Basketball Wives 2 Reunion – Watch A Preview


Your first taste of the two-part Basketball Wives reunion (airing Sunday, March 13 and Monday, March 14 at 8/7c) is above. You can see that host John Salley wastes no time getting down to business and discussing what’s on everyone’s minds following the explosive season finale: the fight between Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman. Watch and see if their claws come out…or if they ever retracted in the first place.

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  1. jaime says:

    im glad royce and tammi putting evelyn and jennifer in their place

  2. Monica says:

    Hmmm looks interesting. Just goes to show how most-if not a lot of women will scratch, bite, kick, and degrade themselves in effort to make eachother look bad. Smfh.

  3. Tina says:

    HUMMMM…John Sally look like the cat that ate the give up the goods already.

    Anyway..Evelyn is such a liar, not just a liar but an arrogant liar. Shauni and Jen if you guys are such friends to Eve, why have’nt you guys checked her with the real. Your letting her make a fool of her self on national tv.

    Royce, you keep doing you, forget Eve and the rest of her minions, no one needs her approval on anything. You heard her right, she did think it was ok to screw Kenny married or engaged.

    Just from the preview Tammi you kept your composure, but if you should lose it, I can’t blame you.

    Shauni, are you going to start kicking people off because they have an opinion different from yours? It has been posted on blogs that you plan to replace Royce, if so, why?

    Jennifer people on the blogs seem to really like you also. I applaud you starting your own line. I will be sure to purchase your cosmetics. Actually you make Shauni and Evelyn look good. You, Tammi, and Royce are the only ones that really show some type of class.

    I wish all the ladies to stay blessed.

  4. ana lucia says:

    All these women claiming being basketball wives, but there are not.Jennifer – Married to man that does wanna be with her, and she still there… Go find a job! Evelyn talkes about the “Gruppies”, and she just like them… going around sleeping with married man… And she has the balls to talk about Royce behavior? When her naked and nasty pictures all over the internet… Come on… You are all losers…

  5. msknozit says:

    they are all nice shoes but i love those christian louboutin

  6. Teona says:

    smh now i can see who is real and fake and by the looks of it the only real ones are royce and tammi

  7. me10 says:

    Royce has no purpose! She really got on my nerves on the reunion show! I can’t wait to see part 2 tomorrow! That’s going to be the fool! lol

  8. fancy says:

    Tami…Classy….Tami is the epitome of GHETTO!

  9. renimax says:

    I just want to say that Miss Evelyn, please remember you have a young daughter watching everything you DO!!!! Although from what I just read on a previous comment she’s already following in your footsteps!!!! And that is really sad because I too have a daughter and by no means am I perfect and I have made mistake’s, but I worked hard at being a decent example! And now you want another kid ? WHY!!!

    Tell the truth you slept w/Jen’s hubby also. He (eric w.) kinda gave it away when he and Jen had dinner with the other BB wife and her hubby! If not Eric it is one of the other BB’s hubbys.

  10. diane says:

    WOW, really ladies! Is anyone a BB wife…first off….second other than fight what else do “y’all” do! this show is so hmm, stupid…just can’t watch anymore….really sad!

  11. STEBBIE says:


  12. sandy says:

    i think evelyn is a bully along with tammy

  13. sandy says:

    shaunie acts like she is not aware what is going on she got some crazy ass friends and suzie is dingy as hell