Basketball Wives 2 Reunion Interview – Evelyn Lozada



We were backstage at the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion, and spoke individually with all of the ladies. Their best quotes are compiled in our She Said/She Said behind-the-scenes post, but we’re also offering extended versions of the conducted interviews.

Below, Evelyn discusses her engagement with Chad Ochocinco, being Basketball Wives‘ “bad guy,” her changed outlook on the Suzie situation and why she doesn’t plan on moving to Football Wives anytime soon.

How do you feel about being here today?

I am anxious. There is a lot of tension and little things going on. Last season, the air was kind of cool, but now as you can see they have us separated. Things aren't that great.

Break it down: who are you cool with?

I'm cool with Shaunie. I am cool with Jennifer and I am cool with Tami – ¦I think?

Are there people that you are decidedly not cool with?

Royce, Gloria and Ashley.

Really Gloria? Last time we talked, you were fine the Gloria.

Well, Gloria was kind of in a Twitter rant with Royce and jumping on the bandwagon with Royce's little s***-talking on Twitter. I since then blocked her out. She sent me messages like, – I'm sorry I got caught up in the bulls*** with Royce.” Just little stupid s*** and I never responded. I'm like I don't want to deal with.

So what happened with Royce?

The thing with Royce is she is a little s***-talker. She plays both sides and when Jennifer's pics leaked, she said she leaked them herself. I am Jennifer's good friend and that was hurtful to me because she was entertaining people on Twitter, retweeting f***ed up s*** that people were saying about her. I don't think that's cool. So that's my beef with her.

How has this season been for you overall? Reliving it, watching it, hearing what people had to say about it?

It was fine. I think the tough part to relieve was probably the Suzie part because she did seem really apologetic.

Did that give you perspective?

Yeah, it did. But what people don't know is that they just see me going at her, but every few days the gentleman that she basically was talking s*** to would tell me something new. It wasn't that I was arguing about the same thing it was other stuff all the time. It was different things that she was saying. She did seem apologetic. Of course I was angry because he's constantly telling me stuff that she was saying and I know it's true because it's facts or things that have happened. So that's the part where I kind of felt like – ¦me and her will never be friends. I will never f*** with her ever again but I knew that she felt bad. I think there was the perception that I was bullying her. It’s frustrating ’cause that's not what it is. Every other day it was something else. She was running her mouth about every goddamn thing. It wasn't just the Vegas thing, it was other things and as filming went on it would just build, build, build. That's why I had beef with her the whole time.

So what about the text threats? Do you stand behind them?

Well, yeah. I was mad. The thing about that is I tried calling her, it wasn't like I only texted her. I blew up the girl's phone. I called, called, called and she would not pick up the phone, so I was like, “OK! I am going to f***ing text her.” And yes, I was pissed!

How is everything going with Chad?

Everything is great! We enjoyed our summer together. We went to Europe together and this weekend is his daughter's birthday party, so we are kind of just spending time together: my daughter his kids.

On the finale episode, you go to Cincinnati and there’s the implication that you guys have sex. Was that awkward? Did you have to kick out the cameras?

It was a little awkward. First of all the only good thing was that I am use to having 10 to 15 people around me. This time it was only four. It was a little awkward, but I am a free person. This is my life. It is what it is, so you either accept it or you don't.

It seems like a little tension broke out between you and Jen about the Chad thing. She wasn't very accepting of this relationship.

No, and even still if I speak to anybody about him, she's not the go-to person. Jen and me, we are good friends but we have a weird relationship. When we see each other we are like, “Oh my God, – because we have known each other for 12+ years, but she wasn't very happy about it. It is understandable to a certain degree because he's an athlete and everything I went through with my ex. I see where she is coming from but at the same time, I feel like I am grown. I am going to do what I want to do and regardless of what he does, I want you to support me.

Seems like people are about ready for you and Jen to go at it. I guess Shaunie, too. Since you three haven't been involved in any beef, is it just a matter of time?

I don't think me and Shaunie are ever going to beef. I think maybe me and Jen. Me and Shaunie don't have anything to…we laugh all the time like, “What the f*** is going on?”

This season, everyone was suddenly talking about “the circle.”

I know. People tweet like, “Who the f*** do you think you are trying to talk about a circle? How old are you? – I am like, “Bitch, get off my Twitter! –

How has the reaction from fans been overall?

I am always the bad guy. I'm really a nice person — I really am — but for the most part [the reaction] has been more good then bad. It kind of depends on the episode, though. One Sunday, Shaunie was the f***ing devil fighting with the Gloria argument. You just never know, but you always have the people who just love to hate you. I don't care. I am never fake on camera. I say what I want to say and it's how I feel. I am not going to switch things out or paddle around certain things because the camera is on. My Facebook page is like, “We love her” and then, “She's a f***ing bitch, I hate her.” I remember thinking, “Wow. Is it just me?” And then I went and checked on Chad's and his was the same way. So now, I am like, “Who cares?” And honestly the report about Suzie bailing for the third season did not surprise me. Even after the first season, every weekend people were talking about her on Twitter and she couldn't take it. You have to have thick skin to do this s**** because everyone has an opinion about you and how you look and what you said. They will quote you word for word, like they are really into this show, but I block it out. Now that I am engaged to him it's like, “Oh you – ¦! – Then all these woman who are into him and they hate me and I'm like, “Oh God this is crazy!”

Is it humorous at all?

I laugh about it. It doesn't faze me. If I see certain things on blogs I am like, “Oh God. They are talking about one of us again. “What are you going to do? A friend of mine once said they if they are talking about you, you are doing something right so I am like whatever.

Do you remember who came up with the whole circle terminology? Was it you?

I think so! I told Suzie she was out the circle. I was like, “This is the circle and you are here,” because of Meet The Parents. The father-in-law was like, “This is the circle.”

I thought you were going to say Mean Girls.

No, not Mean Girls even though they say we are mean girls.

Speaking of, Royce called you and Jen “Mean and Evil.” Who's Mean and who's Evil?

I am probably the evil one. I am more of the one that's like, “Hmmmm…”. Jen can be mean sometimes. You know, we were called that even before the show. My business partner was the one that started calling us that ’cause we would be out or in the club or somewhere talking s*** and she would be like, “You guys are just Mean and Evil.” I can see me being the evil one.

On one episode, Tami said, – Every bitch in this circle is messy! – Do you agree?

I think everyone has a little messy ish to them. Whatever, I think everybody has their own thing that they are going through and dealing with. Nobody is perfect and it is what it is. I never sat up here and acted like my s*** was perfect and I don't think anyone's life perfect so I think a little messiness is interesting. You know it really is, it's boring if it wasn't.

What do you think about Tami saying there’s a sisterly bond amongst you all?

The honest-to-God truth, I would say there was sort of a sisterly bond. Tami was coming into that. Royce was definitely not in that sisterly bond circle. She had her two things to say but I didn't leave Spain feeling like, “Wow we were all close and Royce is part of our sisterhood,” and s***. No she wasn't. No it's not and it is never going to be that way.

How do you plan to top yourself next season?

I have no idea. Filming is not easy. I am like, “What the f*** are we going to do next?” But we always worry about that and it always comes together. S*** just unfolds. Shaunie is like, “You can't even write this. This is really what happens.” I am just hoping to get better and better, and that people don't get bored. People are like, “Are you going to Football Wives?” I am like, “No I am not going to f***ing Football Wives. If one more person asks me that…

Is there anything cathartic about doing a show where it behooves you not to hold back? You get to let your id out always.

I've always been that person. Whether it's with my family, I've always been that person to say what I want to say, it's just, it is what it is. I'm not going to be fake, I'm just going to be like, – Your f***ing outfit looks like s*** – . I'm just real like that and I'm not trying to hurt anybody's feelings. It's just how I am. It's how God made me.

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  1. Clt says:

    I don’t think Jen is jealous of you at all. Nothing to be jealous of. YOU were the one claiming you didn’t want another athlete. I wish you could stop the multiple cursing in each sentence. I never heard a woman with such a foul and vulgar tongue. It’s NOT cute at all.

  2. NiHi says:

    Evelyn has such a gutter mouth, but I guess that’s just how she was raised. What decent MOTHER would conduct herself the way she does in private let alone on national TV? Does she not consider her daughter’s feeling AT ALL? Money isn’t everything. You can NEVER repair a bad reputation and she’s WAY to old to act the way she does. Straddling Ochocinco while wearing lingerie and gapping her legs open to be lead upstairs to the bedroom for all the world to see .. good look Evelyn. I’m sure people who watched the show and know your DAUGHTER had a field day with that one. Ocho will NEVER marry your trashy behind although I don’t know why ANY women would want HIM? Doesn’t he have a bunch of babies and baby mama’s? What woman with ANY self respect would volunteer to be a banana … one of the bunch? I hope Evelyn’s poor daughter has other positive females in her life, because her mother isn’t one.

  3. maria says:

    i think evelyn is a big times gold digger.and she sleep with a men who are merry for money.she need to stop talking about other woman that are groupi because she one.

  4. ladybug says:

    eveyln is all bark but no bite!!….she luvs 2 judge other ppl…honey u shud b the last 2 judge anybody wen ur sleeping with someone on the first night,watching her on the show made me come to the conclusion that evelyn is a GOLD DIGGER!!!
    an now all of sudden she’s engaged 2 chad thats bs, i haven’t even heard anything about them, she didn’t even say that she loved him on the reunion last night, but she sure was flashing that ring on her finger SHADYY!!!!
    evelyn is OLD & WASHED UP i’m tired of her big mouth all the time

  5. Guest says:

    Evelyn, do you kiss your mama or daughter with that mouth? You are disgusting!! Such a lady NOT!

  6. bigsexy says:

    it’s funny to me that in season 1 you were boo-hooing about young ladies sleeping with your men, and that they had no respect for you. it’s funny you did the same thing to tammy and now you so cocky!!! lol well i see you can teach your daughter something ,how to only go for the ballers!! way to go evelyn great woman you are to look up to!!!!.and watch out chad if terrell owens game is tight he might get to bite with a little twitter chatter and a pair of shoes!!!!!girls that’s how you find the man of your dreams,and it won’t take much

  7. NICOLE WHITE says:

    Evelyn is such a Big JOKE to me. I would respect her so much more if she kept it real like tami said.I belive you was & still are a Groupie/Golddigger. I knew you wern’t serious when u said no more ATHLETES yeah right Chad is an arrogant fool oh but wait so are you. But to end with something nice, you should have given your trainer a chance.

  8. LA Latina says:

    If you read the comments people write about you–you will see most of us say the same things…If so many people say the same things–don’t you think these things become FACT?!

    1-your cursing is low class and must embarrass your’s too easy to say everyone is hating on you. Grow up and take responsibility for yourself…you are over 35 and speak like you’re 16.

    2-you judge people and then the truth comes out and you’ve done the same stuff you’re condeming other people for. It’s called being hypocritical. we found out this season exactly how big of a groupie you are… yet you were so quick to point the finger at other jumpoffs. Be honest- you’re not fooling anyone.

    If you are truly trying to get “better and better” then use this as an opportunity to take an honest look at yourself. Personally- I think you are the least pretty of all the girls—a fake blonde weave does not make up for your wood-face and flared, dragon nose… but you seem to think you’re attractive and that somehow being attractive on the outside gives you a pass to be ugly, vindictive, dishonest, and foul on the inside.
    Wake up—it doesn’t.
    I predict you are in for a world of hurt…ever heard of the law of attraction? what you put out is what you get back and all the ugliness is going to attract some major destruction in your life.

  9. sylvia says:

    where is my comment

  10. No fan says:

    You’re soooooo N A S T Y-just trash

  11. jerrisa says:

    Evelyn is a nice woman but her attitude and characther makes her ugly!!! as women we are famous for that.. there are nice women out here but their attitudes suck… on the reunion she looks like fire marshall bill off of in livin’ color…. she also looks like an oscar myers weener left on the grill tooooo long!! she is not all that.. Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen are jealous of the other girls.. they getting old… they are alread cougars stepping into the jaguar phase…

  12. M_Town says:


  13. colorgirl says:

    Evelyn, all these chicks some haters, you got it going on. True, you have a foul mouth, but you make the show worth watching. I don’t think Jen’s jealous I truly believe she’s looking out for you. That ochocinco dude is gonna be trouble, but so what, you can handle him (he’s lite weight). Can’t wait to see yall next season.

  14. Erica says:

    boy oh boy…i could go on ALL DAY talking about Evelyn…but i’m gonna keep it clean…first off…i think Evelyn could be the coolest person on the show if she didn’t pop off at the mouth so much…she really gives herself that bad reputation…but if it doesn’t bother her…it shouldn’t bother anyone else…i mean it’s her life…but her not telling Tami off the back that she slept w/ her ex was really messy…they really did develop i really good friendship && for her to wait so late to tell her was really phony…but it is what it is…it’s time for evelyn to stand on her two feet && kick her side-kick (jen) to the curve…she is too weak && the most she can do for her is run her mouth…time for a new friend evelyn…but that’s all i’m going to say.

  15. Charlotte Girl says:

    I dont understand the level of disrespect coming out of your mouthes!!! I grew up hearing the b-word, but when you heard it…it typically drew fights!!! Now you all use it as a term of endearment!!! Its like taking the n-word and making it an expression of hello…. I sincerely think that your behavior (Evelyn) and all the others screams unconscious self-hatred. You might disagree, but I cant imagine looking at all the women that paved the way for me to be a phenomenal black woman and having the b-word come up!!!! SMH!!! I just hope that in the end you remember that you are responsible for your words and actions!!!! Elevate your mind my sisters and stop chasing a way of life thats EMPTY!!! And remember these words….”IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS, TAKE A REAL GOOD LOOK AT THE BEGINNING!”

  16. naninga1013 says:

    Evelyn…pretty is what pretty does and you are fugly…trash mouth no wonder that you are alone…Chad done got that thing and gone…you are not all that and those close dont make you …you and your flunky Jennifer is the pits she is so naive and such a follower..she was ready to go and sleep with the first thing that approached her in Mexico….no one whats to be in that circle of madness…you fake…jen fake….and you was hating on Royce 1st season she has matured right before our eyes and you two have slid down the hole…dressed up mess…it is so embarrassing watching you really…those men want ladies and ladies you arent

  17. jerzy girl says:

    We all agree that Ev’s mouth is VULGAR but she’s the show. Would any of us watch it if she wasn’t on it… all others are boring. Tami coming to the show just brought the level to a new low cause she’s not sharp with her words but she’ll throw a blow… who wants to see grown women, mothers physically fighting all the time. Tami was right to feel some kind of way when she was told but come on the man has moved on married again with other kids. Again, if Ev wasn’t on the show there wouldn’t be a show. I hope she improves in her use of the English language and start carrying herself in a manner in which she states she truly wants to be portrayed… cause right now she, Royce, Tami & Jen are ghetto women with money they acquired through being groupies. I look forward to next season…

  18. Coco says:

    Wow! Unbelievable (toilet mouth) but you call yourself a woman. I strongly feel you should lead by example and the way your humility and character are potrayed right now is buried deep under the bus! You have a daughter and how quick you jump into it, what you do, when you do it, and who you do it with is your business…….but you are doing it on national television for the world to see and label you as a “@#$%” I wish you well but obviously you shooting for one goal and one goal only and do not care what price you may have to pay in the end as long as the $$$$$ is good and you look good doing it. SMH……….wow! but you are so bitter towards groupies and jumpoffs MY, MY, MY who’s the groupie or jumpoff now???????

  19. jerzy girl says:

    Yes. She has a trashy mouth. But they all want to get in with her especially Royce & TAMI. Would we watch the show if Ev wasn’t on it. She’s the main vein. I’m hoping she cleans her vocabulary next season as I will be checking it out.

  20. Melissa says:

    Evelyn girl keep doin you I think your real and your great. You have haters that you just need to brush off and keep doin you. Royce got a big head now she got some time on tv but if she wouldn’t be so quick to sue you you should have beat her butt. Shaunie needs to take the trash out (Royce & Gloria) why are they on this show. Girl do you and good luck with your engagement.

  21. Neossoul says:

    Evelyn, dont worry about what these people are saying on here.I understand. You’re a grown-ass woman who knows what she wants! you have played house, had the kid, the whole nine! been there, done that! now its time for YOU! do you boo-boo! nobody’s payin your bills! aint nobody doin nothin for you! so their opinions dont matter! the next time somebody got somethin to say, hand them your mortgage, car note, water, lights & gas bills and tell them, to pay it! Since they so worried about what u doin. since their opinions(they think) matter so much! and lets see how much they have to say then! hahaha lmao! And, as for this Ochocinco situation, We as women are evolving. we are more independant. We dont need a man to define us. yes, its good to have a man, by our choice. but to “need” a man? Its good to know your worth. It’s a good thing if he rolls out the red carpet for you. Fly you out, take you to the finest places. Why not? I guess some women like takin care of a man. they dont care if the man dont have anything to bring to the table. I guess women like a man jumpin up & down in them for nothin, just because they said they love them. lol

  22. KB Walker The Big Boss Talker says:

    Evelyn is trashy. All she kept saying was, “It is what it is”. Like dude, YOU ARE A GROUPIE and you had a nerve to talk about that other chick from season one. Girl, sit your trashy but down some where. I understand you want and need money but at what cost. Your reputation is ruined along with your va jay jay. I’m so sick of you groupies talking about how good you are and ain’t nothing wrong with yall health. Honey, please. When you are sleeping around like you do and not using condems, theres no way your healthy down there. Remember, you want a baby and the only way to get that is unprotected sex, dummie. I know your daughter is 18 and mature but honey its not a good look for you or her, with the behavior you have dispalyed on TV. You’ll do anything for some cash. Tami was rite when she said you hop from player to player. Antione didn’t wife you up so you made sure you got engaged to Chad bc I guess you ain’t gonna make the same mistake twice. I know many don’t blieve your gonna marry Chad but I know ain’t nothing gonna get in your way to get married to him. Not even the chicks on the side. You will be pregnant soon, bc you need that insurance. THATS WHAT GROUPIES DO. So you are rite back in the same situation you were in with Antione, an athlete thats gonna dogg you out.

  23. Quortney says:

    Evelyn I can’t believe you sat up on that reunion and acted the way you did. You’re someone’s mother you’re suppose to lead by example. I hope you’re not teaching your daughter to talk like that and I know she watched the show and people are mean I know they will be coming at her all kinda ways. Think about your child it’s not all about you. Fighting and cursing you are too old for that. Grow up and act like a Lady.

    You on the show sleeping with him the first time you go and see him, stradling him I know you’re grown but once again you have a daughter and that’s not what she needs to see once again people are crule and they will say mean things to her about you. You want her to grow up thinking it’s ok to sleep with a man for a purse. If you’re going to do that then not in front of the cameras. Keep it on the low but I forgot what done in the dark comes out in the light. Sleeping with Kenny and Antwan. Weren’t they on the same team? (Boston Celtics)I am quite sure you knew that just like you knew Kenny was married. You’re ROOFLESS!!!!!! SCANDULOUS!!!

    You are a mean girl and yes you’re a bully and you’re a NON_FACTOR. You talked about Groupies and Hoes but you’re just like them and sad part about it you’ve been doing it for years. You don’t care about Jen or Saunie you will step on anybody toes to get ahead.

    I hope when the new season start you have a new attitude, and you come back with a better mouth (not trash), learn to talk to people better, and stop looking down on people and STOP being a GOLD DIGGER. Get some CLASS because right about now you’re very CLASSLESS.

    I wish you the best with Wondering Eye Ocho Cinco.

  24. sunnysun10 says:

    One more thing “CHILD PLEASE” Chad dont want your used up but LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. sunnysun10 says:

    When Chad finish with her he started singing What a man, What a man, what a MIGHTY GOOD MAN. No disrespect Chad I just had to say it LMAO!!!!!!!!

  26. Strong Woman says:

    I don’t want to scold anyone or act like I am superior to any of you. But I’ve watched both seasons and I have seen all the women become more mean spirited with each other. All the women on the show are strong and independent but there is a point when honesty turns into bullying and evil spirited. The first season there was some of that going on but the second season was just awful to watch because the women that are on top of their game are being evil when it is not necessary. You all should be lifting the other ones up not tearing them down. And Evelyn was the worst one, there are many times when she just looked ugly because of her actions and comments.

  27. MissChoklate says:

    Evelyn you are the most gutter mouth trashy undercover tramp I have ever seen on television. Your shallow and you judge people based off of looks. Meanwhile the makeup and them dang fake eyelashes you wear make you look like the human version of the Lion King. Everytime I see you I want to yell out Akuna Matana..You need to grow up and stop cursing in every other sentence when someone has something to say about you. Clothes, money, looks dont make a person its their character and from what I seen you need one. I am glad Royce stood up to you..I wished she couldve slapped that trashy mouth of yours in place. I would have to say You are the one I loathed this whole season..Grow up woman and your not aging to well I want to see how you look at the age of 40 and if OchoCinco was smart he would let you go..your no lady by any means. Nasty attitude having shallow bitter female. Its sad to see the way you played yourself this season.

  28. rubia says:

    Evelyn why do curse so much, talk about low class and ghetto. You should be ashamed of yourself. You get dolled up trying to look femine but then you open your mouth and we find out your not ladie like.I hope they take you off the show. You make hispanic women look really bad. what a disgrace.

  29. NiHi says:

    We wonder why our young girls act the way they do … really? Shaunie O’Neal has pimped ALL these stupid tramps and they’ve come on TV and disgraced themselves and their children for what …? Evileen’s daughter won’t be able to hold her head up after having her skanky mama on TV acting a fool. What’s even more discouraging is how the black women in the audience clapped and pumped up Evileen’s disgusting behavior.

  30. Nancy Myers says:

    Evelyn seems to be a very angry, mean spirited, classless person. Not only is her language disgusting but her viscousness and bully personality is hard to watch. Jennifer seemd to be a sweet person at one time. Since she has become close to Evelyn she is getting just like her. Too bad.

  31. Geri says:

    Why is Reece even in this TV show ? She is know one who cares about what she thinks or says!!!!

  32. miss c says:

    Evelyn, I think you are cool. Just wish yall could get that dumb girly girl, who for some reason think she is cool and trying to fit in with grown women, off the show. She is such a joke with her dumb little girl style and always trying to come off a smart butt. Please! You are the right one for her because you put her in her place…please get her off the show :) and you keep being beautiful and fabulous! Congrats on your engagement!

  33. LT says:

    Is Evelyn even educated because the only thing that seems to come out of her mouth is profanity? Her attitude is stank and she is a horrible role model for her daughter. She wants to be so high class, but she is straight trash. So sad…….

  34. Monie Love says:

    Why do you think clothes makes a person pretty. You wear nice clothing but you are the nasty mouth ugly person on the show. You need to sit down and watch this season and ask yourself is this what you want your daughter to see. I feel so bad for her. You continued to talk about what Royce outfits looked like but you were always fresh to death but with a nasty demeanor. You are over 35 and act like a 17 year old. Girl please letting everyone know who you are sleeping with is so high school. Get on grown women status. I know your ex is eating popcorn laugh at you along with the rest of the world. HA HA silly rabbit tricks are for kids.

  35. Lisa says:

    I used to like Evelyn. The way she acts has made her look so so ugly. Now when i look at her, all I see is forehead & nostrils!!

  36. joie says:

    I guess all you need to get Evelyn is a pair of boots(and I don’t care if they are CL’s) and roses. If he had any class he would have sent orchids.
    She and her man who can’t pull his pants up (which is sooooo ghetto)deserve each other. He can’t finish a sentence and she can’t either!
    Out of all the women on the show she’s the most embarrassing, no wonder her daughter wants to get the hell away from her when she goes off to college.
    To be honest with you all, all the HW shows are nothing but a slap in the face to all women.
    I truly and honestly feel so sorry for the young daughters and young women who watch these types of shows. I mean you’re mothers, c’mon!!!!

  37. aisha says:

    I just noticed your makeup was real dark and your hair made you look a little ugly (surprised me because you are usually stunning). They made everyone else look so clean and light in the eye makeup. Mija, did they try to make you look like a vilan???lol whatever babe you worked the mess out of everything else though as always the hottest bbw in the show was working it

  38. Lia says:

    Evelyn looked so old and battered in the reunion. her attitude is so disgusting! I can’t stand her!

  39. Jerzie Gal says:

    Personally I love Evelyn ! She’s straight forward and to the point . I think Shaunie did set her up with Tami ! Personally I dont think I would have confronted Tami at Jennifer’s party! That chic is certifiable crazy when she drinks ! Don’t know when the “Right Time” would have been like WHO CARES Tami your divorced from the guy anyway ! GET OVER IT! He left and is with a woman who takes care of him now ? WOW

    Moving On I think some of the woman here need to get a grip ! Evelyn is grown so she can sleep with whomever she wants ! Clearly her new man CHAD liked it so much he PUT A RING ON IT ? Alot you ladies sleeping around and all you get is a ring around the collar ! MMMMM hmm

    Evelyn in with you gurl DO YOU !
    Much Luv
    Jerzie Gurl Housewife

  40. elouise says:

    You, Jen and Shaunie are all over the place in everybody’s business. I nearly fell out of my chair watching the three of you being so contradictory! Leave Ashley and her man alone! Royce stood up to you and the other bullies and I am so happy for her. She doesn’t need the “Circle” and I’m happy to see neither does Suzie. The rest of you need to get a life. You better keep your eyes open because the next time Tammi gets a drink she will be contradicting herself too when she turns that knife in your back!

  41. CALIGIRL says:


  42. CALIGIRL says:

    Responding to a post….

    Yeah, ur right Evelyn is grown” and she cn sleep with whom ever she please’s” Bt at the end of the day dnt think for one moment thts classy,how she puts it out there. FYI!! thts the third ring Chad put on a women ‘LOL” do ur homewrk. Ummm,.1st chick: Frm dancing with the stars. 2nd chick: frm his dating show and now her, maybe nt in tht order bt they all gt one. “lmao” Please!!! money aint nothing to him. HE LIKES TV RATINGS JUST LIKE HER.:) ITS BUSINESS…

  43. Tony says:

    Pleasa take that show off the air, it’s a put down to all african american people… at the least….If Chad marries Evelyn he’s crazy, Didn’t His Mother teach him that you can not turn a “HOE” into a House wife… Shaunie you should be a shame to do anything like this just for MONEY….This show is a DISGRACE to Black Women all over hte world…

  44. toogie says:

    Chad put you down when he was talking about fine tuning you so he could say damn? What exactly did he mean? It was insulting of him to say that I felt it and you felt it also. For the most part you come off as arrogant and have a very dirty mouth on you. For you to tell the camera your bff Jen was “jealous” of you was ridiculous. I think you are jealous of her looks and good natured ways.

  45. Boriqua says:

    Evelyn, please don’t mention again that you are Puerto Rican, you are a disgrace to our culture. There is nothing at all classy about you.

  46. bosco says:

    Evelyn, do you not realize that you are the “queen” jump-off? All the women that you try to downgrade and talk about you’re just like them. Loud, ignorant, ghetto, and just downright pathetic. You keep flaunting your relationship with Ocho, but tell him instead of putting all that money into a ring he should feed you b/c it looks like you havent had a good meal in a while. Your cheekbones are sunken in and you look a little frail. Get rid of the Jersey Shore pouf and the furry shoes and then you can throw shade. You are a horrible example for you daughter and any mother would be ashamed to call you her daughter. Grow up and get some class about yourself. Speaking of growing up hell you look damn near 50.

  47. Ms.B says:

    i think u r da fakes on da show

  48. Mr.B says:

    why do it look like you on crake r some kink of drug

  49. Keepin It Real says:

    Evelyn is now mad and want $20K to stay. Shaunie did not leak the info to Tami, regardless how it got out you did it and what you do in the dark comes to light so don’t get mad at anyone else. You painted the picture of yourself to be put on display. The show used what you gave. It was your mouth, attitude, your actions past & present… that offered you all the negative press. $20k or you are gone?? If I was Shaunie I would call your bluff. Without the show exactly how would you make any money? Lisa Wu didn’t play by the rules, Jill from girlfriends, Aubrey from Diddy’s Danity Kane…Paying you to be catty???? H to the naw! Anyone can be catty. I wouln’t give your thundercat azz a piece of candy let alone $20k. I say b*tch bounce because you are now a non mf-factor!!!!!

  50. sexylips says:

    Why is Evelyn even on the show she is not married to a basketball player. She is a groupie and will have sex with anyone that has a ball in their hand. She acts like a HS student “Our Circle” Who does that? Now watch next season her and Chad Ochoccino will no longer be an item. Didn’t he get someone else pregnant anyway? It’s a shame what womeone will do for money.

  51. Sunshine says:

    I can’t believe the nasty words that came out of your mouth. What about all the young girls or for that matter, everybody else’s daughters that watch the season 2 finale. You made all women look bad. Your doing what men usually do and say. Role model is not your strong suit. I am through with Basketball Wives. I watch because I thought maybe this show would be different, showing women in a positive light.

    All of the ladies on the show could do so much good with their wealth. What ever happened to being mentors to women that don’t have it like you do. All this bickering is unflattering. Not judging you but, women dont have to talk or act like this. jmo

  52. Karen says:

    Your so loose and you made yourself look bad knowing that you have a young daughter yourself. You don’t carry yourself like a lady at all and you really need to look at yourself in the mirror. Get some class on how to speak and express yourself without cursing and being ignorant. There are only three wives and ex wvies on there you need to be replaced your not a wife or a lady!

  53. VON says:

    Evelyn, you are a golddigger. You left Antwain Walker the minute he started having financial problems. Your mouth is nasty. Shaunie makes a fool out of you. I’m sure your daughter is ashamed of you, or maybe she is like mommy. For her sake, I hope not. You are project trash and not this socialite you think you are in Miami.
    You weren’t even when Antwain played in the league. Please, get an education.

  54. Debbie says:

    Evelyn: Class personified, so well-spoken (I just marvel at that extensive vocabulary), not to mention being a wonderful role model for your daughter. So this is how God made you? Really???? It is what it is? No need for personal reflection, self-evaluation? It’s one thing to be “real like that” and another to be rude, crude and seemingly incapable of putting together a noun and a verb in a sentence w/out including profanity. I hope you and Chad have a successful marriage (although I doubt it), but you seriously need lessons in character building, maturity, respect, graciousness, decency. Despite the clothes, jewelry, make-up, and hair that you place so much emphasis on – you still come off like a
    hot mess. I’m just sayin.

  55. A GUEST says:


  56. Not a fan says:

    I have never felt Evelyn. She is one-dimensional. Every photo looks the same. Side profile? Full-frontal not as flattering?? I agree she does look older than she claims. If it is what it is..own it boo-boo! But we all know it casts a brighter lite on your track record. You and Jennifer got some of the least attractive men..and both of u r not bad looking women. That lets me know the big “stars” of the NBA didn’t bite for a reason. You don’t get to be in the limelight unless you have been around. Jennifer, I believe doesn’t have a track record like her girl. I too agree,You didn’t look well on the reunion..believe the judgments are getting to u?! Ashley patronizes your business and you have the nerve to say on the Reunion show “why is she here..she’s a non-factor”? Great way to attract business???? You are great at marketing one thing..yourself? Your daughter is now off to college and you want another child? Adopt? No way, it wouldn’t get you a 18 yrs of support if u got pregnant by a athlete who has $? Chad knows what u r about..Trust and believe! When. is. your. wedding.?? Despite all of your have been a fiance for most of your daughter’s life? Come on, boo-boo make it happen.. if you all that?? Business! You are all in. Trust and believe, that no man..even if he has a similar track record..marries a woman who has slept around! The male psyche doesn’t work like that. “‘Toine” didn’t marry you because he KNEW you slept with Kenny Anderson and others. Duh!

  57. The Critic says:

    Why must these women degrade themselves? Evelyn cusses like a man and her behavior is desparate. I would be embrassed if I were her daughter or Chad!She appears to be a glorified JUMP OFF. I am still confused about the cast…How are considered a wife if you are not MARRIED?

    I really expected something a little more classy from Shaunie. My mistake because this show is a hot ghetto mess…not classy!

  58. Courtney says:

    I don’t dislike Evelyn as a person, but at the same time I don’t respect her either. I find that when someone is constantly cursing and talking crap its because they have a lack of intelligence and way too much time on their hands. In every scene Evelyn is talking about someone. Her and Jennifer seem to always have something to say about someone else’s life. My attention would be raising my daughter. She is at an age where she is very impressionable. As a mother, I don’t think I would be engaging to petty high school drama on national television, where my daughter could see it, or be effected by it. Let’s be real… There is a scene where you are about to sleep with a guy that you just seen face to face. What is that telling your daughter??? So many women on this show talk about how grown they are, but you don’t really see that in their actions. Hmmmm… Something to think about?

  59. ClassyBrit says:


  60. Kyara Martin says:

    Evelyn you are a bit fake. I truly think you do not know what you want for sure. Are you jelous of everyone else and their relationships? While watching the show somwtimes I feel as if you think that material things are most important and as a women I understand having a liking for expensive things because I do myself,but is that all that matters to you? You have your priorities out of order maybe you should think for a while AWAY from the spotlight because judging others on what they have is truly juvinille and you act like my 15 year old daughter amd her friends. IT IS TIME TO GROW UP EVELYN YOU ARE A BIG GIRL NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Stop being judgemental of what everyone else has. They all handle their relationships diffrent and it is unladylike to engage yourself in other womens business and you have no idea what they go through together or what they have been through.

  61. Toni says:

    To Not a Fan, I so agree with you. You are right on what you said about Evelyn. Thanks, it’s ashamed that they don’t take the time to noticed what they done and then try to fix it or at least be a better person, how sad.

  62. Toni says:

    To Geri, who is Reece? Are you watching the right show? Do you mean Royce? If so, you mean to tell us that you don’t like Royce? Wow, like all the others like Evelyn, y’all don’t like Royce because she speaks the truth and she can speak without cursing up a storm like Evelyn. It tells me y’all are jealous of Royce because she does have a good head on her shoulder and she does know how to be real and be a real good true friend, too bad Evelyn Jennifer Shaunie don’t because they are too busy being insecure….Anyone who thinks that buying expensive dress, shoes, jewelry is the way to go to looking good and having class, please that is so shallow and it doesn’t, come on look at Evelyn she looks like she is over 45 years old, she looks like a Drag Queen with all that makeup, dress and nasty shoes, but she got lots of nerve to talk about Royce on her dressing and looking like a hot mess throughout the season, really? All it tells me that Evelyn is jealous of Royce, come on, we all can see that Royce looks good on what she had on, it doesn’t need to be expensive at all she looks good and I love her, I love her attitude and she is the type that she tells it like it is and she owns up to her mistakes and fix it, too bad others can’t learn that, but then again they can’t even speak without cursing or can’t even make a complete sentence, what a shame. So, Geri, guess what I don’t care on what you have to say, so please grow up and find better people to look up to instead of looking up to Evelyn Jennifer Shaunie, they are pathetic

  63. says:

    Unfortunately – the formula for many of these reality shows are add water, stir and instant fame – which is what Evelyn seems to be riding on. As someone mentioned in a prior post she is one dimensional and she will turn on any friend for a man – she is the classic groupie looking for love in all the wrong places – she uses monetary things to cover up her lack of self esteem and self respect she has for herself. And if a person cant respect themselves – they cant respect anyone else. The camera does not lie and Evelyn was extremely tense and bitter and the reunion show camera caught all of her flaws – Evelyn is a lost cause – her brand of keeping real is being loud vulgar and abrasive – you can put lipstick and dolce on a pig and it’s still a pig – that’s Evelyn.

  64. jojo says:

    Evelyn, all these people I see on your blog are trying to put you down! but they are no different bye wasting there time by put stuff on here! And bye you telling the truth no dont make you a bad mom! So ladys stopping hatting on her go do soming better with your self! Instead of acting like you are anying diiferent! ps.. Royce! is the fake one now she got balls!!! what a joke!!! lol

  65. Whoop Whoop says:

    The 2nd half of the reunion was hilarious. Yes, you can “smash” when you want too…but to state such non sense on national t.v. is simply tasteless. You must make your mother proud and fast azz looking daughter. You & cock eyed Ochocinco would make a lovely couple…fashionably dressed..but ghetto & over the top. Honestly, your vocabulary is very LIMITED….& it does not take much to sell shoes…one can train a monkey or 13 yr old to do that. Damn, the way you present yourself, you are not used to anything, much less been out in public (or backyard)…EMBARRASSING.

  66. Kelley says:

    The show shouldn’t be called “Basketball Wives” (for the obvious reasons) it should be called “Evelyn & Them”. Yeah Evelyn has issues but they all do, from Shaunie instigating butt down to the bottom of the totem pole with Royce’s, childish wanna-be-seen tail. It’s a wonder why Evelyn cuss so much. If I had Royce’s annoying chiuaua a** barking at me all the dang time, I would cuss a lot too, lol. Royce is sooooo irritating. Really they never liked Royce from the beginning of season 1 because her reputation preceeded her, “the booty-popping groupie”. I hear Royce has been through some athletes too. Royce has a kid too, a son I believe. She should be held accountable for her actions just as well as the other mothers on the show. Talkin bout her a** and her little girl boobies are real. So what and who asked you. Hell they should be, you aint got nothing. If you say it about one you have to say it about them all. Not “role models” by any means but “role mothers” they all are with the exception of Jen. So Royce looks a stupid as she sounds, trying to tell someone else how to conduct themselves. She is silly and I see why they dont like her. Now she trying to hide behind Tami for back up. Whatever.

  67. Jen says:

    I typically don’t watch these reality shows but love sports and was interested in seeing what this show was about. After a few episodes, it was hard for me to stomach because I cannot believe that this is real. So, if it is (not made up for ratings)God help these women.

    They remind me of high school mean girls who are so jealous of each other and incredibly immature.

  68. flowers says:


  69. Kiesha says:

    Am proud to say, I was worried about the rumors that you weren’t coming back this season. And I’m glad you did. The show wouldn’t be same with out you. I’m glad you and Chad are getting married “Congratulations” . What my issue is why are people boycotting your own reality show for you and Chad. Why does Kim for Housewives of Atlanta get to do a spin off and it’s a big deal that you can’t do the same? Me and a lot of my friends would love to see you walk down the isle. No one wants to see a strong woman do something that is positive and beautiful. Please don’t let them stop you. I refuse to sign any petition. I can’t wait for the wedding. You keep doing your thing and marry that man.