Basketball Wives 2 Reunion – Whose Quotes?



As another small preview for the Basketball Wives 2 reunion (airing in two parts Sunday, March 13 and Monday, March 14 at 8/7c), we’ve collected a few quotes from both hours. Try to guess who said what. Keep in mind that more people end up onstage than those pictured above (and a few people are quoted multiple times below). Also keep in mind that the picture above should help you greatly in the Reunion shoe quiz we posted yesterday:

1. “If I wanted everyone to see me naked, I would have went to Playboy.”

2. “I got my own identity. I don't need a man!”

3. “Everybody has a little crazy, at least I know I do.”

4. “I’ve decided just to try to stay positive and move on with my life.”

5. “Don’t sit up here and act like you have this peachy cream relationship, because clearly that wasn’t the case.”

6. “Actually, some of the happiest couples out there aren’t married.”

7. “It's not personal, and I think that we can all move on and do stuff together.”

8. “I don’t fight just to fight! I’m not gonna walk up on her and just jump on her!”

9. “I could f*** if I wanna f*** I could f***.”

10. “Until you can kick your leg up to your ear, you can’t tell me s***!”

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  1. BasketballFan says:

    1. Evehoelyn

    2. Tami

    3. Shaunie

    4. Gloria

    5. Jen

    6. Gloria

    7. Tami

    8. Tami

    9. Evehoelyn

    10. Royce

  2. Sweet Ts says:

    respond to Ms. B. Glove,

    I really want to see the demise of Evelyn, cause it will be good TV…

    BUT why would she go to hell?

    If anything else the person who should be blamed and/or responsible is the person who went out of his/her relationship…

    It is nice to be open with friends, obviousley they are not BFFs, so she didn’t have to really tell her about her life before her friendship, unless she felt she earned the right too…

    And when she did tell her at the time she is ready, then complains why didn’t you tell me on my own time and come clean with me from the start…

    boo boo life don’t work like that…

    Better TV would be creating another BBwives of LA, have it run by Gloria, and watch Shaunie saying how happy that she is, yeah right when you happy it shows and usually wouldn’t have to worry about that young and beautiful basketball wives who still got her man…

    Peace out, TS

  3. Gwen says:

    Evelyn is truely a gold digging, selfish person with no respect for anyone not even herself. I really don’t see why she is on the show. Antion did the right thing by getting away from her. Jennifer is a follower that needs to think for her self; because Evelyn is no good and God will not bless you by following her. But the biggest thing I feel is that it is always hard to be friends with a bunch of women. Sometimes I wish I had a group of friends; but when I get around them I know why I don’t. But my mom always told me if you have one good friend you are blessed. But by being friends with any of these women I don’t think I could ever be blessed.

  4. mzclove says:

    I am so glad to see Royce speaking up for herself!!! Evelyn is just a wanna be down low groupie who is definitely a gold digger!!! She is so fake, Jennifer better keep her eyes open because Evelyn is so two faced. Evelyn is so getting exposed. Ochincinco and Evelyn should get along well. They are both superficial people. He’ll get rid of her once he uses her up. She’s such a slut!!

  5. pink says:


  6. Tamad says:

    Tami has gone from so so to beautiful. She has cleaned up very nicely and I love her. You go Tami. You are now the most beautiful.

  7. Anne says:

    I thought Evelyn was cool, but after the last episode and what was said makes her look more like a groupie. Thats all she aint nothing but a 40 year old groupie.

  8. Cassandra says:

    okay…Why was Shaunie there? she said nothing of any substance. she didn’t get asked any real questions.
    How did it feel being away from your kids? What did that have to do with how u got Evelyn to tell Tami about how she slept with her man. Or how u ripped Gloria and her sister….but Evelyn is exempt

  9. QT says:

    Funny how Tami ex was with Spindarella and they had a daughter together and he cheated with Tami… What real funny is during Tami marriage, he had a 10year affair , which 2 of his sons was born… Whats real funny is when Evelyn got with him,…..Tami and him was not together.. So i am wondering, which cheat Tami is Tami really mad at? The one who was sleeping with your EX during your marriage, or all the other women that he has those 7 kids with? You cant take a man..if he is not willing to go.. Do your thing Evelyn

  10. sylvia says:


  11. shaunieoneilahoe says:

    people reading is fundamental. she was not mad at her for cheating on him. she was mad at the fact, evelyn was telling tami about one of kenny jump offs and she did not feel the need to mention she was one of them. evelyn is back tracking with the year. first she said she was with him, when tami and him were divorced and then she saying she did not know he had a wife. so oviously she got her dates wrong. i do agree tami should not be mad, since she stole him from spin. but why tell a woman about another jump off and you were her husband jumpoff to.

  12. Estella says:

    Ladies, or can I say ladies, cause a couple of you have blown that title. Your conduct on the reunion show was shameful. Is this how women talk to each other? Evelyn is showing herself to be the lowest of the low. What do your daughters think about how you pass yourself around?
    As a woman I was so embarrassed of the way you all show yourself to the public. Is this show only about seeing who can date who. Why not be positive so young girls can have something to look up to instead of showing them how to be gold diggers. And the language, Evelyn, you need to go back to school and learn words to use instead of being so vulgar. You are shameful. How far did you go in school? Jennifer get a backbone and stop lapping behind Evelyn. Royce, continue to be the lady that you are and you will go a long way.

  13. Maxx says:

    Evelyn should really be ashame of herself. She really comes across looking low low class as a lady I mean. She is really a bad example for her daughter that is a young lady now going off on her own to college. You know the old saying “the apple don’t fall far from the tree.” Her daughter is a very beautiful young lady and let’s pray for her that she doesn’t take after her low class fowl mouth mom.
    Jennifer just has no self esteem and is definitely a Evelyn follower. I think she would be a much better person if she did not hang out with such a bad influence. Even she was embarrassed with Evelyn’s easy access ways with Chad. They are definitely opposites but for what ever reason Jennifer thinks Evelyn makes her look good or is the way to go in Miami. And Jenn stop being so snoooooooodddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    Shaunie I think really thought this show was an avenue to make a point as to what happened in her marriage and to expose some people but girl I think you are better than this.
    Royce, glad to see you sticking up for yourself. I think she tried to fit in just keeping it real and not loose her identity but the reality is that there was nothing real about the company she was keeping and it didn’t work out. You didn’t loose anything by dropping Evelyn and Jenn (Frit and Frat).
    Tammy is the NeNe-(Atl H Wives) of Basketball Wives. Every reality show needs one. She’s gonna always keep it real. I think she has the best story of all of them. I hope she never trusts Evelyn again cause she is not to be trusted, and if you can’t trust Evelyn you can’t trust “Frat” either.
    The rest of them are not worth talking about.
    I don’t know why this show is called “Basketball Wives” cause is not one wife on the show (“Frat” excluded, but that wasn’t a marriage at all).
    When these women get with these guys after they are in the league they know exactly what they are doing and why, therefore there are consequences to the games they play and most of the time it never works out in their FAVOR. It’s all about the “BENJAMIN’S,” what these guy’s can provide for them and the life style, so DEAL WITH IT.

  14. andrian says:

    WOW!!!I knew the show was wild, but the reunion really opened up some serious female issues. None of these women have men of their own, so they are pretty much recycled!! Royce, Gloria, Ashley and Tami keep up the good work of bringing SOME class to this show!!! The other low class projects need some work, if they aren’t hating on other women, they are screwing someone’s man. I don’t know where to start on Evelho, she makes women look scandalous and her educational level can’t be that high, as a mother, she is the lowest of low, she should have given her daughter up for adoption, because she just embarassed the poor girl. Please don’t think that chad johnson is going to be with her for any length of significant amount of time, remember, what goes around, comes around. She needs to be a madam and Jenifollowuround should be second in charge. I am glad that Tami did not kill them both–ain’t it amazing, how these 2 are always getting their buts kicked but someone else, MMMMMMMM, wonder why, and if you take a closer look they both look like drag queens!! Shaunie, I know that you want to stay neutral because you are the producer. But, do you really believe that women of this caliber (E @ J) need to be on your show!!, lets do some positive spins for once. Congrats to Eric for letting confused Jenifollowuround go, she wanted the money, who would marry someone knowing that they just got through messing around, what a BOOBOO THE FOOL. These tricks are just mad because nobody wants them and chad johnson it getting ready to do a number on Eveho, just get ready, it is going downnnnnn, when a man tells you he can make you look better, girlllllll, that means you look like scandalous crap, you see, he already checked you out and now he is going to strip u, dip u, and then trick u out to the highest bidder, watch, wait and see!!!
    Everybody sees it but her, as a matter of fact she looks like chad johnson just with long hair. Girl, you and your sidekick need prayer. Eric you did not lose anything special, when u send a photo of yourself naked for all to see, let’s just say, money or lack of money will make you go crazy. Next season will definitely be quite interesting.

  15. toogie says:

    great shows, john salley did a good job but seating should have been mixed up. Why not put who couldn’t stand each other next to each other? The remark from John Salley to Gloria Govan was priceless about not getting married …but just practicing and shacking up LOOOOOOOLLLLLLL. 3 pointer from John.

  16. Jazzie says:

    Jennifer stop acting like the victim on the wine throwing bit, you should of let that man keep walking, you have to throw a glass of wine. I think you provoked the whole situation now maybe you will get on with your divorce and stop having one on one conversations with him. I think you both still want each other and you are listening to the other single ladies. Grass aint always greener on the other side. Do what you feel is right not what someone else wants as you see with Evelyn.

    She always wanted what you had not your man to be married and now she is going to have her a husband