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We were backstage at the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion, and spoke individually with all of the ladies. Their best quotes are compiled in our She Said/She Said behind-the-scenes post, but we’re also offering extended versions of the conducted interviews.

For the first time ever (to our knowledge), Jennifer publicly discusses the recent leak of her nude pictures. She also talks about her imminent divorce from Eric Williams, her business ventures and why the day of the reunion shoot was not the day to mess with her.

How do you feel about being here?

I am happy to be here, but I am not really looking forward to the drama. I have enough in my personal life to be arguing with some catty bitches.

What drama do you foresee happening?

I don't know. I just really don't but I feel like somebody is going to come at me sideways and I am really not in the mood!

Who are you not cool with at this point?

It's not that I am not cool with anybody. I think I just put people on different levels. So for the most part I feel like I am cool with everybody. Now, how I deal with you is a different story.

So who's not being dealt with? That's the question!

Well, Royce. I am not really feeling her right now, ’cause she said some crazy s*** on Twitter and she just on some different s***.

Will you dignify that by explaining it?

Me and her had got into a little argument when my pictures leaked and she tried to say that I did it. Then I called her up and we had a little bit of an argument, so I am off her.

I know that you did put out a cease and desist letter within hours of them leaking. If it was all for attention, it seems like an elaborate ploy on your part.

And attention for what? I mean, my personality throughout the show. I am never the loudest one in the room? Why I don't need attention! I don't thrive off that so I don't know what the hell she is talking about?! And if I wanted everybody to see me f***ing naked I would go to Playboy and get paid for it so please!

Were you really upset about the leak?

Obviously! I was pissed off and out of all the people I thought that Royce and I had a better relationship! For her to assume that, I was like, “Are you serious?” I mean, she would call me up when she had issues with Dwight and when she was going through the whole thing with him suing her and I would be on the phone listening to her bulls***.

How did you find out the pictures leaked?

A friend of mine actually called me and was like, “Go to Worldstar Hip-Hop.” And I'm like, “What the hell is that?” I had never even heard of it! I had two people call me at the same time, in fact! But I had my attorney on it that night and I had a cease-and-desist the next day. If I did it myself I wouldn't have sent out a cease and desist. That's just crazy! So for that I am off her!

Was there any kind of solace to be taken in the fact that you actually looked good?

Everybody keeps saying that: “Well you looked good in picture. – Yeah, but that's really not the point. I mean if I didn't think I looked good I probably wouldn't have taken them or saved them or whatever the case, but that is beside the point.

Do you have any theories as to how they leaked? Do you know who did it?

No, but I am on it! I have a P.I. and all that good stuff, so we will see!

Did you see what Matt Barnes said about it on Twitter ["What kinda loser leaks naked pictures of themselves for attention????"]?

First of all, Matt is a f***ing loser. That s*** happened like a month [before he tweeted about it]! Why are you still talking about it? I blocked him, so I can't even see what he tweets but people were retweeting it and saying, – Why are you acting like a bitch? – I was going to go in on him but I was like, I'm not giving him no light! I am not giving him no satisfaction because the minute I start some s*** with him, it makes him relevant! He needs to go to rehab and try to play a game! Leave me the hell alone!

You seem feisty today, Jen.

I have my period so these bitches better leave me alone! Sorry if it's TMI but it is what it is!

You recently told Life & Style that your divorce is in the works.

It's not like it's a big surprise or something people didn't know, but it is definitely going down!

So how has that situation been for you since the show?

I have my good and bad days. It is definitely not an easy thing that I am going through. I am just ready to put things behind me and just move on. I think for a long time it was just a matter of me accepting it, so I kind of accepted it and I am just ready to be happy.

On the finale, you talked about being leery of Evelyn going out with Chad. Are you still leery?

It is kind of a different ball game now, because they are engaged. I think whenever you hear “athlete” you have to be a little leery, even if it was with myself! But if Evelyn is happy then that is all that matters.

Do you feel any tension with her?

At first when they got engaged, I was surprised kind of like everybody else, but I'm cool with it. Whatever works.

On the show, Tami said, – Every bitch in this circle is messy! – Do you agree with that?

I don't really agree with that! I don't think I am messy! Honestly I can't even get into that bulls*** because it is so minuscule to the other stuff I am dealing with. Please! Chicks and they bulls*** is just not on my level! I got bigger fish to fry!

Tami also made a proclamation that you all sort of have this sisterly bond. Do you agree with that?

I mean I think so!

Even with Royce?

You film with these people for so many months. I care about all my cast mates — I am human. I don't know if they would say the same thing about me, but I don't want see anybody going through something that is negative or something that I know hurts them because I am not that type of person. Even with Matt and Gloria when they had their domestic violence situation — I don't wish that on anybody. Although I don't really care for Gloria, I don't want to see anybody go through that. That's just the type of individual that I am.

Royce called you and Evelyn – Mean and Evil. – Who's Mean and who's Evil?

You should be able to guess that one!

I would say that Evelyn is Evil?

Yeah, of course! We always debate about which one is worse! I think evil is way worse than mean! Hello! Check the dictionary!

What do you think about the third season? Do you have any pressure to perform?

Honestly, I can't even think about third season! I wouldn't mind doing it but when you are filming it's a different mindset. You are stuck in one place and it's just a lot. I know they said they wanted us back on air this summer so it's really nerve wrecking.

But you're still game?

I just don't know what this season holds. I'm sure it's like Jennifer moving on — Jennifer dates, which I'm really not looking forward to going on any blind dates.

Jennifer getting her groove back?

You know who I am dating right now? I am dating my business!

Yeah, how is the lip gloss?

The lip gloss is good. I am just waiting on the manufacturers overseas. Whenever they tell you a date it is like a month later, so that's really like the hold up.

What do you think about the vibe of this reunion, with everyone separated instead of in one big room?

I am the type of individual were I can go to dinner they can all be in the same room. It wouldn't really faze me. I don't really care about s*** like that!

Does seem like there is more drama to be had though?

Listen, they better leave me the hell alone! Today is not the day and I am rarely like this but I got too much s*** going on!

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  1. blackgale2004 says:


  2. Teresa says:

    Your dress looks jacked up, and that hairstyle…hmmm hmmm hmmm, I like the long locks…

  3. Clt says:

    How does Jen really feel about Evelyn encouraging her to cheat, giving her condoms, and waiting for a “single Jen”? Now she’s claiming Jen is “jealous” which I don’t think Jen is. Evelyn stayed “engaged NINE years”. Only someone desperately seeking more attention (Chad) would really marry her. He can’t be wrapped too tight.

  4. NiHi says:

    This woman is SOOOOOO pathetic. All of a sudden Jennifer gets a potty mouth like her BFF Evelyn. It’s sad when a woman this old caves to peer pressure … LOL! Thank God she’s not a mother yet because she’s obviously still going through adolescence. Jennifer, you need a better role model.

  5. big sexy says:

    i fell sorry for you that u don’t have a mind of your only get ganstawhen evelyn does. she talked you out of your marriage,now wants you to be happy for her now that she’s getting married for real!!!!!words are easy friendship is not GOOD Luck to you i hope hope your life can go on without evelyn!!!!

  6. sylvia says:

    JEn, I feel so sorry for you, do you think for one moment Evelyn is going to be all in your face if Ocho Zero do wife her. SHe is laughing at you be coming lonely and single. yoU SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT HOME TRYING TO WORK ON YOUR MARRIAGE, INSTEAD OF FINGERING POPPING WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS.. WE SHE WHO AND WHAT IS YOUR PRIORITIES IN LIFE.

  7. JOE says:


  8. LadyLuck says:

    They all look pathetic. Especially Evelyn and Jennifer; note Evelyn really ain’t her friend. Lesson on being classy is order for all of them.

  9. I Hate Royce Too says:

    Jen..I actually like you on the show. Everybody has their flaws but people seem to hold you to perfect standards. Keep ya head up..You looked pretty on the reunion show, your dress was cute, and your hair was on point. People who speak negatively about you are just HATERS!!!!!

  10. M_Town says:

    What show were they watching. Although u did hang with that 0, I could still see and tell that u were your own woman. U kept your business to yourself until they started questioning u about it. And Shaunie was the one telling your business although she says what she talks about with one she will not discuss it with the others, pure BS. Keep your head up and do your thing. I know u r a smart girl and hopefully I will run across your lip gloss line or come to Miami and visit Flirty girl. Holla. Leave all these haters behind.

  11. Erica says:

    i honestly feel that jen needs to be taken off the show…she’s really a nobody…well actually…she’s like evelyn’s little shadow…she’s too weak…if it came down to a fight…i could honestly see her get her “i’m fancy, high-classed” butt whooped…i don’t really care too much about her…it’s so funny how she tries to get buck at times…lol! she needs to sit her butt down i wish tami would have dragged her at the fundraiser…she tries too hard to fit in w/ the girls…jen will NEVER be one of them…she’s just too soft…#justlikehtat!

  12. linda says:

    Jen seems like a real good person but her personal life has taken a toll on her.Evelyn really isn’t her friend and I hope she takes her time with what she really wants to do with her future.

  13. TX Girl says:

    Jen, my heart breaks for you. I can truly see that you are hurting. You will be in my prayers. Please try and regain your strength. Remember that you are a lady and conduct yourself with a little more class. Surely, I know your vocabulary is more expanded than the curse words that you fall back on. Discover your own identity outside of the company that you call your BFF. I do not doubt at all that Evelyn is a great friend to you, however just remember to stay true to yourself and not get caught up in the mix.
    Be Blessed, TX Girl

  14. Jen please listen says:

    Don’t be a victim of this show…look at all the other shows like the house wives on bravo…there is no single one without a divorce on any particular season…wives who have been happy for 13, 16 or whatever years suddenly think the man is the devil… Think twice girl… Evelyn will probably take worse from Ocho and she will live with it.

  15. MissChoklate says:

    Jennifer, after watching the show the first and second season I felt bad about your marriage but I wish you couldve kept that side of your life private because maybe you couldve worked your issues out with Eric.

    I happen to think your the most beautiful out of all the girls on the show and I dont think your a follower even though hanging with Evelyn is not a good look. I think your a more reserved and quiet person compared to Evelyn that is why people think your a follower.

    I did think you was not a good person until you made peace offerings with Tami that made me see you in a different light and you didnt seem to be that bad. Hopefully some of your lady like qualities rubs off on Evelyn because she needs some tips on etiquette.

    I hope to see you next season and hopefully your recovering from your broken marriage and your lipgloss business flourishes.

  16. cynthia says:

    i feel that tammy was to classey for the circl but she should have kicked elelyn ass and jennifer should not be so freaken fony she really dont care for elevyn.

  17. joie says:

    Jen,Jen,Jen…where do I begin? I thought if anyone had a chance you were the one.But you have shown me you’re a follower not a leader! So much potential wasted.
    You did finally however grow a back bone and divorce that so called husband of yours, (what the hell is on that forehead anyway)? and thank god you didn’t have children w/him!!!
    I think you still have a chance to stand on your own, but you’ve got to get rid of that negative baggage you call your friend.
    Jen, you don’t see it now but she’s dragging you down and when she finally gets what she wants whatever that is you won’t hear from her again. Hopefully!!!!!
    Whatever happened w/those photos, who cares just don’t let it happen again, don’t take nudies and don’t let anyone else take nudies of you either! Thank goodness you look the way you do, phew!
    You’ve got to start thinking for yourself now cause it’s you and only you. I really hope your lip gloss line takes off and it probable will. Only if you put a 100% in it.
    To be honest w/you and don’t get me wrong but I’d take myself off the show, take a couple of business classes and really do it up with your business. Look at Jessica Simpson, people talked and talked about her but once she decided to get out of the LIME light and concentrate on her business the girl is worth millions now! It’s all up to you Jen, no ones getting any younger and do you really want to be a associated w/the basketball wives club for the rest of your life really?
    I hope not because you’ve got to make a name, for you!!!!!!
    You’ve got this opportunity and you should take it. I bet you business people want to approach you but not if you’re associated w/the bw clubs.

  18. DIANE says:


  19. Aisha says:

    JEN is such an inspiring female for women everywhere. Her style is graceful but edgy when it needs to be and at the level of a woman who has high self esteem. I don’t believe she leaked or allowed any pics to be leaked. I do believe that Royce is obvious with her insecurities. Jen is not a follower she is very much a leader in many ways. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for her future business operations!!!! I see you Jen, keep up your style and of course thank Jehovah and Jesus for your wonderful spirit

  20. Meanchick says:

    OMG. Why take nude photos in the 1st place? Stupid! Why show up at a charity event that you were not welcome at and tell someone that if they want to be a part of YOUR circle, then they have to pretty much kiss your butt? Why did you and your ‘girl’ show up and make it all about you? No class. Jen, class does not come with money, friends, husbands or a reality show. Referring to all things not Jennifer as ‘ghetto’ is yet another sign of a clueless and tacky chick. You went to school being driven in an expensive car? And? Is that how you define yourself? Honey child please.

  21. janet says:

    Why do you think that Evelyn is your BFF see how she do went and got a man…….birds of a feather flok together

  22. Angela says:

    Jennifer, you are my favorite on the show. My advice to you is to work things out with your husband and Stay married to him. God changes everything.

  23. mg says:

    Jen, haven’t u hear the saying “MISERY LOVES COMPANY”

    WELCOME to Evelyn’s world. She set u up. Now you are as
    miserable as her.

  24. Sayida says:

    Royce you are boring. Get off the show.

  25. toogie says:

    jen I think you are the prettiest girl on the show and conduct yourself like a lady. I think Evelyn is the one jealous of you because you seem to be very opposite of her. I also dont think the other ladies should push you every minute for details about your divorce or husband, even at that dinner and they made you cry. Whoever leaked the photos of you I hope you will press charges . Best of luck and cant wait for the Lucid line!

  26. Ms. M says:

    I’ve been out of town and I taped the “Reunion” show and and was able to watch it last night.

    Jennifer, you are my absolutely favorite! You have a genuine quality that I recoginize in a lot Virgo’s. There is something real about you. I too, am a Virgo (Sept. 10) I wish you much success with your lip gloss line and all of your endeavors.

    My main point in writing is about you and Eric. I saw the brief clip with Eric and I think that he is hurting. I think that you took it the wrong way, he did not say that he made you. He said as a result of him being a professional basketball player and you being his wife, it made an opportunity for you to be on the show and that is true. As hurt as he sounded, I understand him saying that the two of you could not be friends. I’ve been in love before very deeply and had to move on, there is no way I could have that person in my life as a friend. When you love someone very intensely, you can’t reduce that to a friendship, not if it’s real love.

    I like Eric and I think that you got a lot of pushing and prodding to “move on” by people who were trying to secure the same ideal situation that you had, a marriage whether it be good or bad. I hope and pray that the two of you can reconcile. I don’t condone cheating and abuse in relationships. You have to have genuine love and respect. If you did not have that before and there is an opportunity to have that now in a relationship with Eric, I hope that the two of you will give it a chance. You can’t go forward looking backwards…there has to be complete forgiveness. Then if the trust is broken, I would walk away and not look back. If the two of you get back together, it’s your business and you don’t have to explain it to anyone.

    I admire you for keep your business plans to yourself until you know the direction that they are going. I don’t trust your sidekick. I had a friend like her in high school and I was the quiet one. My friend was the loud one and risk taker and I was just kinda there in her shadow. I had strick parents and I did something once that I wasn’t suppose to and she went home and told her mother and it got back to my parents. That broke the friendship. I think that you need to find out what Eric meant when he said, “You don’t know Eve like I do.” You need to know. Whatever it is he hasn’t revealed it to keep from hurting you. Your friend is what she is, I don’t have anything to add to what she has already revealed about herself to the world. That alone does is not a reason that you should not be friends with her because her actions do not define who you are.

    The problem I have is she could have done something to you like she did to Tami. She skinned and grinned in Tami’s face for a very long time knowing that she had slept with her ex (Tami’s husband at the time). I don’t see anything about her that would keep her from doing the same to you. Just be careful.

    Anyway, you are my absolutely favorite!!! My prayers are with you for best of everything that God has for you.

    Take care.

  27. lgurl says:

    Jen is my fav Bball wife (wait shes the only one-lol) I dnt think she leaked her pics but really who cares? She is btful and a good person at heart…I wish her much luck with her divorce…def’ly needs to happen. Stay fly lady!

  28. Ms. M says:

    I hate that you’re being judged and called fake. It’s sad that some people don’t know that people who have class and who have lived cultured and good lives carry themselves in a different manner. They have higher regards for themselves. People who are like you identify with you, not hang with you but identify with you.

    I guess the problem is you don’t talk ghetto, you don’t dress ghetto and you didn’t sleep around so that’s that’s perceived as a problem by some. Ha!

  29. Carmelcupcake says:

    I am so glad you are on the show…You are one of my favorites…I think you show the world,,that beautiful women do not have to be mean or snotty…You are wonderful…I hope that you will be back for another season…This time I hope with a love interest…I would love to see you with a great…sweet…Very Rich guy…lol…Please come back for another season…Team Jennifer…

  30. jlo says:

    its sad to see jen and eric break up…..but jen has to do what she has to do, i will love to see her back on the show ….she was always cool and well manner…

  31. KAM3 says:

    Hate to tell you this girl, but Eric loves you and you love him. He was a professional bb player. Girls lay in waiting for him, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.I’m sorry for your pain, but your his love. Men are so different from men, thank god.My dad was on eof the very first bb plyers when they wer called barnstormer,he played against Wilt Chamberlain. Give him a chane, go to extreme counseling,have a baby with him. You guys are meant for one another.I can see the hurt in both your eyes. I don’t want you to wake up someday and be sorry. I care for you