to tell her now”. I screamed at the tv NOOOOOO!! It was absolutley not the time nor the place. I agree with all those who said, Shaunie knew exactly what she was doing. Pitting her friends against each other. Evelyn did not want to tell her at that time but Shaunie pushed it. Tami has the right to be upset, as I would have been. But why be so quick to fight. This affair happened in the late 90′s and they are divorced. Come on now, move on Tami, Success and Happiness is the best revenge!

  37. Darkleo says:

    Shaunie, for a woman with so much class you show none by telling evelyln to share you knoe tami had a lot of problem with the way her and kenny split so why would you do that and you girl evelyn she might of slept with you ex to you better check it out

  38. Munroe says:

    Shaunie I’m disappointed in you and despise Evelyn. You knew exactly what you were doing. Not sure I will watch Season 3. What a hypocrite.

    GO TAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Sabrina says:

    Wow where do I start first of all I don’t blame Shaunie for wanting Evelyn to tell Tami. I would have done the same thing if I was Shaunie and I was put in that spot it’s simple either you tell her or I would. Now on to Evelyn you should consider your self lucky that Tami couldn’t get to you the way she wanted too. You claim to keep it real but I see you mean REAL SNEAKY! you know that was wrong 1st off you knew you should have told Tami from jump what u did wit her man or if u weren’t then stay outta her face dats just nasty.. Last season I thought you were ok peoples but now let’s see you got mad @ Suzy for telln that u were a hoe in Vegas now we find out that u are nothing but a JUMPOFF ur self. You say you got wit Tami’s ex b4 you were with Antione now ur tryna land Chad.. only ball player’s sounds like a groupie to me. And then to top it off you had the nerve to say u didn’t know he was married “CHILE PLEASE” you know damn well you knew you just should have told the truth you didn’t care about his wife like the JUMPOFF u are.How did you make it on the show in the first place ur not even an ex ur a never was.Tami gurl I can only imagine how u felt when u found out this smiling in your face while talking behind ur back Trick slept wit ur man… but I give u credit it was clear u were mad but not gonna take to a fight until this tramp has the nerve to try and snap on u I just knew u were gonna be in jail girl (lol) glad u didn’t but on the real. I WOULD PAY TO SEE U GET N DA RING WIT HER…

  40. La'Shawn says:

    Shaunie, in my opinion you did the right thing by encouraging Evelyn to tell Tami the truth. It seems to me that Evelyn’s words from season 1 are coming back to bite her. Wasn’t it Evelyn who said it was about time someone stepped to a groupie when Jennifer confronted Sandra about her husband? It seems to me that Evelyn is the groupie. Do you really expect America to believe that you did not know Kenny was married. And I know you don’t care what America thinks but let’s keep it real. You hooked up with Kenny in 1999 then in 2000 you hooked up with another basketball player (Antoine). Now, since that didn’t work out you are now involved with a football player. You’ve known him but a minute and you are already engaged. Really? So I ask again, who’s the groupie? Who’s the goal digger? And yes we all know you have your own store… I thought you were classy but now I wonder. You have shown your true colors in Season 2 and you don’t apologize for it. Shame on you!

  41. Bella says:

    Evelynn did not need to announce this “Secret” on the show at all. She also did not have to run it by Shaunie either. She should have spoken to Tami alone off camera. She said she felt she had to after Tami said her speech so if she wouldn’t have said what she said you wouldn’t have told her? Grown woman acting like there in the 9th grade. The fact that the conversation was not able to be done sober also says alot. Evelyn your position when you told her was to be quiet, understand her pain and that is it. You swearing and your ignorance kicking was not smart. You know how Tami is and especially after a few drinks what did you think she was going to do? You had no right to come at her the way you did. You are not the victom Tami is so what are you defending yourself about. Nothing you can say will change the fact that you played her face the entire show. Look at you know many people have no respect for you, and your daughter must be very hurt and embarrassed to be seen in public with you!

  42. Andrea says:

    As a woman, it is absolutely embarrassing to observe these women’s behavior (on many levels- age and status claims considered). It speaks volumes that they don’t seem to have to presence of mind to be embarrassed at their behavior.I am truly disappointed (This is not the image I would like to associate with women of color.Please at least consider the fact that your behavior can have a negative impact on the way women of color are viewed).

  43. steven says:

    i think evelyn had it coming, base on she said she hates gold digging cheerleaders. but she been tied to chad and kenny now. hell she was probaly the problem in kenny and tamis relationship. plus she bullied two women around why she run from tami , she met her match. typical hypcrite evelyn. hope karma gets her bad.

  44. sylvia says:

    @ Shauine, you did not ambush Tami I beleive you done what a real friend would have done. @ Evelyn it was not the right nor time for you to tell Tami should a thing and then get smart about it. @ Tami i have been a fan since Real World, as lady I would haven’t reacted any different than you, but sweetheart take it easy on the drinking

  45. Crystal says:

    I would have done the samething Shaunie did, she knew Tami 1st how would it have looked if Tami saw this episode after it was aired. I most assuredly would have done it as producer for the show,that is good reality tv. I will refrain from calling these women hoes since I don’t know them personally. I will say that it was apparent that Evelyn was insincere in her apology. And as Tami was saying it wasn’t really about the her ex-husband it was about her not being forth coming in 6weeks of developing a friendship. And no there is never a right time tell someone you had sex with their husband,it is also a trashy move to say I admit we had sex twice. Tami had already figured the 2 of them had sex since you said you dated 6mos. Eric was right all along.

  46. my2cents says:

    the devil is a liar..shaunie is it!!

  47. babifatious says:

    I think all of the other basketball wives should also check to see if evelyn slept with their husbands.
    This ish is better than any soap opera!!!!!

  48. Poise-N-Ivy says:

    To Quote the above … “I wish we went out on a high note, but then you have fans who are like, “That was the best thing ever.” We all like to see a damn train wreck and somebody else fighting, but I don’t want to see my friends fighting, especially something like that. I did go to Evelyn and say, “I guess I made a bad decision of telling you to tell her then, because I didn’t know you would physically fight.” I think if they hadn’t physically fought and it went smoother than it did, I wouldn’t be seen as the villain here.”

    1. We have seen the type of alleycat Evelyn is – - so “birds of a feather will flock together”…Shaunie

    2. You called yourself a “friend” of Tami’s. Yet you offer this “simple-minded rationale” excusing Evelyn.

    3. In the Bonus clip of you and Evelyn – you seemed to “sell out” Tami and pleading ignorance as to her feelings/behavior as another instance of seeing/hearing something that was not there… so which is it??

    Way to role-model for your children. Yes it makes for some (adult) TV – - but sooner or later – they are gonna be *side-eye’n* you too.

    oh…yes – howz that little boy you’ve been dating? Evelyn get to him yet? Maybe she didn’t know you 2 were “still together”.

  49. Roni says:

    There was a time a place where that information should have been shared. True the outcome would have been the same, but should have been some tack or consideration in the deliever. Everyone knows how Tami is and what her reaction would have been. No one should be in shock.

  50. Andi says:

    We can only go by what we see on TV Shaunie. Great show by the way. Love it! Watch it all the time. Keep Royce. I like her….lol.

  51. cha cha says:

    Eve will try and hook Ochocinco by having his baby and a life long life of luxury. She is just like Royce and the rest of them that want millions by getting pregnant.
    Good Luck Ocho …. you will need it. And BTW Eve is a great mother, wrapping her legs around OCHO and screwing him the first night right on TV (he even told her he had a hotel room for her) . Bet your daughter just loved to see that.

  52. HoneyGirl2008 says:

    Shaunie, you better watch Evil-yn, she might have slept with Shaq. You never know.

  53. we love you eve says:

    Shaunie cant be trusted. shes a snake and she knew how tammi would react. Eve watch your back as well as jen it was not the time or place to discuss what happened and shaunie pushed eve into telling her. shaunie is a snake she is only out for getting ratings. shes not a true friend no wonder matts wife called her out. DONT TRUST SHAUNIE

  54. THEONE says:

    YES YOU DID shawnee is messy she knew what she was doin when she told you dumb evelyn to tell tammy about her man she wanted an explosive reunion and she got one and tammy shouldnt mess wit her anymore cause shawnee knew what she was doing and through there relationship out the window SHAWNEE MRS.MESSY NKA O,NEAL ANYMORE AND EVELYN THE SHAWNEE PUPPY ITS MESSED UP THOUGH YOU WOULD START THAT AND YOU WAS SUPPOSED TO FRIENDS WITH BOTH OF THEM JUST FOR RATINGS

  55. renee says:

    definitely bad timing…should’ve known that from the foodstamp fight! Tami gets emotional everytime she have a few drinks! I dont think evelyn shouldve told shaunie until after she talked to tami. however, I understand going to a friend for advice but jen already knew. It seems that jen is more of a voice of reason than anybody! i love ev and jen as a dynamic duo with a little splash of shaunie:)

  56. AJ says:

    I guess the show will have to be called basketball ex-wives now, none of the women on the show are married to basketball players

  57. K Terry says:

    Shaunie did not start anything. With whom did she sleep with? Shaunie trust me you did the right thing. Tami would have NEVER trusted you again if she had found out you had known something like that and did not tell her. You are so right about maturity. These women on this blog are sooooooo childish how could they blame you. I will say this though, Evelyn probably did sleep with Shaq. She is soooooooooo loose with her body. A definate sign of low self esteem!

  58. SHINE says:

    I think the show is a sad example of people with money. These women need to do more than open their legs to celebrities for money. They are bitter and set a bad example for TODAY’S young women. 10 yrs from now when the money and their looks are gone they will be more bitter than they are now. This is very sad.

  59. Camille C. says:

    Shaunie, girl puleeze-you are too old for this drama! This show is a disgrace for the African-American community & for women in general (specifically minorities)! YOU play both sides… have 5 children, so you really need to grow-up. There are daughters involved and kids do mimic the actions of their mothers. I feel you are fake and really need to get a life! If this is what being “rich & famous” is like, I’ll pass. You should be ashamed of yourself……really! Btw, I hope Shaq stays with Hoops-she looks better than you and has a cool & “real” personality. You are the epitome of a sell-out & you have proved it w/this “show”! Shaunie O’Neal is a DISGRACE (change the name-your children are, but you are NOT an O’Neal)……

  60. Samantha W. says:

    This chick ain’t no friend to Tami and I really hope Tami can see that. I really hope that Shaunie gets called out next season for being shady and down right mean. I am not a fan of Shaunie or Eveyln, but I do like Jennifer and I love Tami. Tami may get a little tipsy at times, but she’s real and honest and emotional. I don’t feel like she puts on for the cameras and thats sad because I feel like other people are. Tami sincerely started to love these women but they were not having the same feelings. Shady hoes.