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We were backstage at the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion, and spoke individually with all of the ladies. Their best quotes are compiled in our She Said/She Said behind-the-scenes post, but we’re also offering extended versions of the conducted interviews.

Below, Royce Reed talks about Jennifer’s leaked nude pics, her disintegrated bond with the “circle” and her breakup with Dwayne.

How do you feel about being here?

I'm just ready to get it over with. I am just over the petty drama. I'm over the girly stuff. I'm not a chick person so I don't really have time for the chick s***.

Who are you cool with at this point?

I'm cool with everybody. If everybody is cool with me I don't know. I talk to Ashley couple times a week. I talk to Suzie a few times a month. I talk to Tami every now and then too. I don't really talk to Jen, Evelyn and Shaunie, but I don't have any issues with them. I know Jen has an issue with me because I didn't call her and talk to her when her pictures came out. I am not going to be phony about it. I told her I felt like she did it and I am not going to call her, like, “Oh my God, Are you OK?” If she did it, OK, and if she didn't OK, but I am still entitled to my opinion.

Now, was that just a gut feeling of yours or…?

It was a gut feeling but then I also received a direct message from a friend of her saying that she did it.

Do you think the cease-and-desist was a ruse?

Yeah, because the only picture that was removed was the cookie shot. If I am sending pictures like that to somebody, I believe in no face/no name. But on top of that, I know who I am sending my pictures to and I am going to call them out on everything. She got on her Twitter and said, “Wowzers!” “Wowzers” to me is like a “LOL.” It's not like an, “Oh my God, – or – I can’t believe this.” It just didn't fall into place with me. Why go on Twitter? It was just like they told me on the first season after the pool party: – If I were you, I would delete my Twitter, my Facebook, my blog. You just need to be quiet. – It's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. Their is excuse is, – It's not the same thing. You knew you were doing this. – And I'm like, you knew you were sending the pictures! – Well, I didn't put them out there. – But they came out! I didn't expect the video to be on YouTube.

Judge Judy says anything on the Internet is not private.

Exactly and anything you send is not private either.

Who came up with the circle terminology?

I have no idea!

When did you first start hearing it? Who was saying it?

I think we heard it the last season. I don't remember who started it, but it became more prevalent this one. When we were filming this time and I'm like, “What is this circle crap?” I am not a cliquish person. I try to get along with everybody. If I don't like you, I don't like you, but I am not going to sit there and have the mentality like, “Oh my friend doesn't like you so I don't like you, either.” I am not in high school. So it is what it is.
What do you think about the segregated vibe present backstage at this reunion?
I think they are trying to get real emotions onstage, and I am guessing certain people don't speak. Like I said I don't talk to Jen, Evelyn and Shaunie so I don't know what's going on with them. I don't know if they are still tight or if something else has gone down. There could have been another situation like the Suzie crap. I have no idea.

I'm surprised Dwayne's not here.

Why? Dwayne and I aren't together anymore.

What happened?

We just didn't fit anymore. I think at one point I was trying to prove that I could be happy with somebody else and I was looking past all the things that I didn't like because he was good for me. And as we started getting closer and closer to that question, the marriage question…I didn't want to be a runaway bride. So it came down to: he needs to do him and I need to do me and hopefully we can still remain friends. But as far as a relationship goes, there was just a lot that I ended up realized was missing.

In retrospect, was there anything to what the women on the show were saying about him being an opportunist?

Not that I know of. I’ll never say never, but from what I know and what I felt, no.

Do you agree with Tami’s assertion that “everyone in this circle is messy”?

Yeah actually, and I don't consider myself in the circle at all. I'm like on the outside of the circle running around like I am running track and s***. I don't play the field events, so I definitely agree with that. I made a mistake and I told Tami that I had preconceived notions about her because of a conversation she had with Suzie. Suzie and I being cool, she let me know, “Look Royce, when you meet Tami, she's a little wary about you so go in with your guard up a little bit. – I would do that to any of my friends. If I knew a chick was a kind of iffy about them and they hadn't met them yet, I would be like, “Yo just to let you know – ¦ – If she didn't tell me, I would have been like, “Damn Suzie you could have gave me a heads up or something. – So I kind of threw her under the bus by saying that to Tami and I felt really bad about it, but she eventually got over it..

Do you ever get tired of thinking about this stuff? And being so invested in your life and everybody's life and how it relates to you?

It is a lot, but then it's life that’s just being played out on TV. Rather than it just being over with, when it's done we have to rehash it on TV. So it is exhausting. It can be draining at times, but when I am done with a certain situation I say what I have to say and then I am over it. A lot of people felt like I should have never gone to Spain because Jen and Evelyn didn't go to my charity event. And I'm like that's going to keep me from going to Spain? It's not like they slapped my mama! They didn't come to my charity event, that's on them. It's not going to keep me from going to Spain. I'm taking my ass to Spain because my issues with them are not that large where I can't go overseas and have a good time even though I got sick.

They did seem hard on you.

I was like, “You have never been sick to the point where you have had body aches?” The thing is I was in such denial that I was actually sick. I was taking ibuprofen. I was just trying to make myself feel better, ’cause I was going to Spain and I was going to have a good time. The first two days, I was trying to go with the flow, enjoy myself, try not to be a party pooper. But that next day I was done. I couldn't even get up, they had to call the doctor.

So what was it?

Strep throat. I had never had strep throat in my life and I don't wish that on anyone! That's the worst pain!

Last reunion, you cried about your bond with these women. It seems like that has disintegrated since.

I think at the last reunion I was so emotional because I had got a chance to show people who I really was. After stuff that has been written in the media about me, it gave me a chance to show people I am not crazy! I actually have a career. I am an author now. I have my company I am doing a lot for myself. With the second season, when we were filming I think the question became, “We realize that Royce isn't this person but do we like her personality? – I tend to say I have a guy's mentality, because I can curse you out and say, – Let's go to lunch! – And they are very prissy and I think I said it in a blog: they're the Barbies and I am the Bratz Doll. When I go to the club, I don't just sit in VIP to look at people. I might have my VIP table, but I am going on the dance floor too. I like my sneakers. I am not into the six inch heels. I'll wear them but I might be taking them off on this stage. They keep telling me, “Please don't do that.” We got some bedazzled sneakers or something?

I thought you were implying you’d have to take your heels off to fight.

Oh no. But I believe in self-defense! They gone have to hit me first or swing I'm going to dodge and just hit them in the neck! I learned that: you hit in the neck or the nose!

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