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We were backstage at the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion, and spoke individually with all of the ladies. Their best quotes are compiled in our She Said/She Said behind-the-scenes post, but we’re also offering extended versions of the conducted interviews.

Below, Shaunie O’Neal talks about the latest circle lineup, how she felt about Jen’s leaked nude pictures and Matt Barnes’ lack of masculinity.

How do you feel about being here?

I'm excited. I cannot wait, I'm ready for it to start.

What are you excited about?

What everyone's going to say today! I just have a feeling it's going to be pure entertainment. I mean, this is going to be good.

Do you have any kind of beef you're ready to air out?

No, I don't really have beef because I'm so over it. Certain people that are here today for the reunion are only relevant because of a particular storyline that I don't plan on being a part of, so they are just not relevant. I plan on making that a highlighted moment of today: – You are no longer relevant – .

Are they so irrelevant that you're not naming names right now?

Exactly. Subliminal.

Evelyn thinks she brought the “circle” terminology to the table. Do you agree?

Yeah, definitely. She always says, “Boo, this is the circle and you're over here.” You know, we don't walk around saying , “We're the circle!” Like, nobody does that. She just was using that as an analogy at that moment. I think people have taken that whole, “This is the circle – thing a bit to the left. We honestly would never ever say that, Evelyn was just trying to break it down for her at that point. We got it, nobody else did.

That said, there is kind of a circle.

A clique, so to speak?

So who's in it today? Who's still in it? Evelyn, Jen, and Shaunie?

Jen's in the group and we're cool with Tami, we think. I don't really know Ashley at all. Evelyn doesn't either. Jen knew her from someone else, but we don't know her. Gloria, of course we don't hang out. Me, Jen, and Evelyn, we stay in contact. AWe know what's going on in each other's lives. And Tami, I talk to her sometimes through BBM. I check on her because her mom's been sick and things like that and she'll run some business stuff by me sometimes. So we stay in communication with each other, but the rest of them, no.

What do you think about the vibe of this reunion backstage this time versus last time? Last time it was very communal.

I was telling Evelyn, last time we came, like, – What up! Hey! – everything was real congenial. This time there’s tension, but it's funny on our end because I guess we're considered the mean girls. I was just telling Evelyn I think that we are the real girls and they might be the angry ones. I don't know, everything pisses them off. We can't laugh at nothing, we can't have a joke about nothing, we can't voice our opinion without being the mean girls. It's not that we're mean we're just being honest. I think if everything was cool with everybody, we wouldn't be the mean girls, we'd be all just having a good time. But there's nothing mean about us, nobody's angry. Like Evelyn, she's a sweetheart, but you piss her off and you're going to get what you get. It is what it is.

Evelyn’s nude pictures leaked the first season, and Jen’s leaked this season. Are you next, Shaunie?

Oh, hell no. First of all, Evelyn and Jen have naked-picture bodies. I would need to get it together if I was going to do that. I'd be doing straight ass shots or something. Jen went there, though, with her pictures. I was like, “Jen! What the -? Jennifer?” They weren't the ones were you had to cover your eyes and peeking out, but I was a little uncomfortable. I love her, but I didn't love her that much.

I don't know if you guys saw, but Matt tweeted Jennifer about her pictures.

First of all, let me say this: there is nothing masculine about a man who dips into some women's stuff. I wouldn't ever want my man to do that. I find it a little strange. I'm all for having your girl's back, but this is some verbal arguing with some other ladies. Why, as a man, are you getting in that at all? This has nothing to do with him. Matter of fact, we don't even talk about him. We honestly don't even talk about Gloria, so I don't understand. I mean, I do understand, because I think that this show and the fact that we're talking about him is the only thing that makes Matt relevant. And I get it because you apparently like this because you came back. I don't know if he can find some other outlet, but really you're making yourself look crazy. Like, I'm really questioning a whole lot of stuff about Matt because, like, why are you talking to us? Nobody talk to Matt!

What do you feel about Season 3? How are you going to top Season 2?

We didn't know how we were going to top Season 1. We just roll with it. Sometimes we think we're boring as hell, like, that s*** is awful, and then you see it on camera like, oh, OK! That's impressive!

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Really Shaunie….Evelyn’s a sweet girl. So you applaud what she did in the case of Tami…who is your Friend.
    U were in a similar situation with Gloria and her sister—and u basically raked her over the coals, but Eveyln gets your praises? WOW

  2. Frances says:

    You were responsible for the fight between Evelyn and Tami. There was no need to encourage or insist that Evelyn tell the “secret” to Tami at the birthday party. You were so WRONG. How could you associate with a foul-mouthed something like Evelyn. She has no class, no home training, whether she is wearing $1,500 shoes or not. Someone needs to call you out about what you did the night of the party. You sacrificed friendships for ratings!

  3. ladybug says:

    i think shaunie enjoys the fact that she has control over her little “PUPPETS”, whatever shaunie says goes! i think it’s sad how a bunch of grown women can’t think 4 themselves, with the exception of Royce, Gloria & Suzie but the others follow everything shaunie says and does, it’s soo sad, but hey!, if u have ppl following ur every command thats on them! more power to ya! THEY’RE THE ONES THAT LOOK STUPID

  4. ladybug says:

    i’m tired of shaunie putting on this nice act all the time, i saw her pop off a little on gloria but thats pretty much it, iwant to c a lot more drama from shaunie she can get boring at times, yes!…we kno ur the puppet master but we wanna c a bit more from u

  5. sylvia says:


  6. blackgale2004 says:

    Shaunie don’t call anyone on your show messy(becaus u guys or dress-up an hood-rats as can be; except fo Tami she know what she’s been thru & women can related bein on food stamps & ect.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA BAC @ YOUR GIRL

  7. Miss Jai says:

    I think you orchestrated the whole fight. You have attached yourself to such trashy women as Evelyn (Groupie) and Jennifer (Pathetic). You need to learn how to pick your friends more wisely. It seems to me that all of you are bitter at how your lives have turned out and you want to take it out on anyone that is happy. What’s the old saying “Misery loves company,” well I think you, Jen and Evelyn are three of the most miserable women on reality tv.

  8. LadyLuck says:

    I guess i expected this to be a more uplifting and positive show for women, especially black women. But i was so wrong. Shaunie you show little class in how you talk and treat and encourage these women to exploit themselves in such a negative manner. It’s embarrassing. Yes the are adults, but paying for trips and hanging out is not the way to show or help some of these ladies that definitely don’t have clue about life. As we all do, you definitely showed that you got alot of growing to do.

  9. Evy Lacy says:

    Reunion part 2 was off the chain. I don’t understand what Royce was drinking prior to hitting the stage. She tried to be all the way live, but looked ridiculous. I do know that only women who can’t afford Herve Leger and Louboutins are the only ones who don’t want them. Meanwhile, I’ll see my sister fashionistas at Niemans, don’t hate. I don’t care what anyone says about Evelyn and Jen, they’ve been keeping it 100 from day 1. Look, listen,and learn! Can’t wait till season 3. Royce’s new attitude should earn her a few box perms and a Forever 21 gift card to tighten up her game.

  10. allie says:

    Well it looks like everyone has said everything I was thinking except change the name of the show…ain’t none of ya’ll basketball wives…exes yes, wives hell no!

  11. Melissa says:

    All I want to say is I love this show and I think that Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jen are great but I just want to know why is Royce on the show did you have to have at least one piece of trash on the show. I think that there are a lot of haters out there and Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jen should brush off the haters and keep it moving. So Royce got her chance of fame and now she ran with it and got some balls what is that I bet if she was on the street just some regular joes she wouldn’t be all quick to run her mouth. Now she will be quick to sue someone hell cause she needs to fix her everything. Shaunie take the trash out and get rid of Royce and Gloria why are they on the show. Get a job we don’t want to see you on tv. Love the show Shaunie keep doin your thang girley.

  12. TX Girl says:

    I am so disappointed with the outcome of this show. My biggest disappointment is in Shaunie. I first became aware of the show last year, when Shaunie appeared for an interview, on the Wendy Williams show. She presented herself with class and poise. I said to myself, “that is a classy lady”. I was so impressed, I downloaded the show to model myself after. Wow!! Bid mistake. It is obvious that Mrs. Ex Oneal hired a darn good interviewing coach! She showed her true character as double-sided and immature. As a mother in the same age bracket as these women, I am embarrassed for them. Ladies, I caution you to consider your children. What examples are you setting for them? What lifestyle values are you showing the world? You walk around bitter and angry at the cheating men that have made you the tasteless women that you are, only to realize that you are now no better than the men that have stolen your joy. You are tacky with foul mouths. Evelyn, bless your heart and your mouth. You are so pretty, but your mouth degrades you. Although Tammi has a hard time handling her anger, she and Suzie are the staples and anchors. You can tell they honor themselves as mother’s and are trying to lead by example for their children, as they know the cameras are rolling for all the world to see, including their daughters. Ladies, please remember your core values and represent the women that raised you, be a better light for other women! Know that fine clothes, bags, and shoes do not define who you are. If you already know this, I can’t tell. This post was not meant to down play or call anyone out. My intent was to caution you to see what you have shown the world, with hope that you will mature, forgive, and display more age appropriate character for season 3. Be blessed. TX Girl

  13. Laila K. says:

    Shaunie, I am a fan of not only this particular show but Football Wives as well, I found it ironic that the ladies on Football wives with the exception of “Tami” are so much more mature than you guys on Basketball Wives. Why is that I wonder? When supposedly you’re representing yourself as well as Evelyn as said Business women. Now I don’t know you from the man on the moon, And you could probably care less what I have to say , but I can speak on your Blatant, Arrogant behavior in which you’re just now trangressing into, along with the most recent statements you’ve made pertaining to some of your Cast members , some of which you’ve considered or have called your “FRIENDS” In your statement you called some of them irrelevant,but you remain friends with an adulterer (Evelyn), so that clearly questions your character you know they saY “BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER” So that leaves me to wonder are you really “keeping it real” about how your marriage went “down” and what dirty laundry you will soon air,cause I know you will eventually. Because it seems as though you are carrying around alot of bitterness and anger. You say you’re not angry but your actions speak different. Shaunie I am a 38 year old woman , just recent divorcee , with a beautiful 2 year old,and even I am cautious of the company I keep. You say that Evelyn is a good person , I think you may have even called her genuine but many “beg to differ” and I know the show must go on. My ex-husband is very wealthy and my little girl wants for nothing, but at some given point you have to honor real friendship for what it’s worth, and if your friendship with Eve is worth throwin pretty much everyone else under the bus then more power to you BOO! I do know that If you lie with dogs you’re bound to wake up with fleas. My point is Tami seems to be just as “Relevant”, Trustworthy, Intellectual, “Happy with nothing” than anyone else on this show , you may not think so from the statements you’ve put out there. Now this statement may have been taken out of context, But you did say this and I guess “It Is What It Is”. LAILA K.

  14. brittany says:

    i know how they can top season 3. bring ashley into the circle (if they aren’t already) bring, kobe’s wife into the circle, and have jen and eric get divorced and have her mess around with another athlete

  15. Tameka says:

    I love all of the cast except for the pre-pubesent 12 year old Royce who chose to try to grow balls in the reunion which was quite the spectacul might I add. Royce where the hell was your voice the first two seasons. Evelyn is my role model and I love her honesty. She is loyal to her friends and she has a fierce sense of style. Can’t wait to season three……

  16. Danielle says:

    i would like to know the MAC colors that Shaunie has on in the reunion part 2

  17. Tee Tee says:

    Shaunie, I think you try to be friends and boss at the same time and sometimes you can’t do this because you just can’t mix business with pleasure. If Evelyn gets her show with Ocho or gets other gigs another way and get big time, u best of believe Shaunie won’t be a factor bcs Evelyn don’t care who she step on to get what she wants or where she wants to go. If you don’t distance yourself from Evelyn, you are going to be labeled. You know the saying “Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” Evelyn tries to put you in a position that forces you to pick sides, & if you go along with what Evelyn did and turn her back on Tami, than that speaks volumes about you and your character. You need to watch Evelyn because what will the next secret be? She slept with Shaq? Shaunie you need to step back and regroup and another thing believe what you want but eventually, you will be the one getting pimped by Evelyn, but if you remeber the game don’t change only the player then just maybe you can keep her in check.

  18. Sexychocolate says:

    Wow Shaunie. I have watched the entire season how you played both sides. For the love of money, power and fame, you take your friends down like this. Unfortunately, I will no longer watch your show. You have come to far to be this messy. I know it dosen’t not matter to you and I maybe one less viewer but I can’t sit back and watch how you play these womens for pure ratings. You talk about Gloria but you need to keep your mouth close too.

  19. Get rid of Royce says:

    Please get rid of Royce! If there is a season 3, I am still trying to figure out why she was ever even on the show in the first place!

  20. joie says:

    You should be ashamed! You have five children and when we see you at home all you can do is play basketball w/them. Typical! Good luck, you’re going to need it.

  21. Meanchick says:

    Shaunie. I applaud your business sense! Kudos girlie!

  22. cALIGIRL says:

    Really, Ladies!!! At the end of the day some of them are mother’s!! which is a dam shame,how they exposed them selves.. AS to really how they gt there boyfriends, husbands,sex partners wht ever and how ever u put it.. ALL FOR MONEY!!! U cn twist,say how ever u wnt bt thts the fact. Nt mad at the game!!Bt on a national level sweet hearts!!! U look a ht mess. BEING FRM lA. I no the real truth how Shaunie gt let it be told. So really wht comes around goes around and thts a fact. Asked her X HUSBAND,WHO USE TO WRK FOR SHACK. LOL… so dnt be mad at Gloria. even thou I cnt stand her. Bt I understand business is businEss, ITS ALL ENETRTAINMENT.

  23. K says:

    As a wife, mother, business owner, sister, daughter, auntie, and friend what I witnessed from the reunion was buffoonery at its worst. My rationale for this opinion is that I don’t think that any of the ladies truly understand the potential, power, and influence that they each hold as individuals or could hold as a collective group working together instead of against one another. Granted everyone cannot be best friends or may not chose to be best friends but whatever happened to let’s agree to disagree respectfully, tactfully, rationally, and without profanity? Where is the dignity, decency, diplomacy, and decorum in the way that they talk and interact with one another and others. If we cannot respect each other but blatantly disrespect one another we cannot be offended, shocked, or upset when others do the same thing if not worse.
    What I would like to see is the ladies being more supportive of one another and working together to impact the lives of other young women and other members of the community. Maybe I am asking for too much but I would like to see them affecting more change in the lives of OTHERS.
    As a woman of color I know that when woman of color choose to work together to affect change a great force is created that can be such a great help to so many people. Yes, we have caught glimpses of community outreach but isn’t there more? Maybe I missed it. If I did I do apologize. Personally I feel that what airs about each woman does not show us their true passions in life. With that much potential, talent, beauty, and style why is everything so superficial? There has to be more, there must be more, there needs to be more!!!!
    Granted seeing women of color interacting in a more positive and educated manner may not produce massive viewer ratings, financial gains, or lucrative business ventures but it’s necessary. I think that if woman of color are to be more highly respected and taken more seriously by all those viewing than that is what needs to be portrayed more frequently.
    I said all of that to say this. If you have the power, means, opportunity, and influence to break down the walls, barriers, boundaries, and stereotypes that have held so many women down for years than do so. I have always believed that one should be a part of the solution not a part of the problem. We have an obligation to leave a legacy for our younger women that will help enhance, enrich, and empower them in lieu of being a part of unproductive and ineffective “tail spins”.

  24. CHILL says:

    Shaunie is cool…I just feel she was out of her character when she had the run-in with Gloria…I expected Evelyn to be the one tripping the most…because that’s the type of “girl” she is….

  25. ck1540 says:

    I was shocked at the language and behavior of grown women just like most of the people commenting here. If your child was speaking and acting that way in public or private, what would you think or feel. I am sorry, I guess I thought you would be associated with a classy show. Oprah would be appauled at this display because it is Such negative behavior influence for women. Think about the young women out there that you influence. Would you want your daughter or daughter in law acting like that around you or your family? For most of us, it was quite embarrassing just to watch. I can’t even say I saw the worst of it because I turned it off. Many of us will not be watching anymore. Shanie and Royce should associate with better and they should know better.

  26. aisha gibbs says:

    Hey Shauie I cant wait to see season 3 I think its going to be good but if tami is going to be on season3 please have a little chat with her about the way she carries her self on the show. Tell her to be more laid back like you were. You just set back a chilled had a nice time you didnt bring no drama you wasnt tryn to start no drama you was just chilling doing you thats why you are the one I like on the show jenn is cool to I like her also well see ya next season.

  27. BLizJ says:

    Hi Shaunie!! Congratulations on the success of your show. People are talking, so good or bad, you know the show is on a lot of minds! Best wishes on building your empire. I have more of an inquiry rather than a comment, and it really doesn’t have much to do with the show. I’m curious about who styles your hair while you’re in Miami. It looked fabulous on the reunion show! My hair is cut and styled almost exactly like yours and I’m searching for someone to style my hair for my wedding. I don’t live in Florida, so I don’t know where to begin to find a stylist that knows what they’re doing with short, relaxed hair. I hope you can help me or give me some leads. Thanks!!

  28. Whoop Whoop says:

    Shaunie, has anyone told you that you favor BIG BIRD? Dang, everytime I see you I crack up. You are UNDERCOVER MESSY & the ring leader of starting crap. Ugly shoes you had on for reunion. Why didn’t you walk in them? The crew member brought them too you..joke. Your supposed to real? I will scream if I see you try to squeeze out another tear…Gloria’s sista is not the only one who smashed your Shaq. Dumb ass, he has been messing around for years with chics up and down I95s. Don’t take much for the chics…pay their rent…buy a BEDROOM set…etc. By the way high class, take the time and do your daughters’ hair..instead of the cheap twists or braids they had in. Keep it moving…boo boo…PHONY HEFFA.

  29. Yvonne says:

    Hi Shaunie, just want to say I love the show, the cast is awesome. Tami is an excellent addition. (My favorite is Evelyn, though. Royce, eh, boring!)

    Just one suggestion: Why, oh, why must the whole show be taped at restaurants? Ugh?! Every darn scene is at a different restaurant. We, the people who do not live the fabulous lives that you all do, would love to see you shopping, at home cooking in your fabulous kitchens, doing menial things that we think you don’t do, like, I don’t know…do you ever run errands? Ever? Honestly, the Real Housewives are so popular because we all get to see how the “other half” lives. Who cares about sitting in a restaurant? Love the women, but the restaurant thing is gonna get old real soon.