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We were backstage at the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion, and spoke individually with all of the ladies. Their best quotes are compiled in our She Said/She Said behind-the-scenes post, but we’re also offering extended versions of the conducted interviews.

Below, Shaunie O’Neal talks about the latest circle lineup, how she felt about Jen’s leaked nude pictures and Matt Barnes’ lack of masculinity.

How do you feel about being here?

I'm excited. I cannot wait, I'm ready for it to start.

What are you excited about?

What everyone's going to say today! I just have a feeling it's going to be pure entertainment. I mean, this is going to be good.

Do you have any kind of beef you're ready to air out?

No, I don't really have beef because I'm so over it. Certain people that are here today for the reunion are only relevant because of a particular storyline that I don't plan on being a part of, so they are just not relevant. I plan on making that a highlighted moment of today: – You are no longer relevant – .

Are they so irrelevant that you're not naming names right now?

Exactly. Subliminal.

Evelyn thinks she brought the “circle” terminology to the table. Do you agree?

Yeah, definitely. She always says, “Boo, this is the circle and you're over here.” You know, we don't walk around saying , “We're the circle!” Like, nobody does that. She just was using that as an analogy at that moment. I think people have taken that whole, “This is the circle – thing a bit to the left. We honestly would never ever say that, Evelyn was just trying to break it down for her at that point. We got it, nobody else did.

That said, there is kind of a circle.

A clique, so to speak?

So who's in it today? Who's still in it? Evelyn, Jen, and Shaunie?

Jen's in the group and we're cool with Tami, we think. I don't really know Ashley at all. Evelyn doesn't either. Jen knew her from someone else, but we don't know her. Gloria, of course we don't hang out. Me, Jen, and Evelyn, we stay in contact. AWe know what's going on in each other's lives. And Tami, I talk to her sometimes through BBM. I check on her because her mom's been sick and things like that and she'll run some business stuff by me sometimes. So we stay in communication with each other, but the rest of them, no.

What do you think about the vibe of this reunion backstage this time versus last time? Last time it was very communal.

I was telling Evelyn, last time we came, like, – What up! Hey! – everything was real congenial. This time there’s tension, but it's funny on our end because I guess we're considered the mean girls. I was just telling Evelyn I think that we are the real girls and they might be the angry ones. I don't know, everything pisses them off. We can't laugh at nothing, we can't have a joke about nothing, we can't voice our opinion without being the mean girls. It's not that we're mean we're just being honest. I think if everything was cool with everybody, we wouldn't be the mean girls, we'd be all just having a good time. But there's nothing mean about us, nobody's angry. Like Evelyn, she's a sweetheart, but you piss her off and you're going to get what you get. It is what it is.

Evelyn’s nude pictures leaked the first season, and Jen’s leaked this season. Are you next, Shaunie?

Oh, hell no. First of all, Evelyn and Jen have naked-picture bodies. I would need to get it together if I was going to do that. I'd be doing straight ass shots or something. Jen went there, though, with her pictures. I was like, “Jen! What the -? Jennifer?” They weren't the ones were you had to cover your eyes and peeking out, but I was a little uncomfortable. I love her, but I didn't love her that much.

I don't know if you guys saw, but Matt tweeted Jennifer about her pictures.

First of all, let me say this: there is nothing masculine about a man who dips into some women's stuff. I wouldn't ever want my man to do that. I find it a little strange. I'm all for having your girl's back, but this is some verbal arguing with some other ladies. Why, as a man, are you getting in that at all? This has nothing to do with him. Matter of fact, we don't even talk about him. We honestly don't even talk about Gloria, so I don't understand. I mean, I do understand, because I think that this show and the fact that we're talking about him is the only thing that makes Matt relevant. And I get it because you apparently like this because you came back. I don't know if he can find some other outlet, but really you're making yourself look crazy. Like, I'm really questioning a whole lot of stuff about Matt because, like, why are you talking to us? Nobody talk to Matt!

What do you feel about Season 3? How are you going to top Season 2?

We didn't know how we were going to top Season 1. We just roll with it. Sometimes we think we're boring as hell, like, that s*** is awful, and then you see it on camera like, oh, OK! That's impressive!

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