Basketball Wives 2 Reunion – Whose Quotes?



As another small preview for the Basketball Wives 2 reunion (airing in two parts Sunday, March 13 and Monday, March 14 at 8/7c), we’ve collected a few quotes from both hours. Try to guess who said what. Keep in mind that more people end up onstage than those pictured above (and a few people are quoted multiple times below). Also keep in mind that the picture above should help you greatly in the Reunion shoe quiz we posted yesterday:

1. “If I wanted everyone to see me naked, I would have went to Playboy.”

2. “I got my own identity. I don't need a man!”

3. “Everybody has a little crazy, at least I know I do.”

4. “I’ve decided just to try to stay positive and move on with my life.”

5. “Don’t sit up here and act like you have this peachy cream relationship, because clearly that wasn’t the case.”

6. “Actually, some of the happiest couples out there aren’t married.”

7. “It's not personal, and I think that we can all move on and do stuff together.”

8. “I don’t fight just to fight! I’m not gonna walk up on her and just jump on her!”

9. “I could f*** if I wanna f*** I could f***.”

10. “Until you can kick your leg up to your ear, you can’t tell me s***!”

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