Basketball Wives 2 Reunion – Whose Shoes?


Here’s a fun game (or maybe not, whatever): we were on set of the Basketball Wives 2 reunion (airing in two parts Sunday, March 13 and Monday, March 14 at 8/7c) and managed to snap shots of almost all the ladies’ footwear between segments. Since the Basketball Wives are known for their extravagant shoes (among things!), see how good you are at knowing the shoes for the ladies — in each shoe picture below, guess which Basketball Wife is rocking them. Your choices are: Shaunie O’Neal, Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman, Ashley Walker and Gloria Govan.

(This quiz may be a lot easier once you’ve watched the sneak preview for the reunion that we posted yesterday.)







4. bball2_reunion_29

5. bball2_reunion_49





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  1. Tina says:

    Who toes are hanging over that shoe? Cut it out!!!!

  2. Ms Mekia says:

    There have been lots of kids out in the world today who are committing suicide because of being bullied. Your actions are sending a message that it is ok.Suzie stated at one point every where she went Evelyn showed up to make her uncomfortable. Evelyn should know what goes around does come around . What advise do you give to a kid being bullied, being a bully your self?

  3. BasketballFan says:

    Those are Jen’s camel toes.. How do I know??? Have you noticed that no matter what, Jen has to wear something simular to Evelyn’s… Evelyn’s wearing pink, but Jen’s not wearing pink… So naturally Jen gotta wear something pink duh the pink camel toe polish… If you think I’m lying just watch the next BBW’s marathon.. but anywayz… Jen need to pull her head outta Evelyn’s azz for 5mins so she can see Evelyn for who she really is, NOT HER BFF!

  4. Mz. Nacole says:

    nUMBERS 2, 4, AND 7 ARE @ShaunieONeal 6, 3, 1 ARE @EvelynLozada AND 5 IS @iamjennifer

  5. Mz. Nacole says:

    Take that back lol idk #6 is tami i know that tat

  6. keke says:

    1.shaunie o’neal, 2.ashley walker 3.evelyn lozada 4.gloria govan (team gloria)lmaoo..5.royce reed..6.tami roman.7.Jennifer williams

  7. Rich Juzwiak says:

    So close, keke. So close. Two need to be switched.

  8. Evy Lacy says:

    The shoe game is simple. The two least expensive shoes with no red bottoms or bells and whistles belong to Royce and Tami. Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jennifer have been wearing the Louboutins and other high end brands all season as it is their regular mode of operation. All of the women look nice and more polished for the reunion. Perhaps they will keep the look during season 3.

  9. lilylilmama says:

    7= Jen

    6= Tami

    5= Ashley

    4= Royce

    3= EveHoelyn

    2= Gloria

    1= Shaunie

  10. Stephanie says:

    1. Shaunie
    2. Ashley
    3. Evelyn
    4. Royce
    5. Gloria
    6. Tami
    7. Jennifer

  11. shan says:


  12. Lee wjong says:

    1. Shaunie
    2. Gloria
    3. Evelyn
    4. Royce
    5. Ashley
    6 Tami
    7 Jennifer

  13. Jaquell Burton says:

    1.shaunie o’neal 2.Suzie 3.Evelyn 4.royce 5. 6.tami 7.Jen

  14. Kaycee says:

    It’s Jen n Evelyn feet alternating beginning w/ Jen then Evz

  15. Kaycee says:

    My baby hit submit by accident but that’s not what I wanted to say.
    1- Shaunie
    2- Ashley
    3- Evelyn
    4- Royce
    5- Gloria
    6- Tami
    7- Jen

  16. princesspr says:


    1) – Shaunie
    2) – Ashley
    3) – Evelyn
    4) – Royce
    5) – Gloria
    6) – Tami
    7) – Jennifer

  17. brittany says:

    @Tina those are royce’s big ol feet

  18. brittany says:

    shaunie’s shoes are too cute. but they’d look better on beyonce. evelyn’s shoes look a mess and her hair made her look like a tranny

  19. Christine says:


  20. Nay says:

    let me try this again.

    1. Shaunie
    2. Gloria
    3. Evelyn
    4. Royce
    5. Ashley
    6. Tami
    7. Jennifer

    sn: Why Jen why? please don’t ever go out with your toes hanging over again.

  21. red dawn says:

    I always thought Jennifer’s feet were huge, I bet she wears a size 13. Its more apparent because the shoes she’s wearing on the reunion show are too small for her feet. Look at how her big toe overlaps the shoe on both feet in a sitting position no less!!!!!! Ha Ha here comes BIGFOOT!!!!

  22. jlo says:

    Every thing that comes out of Evelyn’s mouth is such hatred and mean. How did she get so awful growing up. She must have been the one that made little girls cry in grammar school. Her grammar for an adult needs attention. Filthy mouth, needs to get washed out with soap.

  23. cocoNdallas says:

    Ain’t none of these shoes that cute. Maybe Shaunie’s. I’m thrilled that Tami put them hands on Evelyn! Evelyn has been asking for it for awhile and Tami is just the one to do it! Go Tami! Tami might be ghetto but shes real. Shaunie is the mastermind behind everything and ALSO EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. HELLO? More drama, more money for Shaunie. She plays the middle man but she know what shes doing. Jennifer needs to get her head out of Evelyn butt and be her own person. Gloria needs to stand up for herself and Royce, well Royce is quite boring but she tells it like it is.

  24. Greta Hawthorne says:

    1. Shaunie
    2. Gloria
    3. Evelyn
    4. Royce
    5. Ashley
    6. Tami
    7. Jennifer

    They all need an attitude adjustment except Jen, she is about the only one with some kind of shut up sense,

  25. Nicole says:

    Please stop gassing ugly corney evelyn up, she is soo wack. Shawny and tammi look really good especially tami, my girl i love you your the only one with a genuine personality. don’t stop being true!!! Tami!!!

  26. Nicole says:

    oh the shoes who cares, but damn 7 has some big feet and 3 is the ugliest shoes i ever seen

  27. Lisa says:

    All of these women need to be ashamed of their behavior. Evelyn comes across as a woman with no soul, who will sleep with whoever for whatever reason and her language is deplorable. Any intelligent woman would know how to make a succinct point without using profanity of any kind. She may not mean to come off as a person who sees her lady parts as a purse, but the editing tells just that story.

    Jennifer needs to have a mind of her own. Tami is real, but needs to control her actions. She is a mother (as are most of these women) and is setting an example for her children. If you lose control when you drink, Don’t Drink!

    Royce has potential, but if she doesn’t find a niche that makes sense, or an alliance that is sustainable, she will be out and I’d personally hate to see that – I really like her. Shaunie is brilliant, keep them fighting, keep the ratings up and stay out of the fray. Smart, but shiesty! Get your hands dirty Shaunie, your story is worth telling too…

    Evelyn thinks if she yells loud she’ll be intimidating, I guess it’s true since Suzi was shook. However, does any woman of character who is vying to be a wife of a certain stature really want to be known for being a bully and easy?

    Gloria came across very haughty initially, but losing her status of fiance’ was humbling. She has a long way to go and honestly what will her role be going forward?

    Under no circumstances should the producers pay Evelyn more than anyone else? Unless she is offering couch privileges which is quite possible.

    Shaunie, Royce, Tami and Gloria are all mothers… remember your kids and their friends will see this show. Bring the drama without the acts of self disrespect. It’s possible to be classy and interesting at the same time. Try it!

  28. SEUSS says:

    I always said Jennifer had some big feet..on the episode when she was talking to Eric and she had her feet up on the sofa I was like she got some big dogs.I know she wears a size 12.

  29. toogie says:

    i love the fashion and shoes all the ladies wear on the show. However, I cant get into those gigantic earrings they all seem to wear all the time> Is that the “in thing” in Miami??? Some of it is cute but too much is over the top