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We were backstage at the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion, and spoke individually with all of the ladies. Their best quotes are compiled in our She Said/She Said behind-the-scenes post, but we’re also offering extended versions of the conducted interviews.

Below, Tami Roman discusses her difficulty in dealing with online feedback regarding the show, her surprise estrangement from her castmates and why she might not be back for Basketball Wives Season 3.

How does it feel to be here?

It feels a little strange because I haven't seen the girls since October.

Any of them?

No. Well, I saw Jennifer when we came to the VH1 digital office (for press), but everybody else I haven't seen since that time.

Are you cool with everybody?

It's awkward because for me, when we wrapped the show everybody was in a certain mindset. I am just the type of person that will reach out to you, but I am not going to always be the one reaching out. If it is reciprocal, then we are both checking in on each other. If I don't feel the love coming back from you, I will just continue doing my thing. I think that's the reason why a lot of us haven't spoken: we are all doing our own things and back to our lives. I don't really know how today is going to go. The shows have aired, so now people know what you said or know what you felt about certain situations. That can change people's feelings towards you. For me there were a lot of elements of surprise.

Can you name specifics?

I think the one thing that kind of really stuck with me was the episode where Evelyn and Shaunie were together getting ready to go to Spain and she was like, “Should we check her luggage?” That was a little bothersome to see.

Do you ever feel like Shaunie plays both sides?

I think that's her position! At the end of the day, even though she is on the show she is also the executive producer. She is in the business of making a great show. From a personal stand point, I think she would like to be friendly but at the same time, she still has to make a great show. She does what she has to do.

So you don't hold that against her?

No, I don't hold that against her. There may be things that I don't like or I don't agree with, but in the back of my mind I know why she has to do certain things.

When you say you haven’t heard from people, is that disappointing? In Spain, you made it a point to call out the “sisterly bond” you felt with these women.

I have spoken to Royce and Ashley more than the people that I thought I was bonding with the most. It's weird because I thought that when we left the show that it would be more camaraderie, but I have found that social media plays a big part in how people deal with each other. With all the Twittering, we try to be friends, but then people say, – Oh the show is fake.” The show is not fake, but if they see us talking they are going to think that what they are seeing is fake, so you kind of lay off a little so that you don't cause problems for the show. So there are a lot of different elements that make having a friendship very awkward in terms of the show and the public.

Speaking of Twitter, one thing I noticed on yours is that you said you didn’t know if you were coming back for Season 3. Seriously?

Yeah. I think that the show stands on its own, and that it was good the first season. I think it would be good the third season even if I wasn't on it. It's not necessarily that they need me to be apart of the show.

It would be really weird if you weren't. What’s holding you back?

I think I am at a different point now then when I actually taped the show. I'm just not a fake person, smiling in your face and talking about you behind your back. I don't care what happens on TV, if I have a conversation with you and we have an understanding or we are trying to build a friendship then that's how I always think it is. Then to hear somebody say, “She said this about you,” “She said that about you” – ¦ To hear people think that I am ghetto because I had a drink, to hear people degrade my character, all of that to me seems I am paying more than it is actually worth to me. For me going into Season 3, if I were to do it it would definitely only be because I felt that I have something more to bring. I don't want to be on the show just arguing and being catty. I don’t want that being the only element that I am bringing to the show, ’cause that's not really who I am as a person in my entirety. I don't want to be pegged the drama queen, the ghetto girl, the hood rat, so if that means that I have to step away, then that's a decision that I have to make.

Do you have any idea how close you are to deciding?

I am still talking to my representation and we are deliberating. Like I said, if I feel like I can bring more storylines and more issues that are going to matter to people who are watching without them being misconstrued or my personality continually being downplayed and degraded, then I will participate 100 percent. If I go through things and I feel like all they want me to be is the person that has a problem with everybody, that's not who I am.

Coming off this show compared to The Real World, was the noise of social media hard to deal with?

It was really hard to deal with because I feel everybody's had that moment. If you are over 25, you've had that moment. You've had a point in your life where you've when out with friends you had a drink you did something crazy. You may not have even needed a drink to do something crazy, and so it's just that camera's happened to be there that night I had a drink and did something crazy. And now that's all I am being tied. That's so not who I am as a person in my entirety. I have a hood side, and I will bring it out from time to time, but that's not who I am as a whole. So it was really hard to have people just bashing me because we didn't have that when I did The Real World. There are a lot of things that I am thinking about going into Season 3.

Do you stand by your assertion that “every bitch in this circle is messy”?

I still stand by that. Every single person! If you are not good TV, then you are gone, so everybody has to have an element of messy whatever that is!

All in all, has the experience of the show airing been positive or negative for you?

I think it’s like 50/50. I think the people who are familiar with The Real World and the things that I have done with my acting are supportive, and I think that the people who are being introduced to me for the first time that have a love for the girls who were already on the show, so it's like I am the s***-starter. So it's a 50/50. It's a double-edged sword. For me, it's a good medium to reintroduce myself to people and have a visibility but I am also the type of person who wants to bring something to the table as well.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Tami…I love you girl. I think you are the realest one on the show, You looked beautiful on the reunion…
    I read this pre interview and u said had not spoken to Shaunie, Jenn or Evelyn after the last show aired. I not surprised at Evil Does and Evil do(Evelyn and Jenn)
    Shaunie I feel should have been mad as hell as what Evelyn did….She was mad at Gloria and her sister..
    It’s clear Shaunie wanted the ratings at expense at hurting a friends feelings.
    Evelyn is not half the woman u are!!! Chad did not have to even work for the panties…such a inspiration to her daughter.
    Keep being real….

  2. Victoria says:

    First time Tammy has looked BEAUTIFUL!! I DIDNT RECOGNIZE HER.Great job VH1 artist!!! To be honest Shaunie needs to REPLACE ROYCE & TAMMY!! Royce has no meaning, she couldn’t even speak on her encounter of how SHE MADE THE SHOW!!! Royce act like her s–t dont stink. You were a cheerleader Royce who been in contact with ALOT of players not only on the court. Dating a player not dating??? Tammy come on, Jenn didnt mean it like you PLAYED it up do be. Blame it on the ALCOHOL on that note. WAY too much to drink girl!!!! U were getting irritated for no reason which made you look CRAZZZZZZY. Everyone didn’t know WHo u were married too and I didnt know u existed until Shaunie’s show! Some ppl dont know how food stamps look or how to use them now. I heard alot of ppl say that. Everytime you FLIPPED out on the show ALCOHOL was involved! Are u REAL or always DRUNK & BOLD!!! Food stamp incident(ALCOHOL) Spain incident(strong wine, ALCOHOL) Jen’s bday pty,hitting Everlyn over some OLD ex s–t(ALCOHOL). REPLACEMENTS SHAUNIE SOON for season 3!!!

  3. princess says:

    Tami you look hot. You look 100x better than the unicorn that had the pink puppies on her feet. you handled yourself well. but from one fellow new yorker to another she still need to catch that beat down. when you say ‘that’s why i fycked chad’ she was shook heifer didn’t know what to say.

  4. marlie says:

    I so Loved you on the show! Whether you come back or not in my eyes you always kept it real! We are All imperfect people, but like you said everybody likes drama at the end of the day and that is what REALITY TV boils down too. Why do we like to see drama is beyond me. I would like to see more shows that serve a purpose and help someone. I have to give it to Chaunie I hold her responsible for telling your business about the food stamp. If you wanted her girls to know that it should have came out of your mouth, but she’s about her MONEY and at the end of the day I aint mad at her. She doesn’t say crap about her and Shaq to make her money or show good. She get other females to do it why she collects the BIG check and she’s always going to be Chaunie. Me personally wouldn’t give NOONE, but God that kind of POWER! To be true to yourself is to be true to others and that is why I feel I again LOVED you on the show.

  5. Nette says:


  6. Wanda says:

    Tami: You looked absolutely beautiful on the reunion show. Don’t let fake people like Evelyn bring you down to her level, just because she is trash. You have carried yourself like a lady (minue the drinking) but we all let lose every now and then. You were betrayed in the worse kind of way and did not deserve what happened to you. No matter, hold your head up high and keep it moving. You are a beautiful Black sistah and don’t ever forget that. I wish you much success.

  7. brenda says:


    You look fab! I am glad that you called Evelyn out on her BS. You did a great job on the show. Best wishes on your continued success

  8. Clt says:

    I’ve never been a big fan, but HATED the way Shaunie and Evelyn used you during the finale. I thought that was terrible. I’m glad you got a few licks in. Nobody in their right mind would want to sleep behind Evelyn. I think she’s actually selling more than shoes.

  9. NiHi says:

    Tami, I think you’re the most genuine person on the show and have a good heart. It’s obvious from seeing your daughters that you’re a good mother and will always put them first … unlike Evelyn’s mothering. Please don’t lose focus of what this show is REALLY about and that’s black women acting a fool for ratings. While doing the show your daughters and their respect should always be at the forefront of your mind because once respect is lost it’s hard to get back. Hopefully you’ve already decided how far you’re willing to go and established a line you’re NOT willing to cross no matter how much money is involved … unlike Evelyn. Tami, alcohol ISN’T your friend and any time you did something I feel could have embarrassed your daughters … you were drinking. I don’t care what the other women do you can’t handle alcohol so STOP trying. Also, stop cussing and refrain from the ghetto outburst it’s not a good look. If that’s a requirement for being on the show for the sake of your daughters walk away NOW!

  10. Tif says:

    Tami is the prettiest!

  11. NICOLE WHITE says:

    Tami I feel what your saying about not sure to come back. I mean i know how they edit some things to make you look Crazy. But for me i did’nt think you was going off to be crazy.I personally think your to real of a women to even associate yourself with the CIRCLE. I want u to come back but just stay away from the CIRCLE,lol Oh & you look so nice on the reunion show the hair works for you. Oh & not juding but maybe you should just stay away form the liq or just sip on one glass, but i know it’s easier said than done. But keep up with your improvement of your self.

  12. LA Latina says:

    if you aren’t goint to open a business then doing the 3rd season isn’t worth it. you’re making maybe 10 grand per episode? but the way professional people view this show could have long lasting harmful effects on you and your kids. VH-1 caters to a ghetto-mindset of viewers who wanna see black & latina women call each other cuss names and try to fight. That’s all this show will ever be because that’s the only thing the Execs at VH-1 believe works. So if you do go into another season–have a strong business plan…figure out what you want to promote—and DON’T DRINK! You’ve got to control your image—not allow VH-1 to control it. At the end of the day they are a bunch of white (gay) men–who do’t give a crap about representing women of color in an accurate or classy way. That’s up to us!

  13. FAN says:

    Tammy, i didn’t like you at all because i thought you brought a whole new meaning to the word getto…but after the final show, i started to like you. You are the most beautiful of all the girls! I love you.

  14. M says:

    Tami, looked really good. I think she is often misunderstood but genuine, and very guarded but wouldn’t you be guarded after all she has been through.

  15. sylvia says:


  16. M_Town says:

    You r the real one. But I wish they would have let u whip Evelyn’s behind. Just keep on being Tami, because we all luv u girl.

  17. Shani says:

    I’m so glad they got Tammy a stylist she looking damn good.
    Now all they have to do is keep her away from that liquor bottle.

  18. Ashley says:

    Hey Girl,

    You really kept it 200 and I don’t “blame it on the Al-alcohol” either!! You are a real woman that shoots straight from the hip!!! Stay true as I know you will to yourself because it looks like You, Shaunie, and Jen are the only real basketball wives!!

  19. TLC says:

    You come across as the most genuine, you probably should cut yourself off after a couple drinks lol! You made this season and they better be paying you for keeping all of us watching. You are my favorite, good luck to you and don’t trust those trifilin’ chicks!!!

  20. Tina123 says:

    Tammi, you and Evelyn are my favorites. Royce is out of her league and a trouble maker. I hope you find it in your heart to remain friends with Evelyn. I enjoyed part two of the reunion and shouted when Evelyn told Royce off.

  21. devin says:

    all i gotta say is CRAZY.girl what happened to you?????

  22. dreyyy says:

    tami is the realest reguardless of what anyone says. she stands for whts right and doesnt let anyone disrespect her which is very admirable. she speaks well which proves she not the ghetto type. she’s a lady that defends herself when neccesary. she betta be on season 3. she’s one of the best things to happen to the show

  23. Janecia Matthews says:

    I love the show, and my favorite cast was Tamia, she remind me soo much of myself, and evelyn becuz shes very real with it as well. I wanna thank ms. shunna for bring us a show like this. i have really learned alot! Cant wait till nextk season

  24. aska says:

    Tami u the best!don’t let evil evelyn get away with not thing like that again grab her good an put a good beat down on her.

  25. joya cassey says:

    Tami still a hoodrat , hands down and it s obvious she s been this way for a very long time , she s way to old to behave the way and speak way she does , I am just glad she s half woman enough to admit she s a hoodrat !

  26. cornelius parker says:

    heaven have a angel tami look so beautiful and she a real person. she keep it real a beautiful angel with two daughters her daughters are proud to have a good mother who been there good times and bad times. tami is a angel from heaven.

  27. Maribel says:

    Tami, You are a very beautiful woman and you looked awesome on the reunion. I hope to see you on season 3 of the show. You are the reason why I enjoy the show and tune in every week. Continue to keep it real girl.

  28. joie says:

    Tammi don’t ever drink again you don’t know when to stop and you can’t handle alcohol. I think you drink to get drunk. Everyone will agree w/me there is nothing worse than a drunk woman.
    Also fighting REALLY? and you need to stay home and take care of your daughters, PLEASE!!!!!!! Just like the rest of the mothers on the show should do. You want to keep them off the pole don’t you?
    Not ONE of those women are your friends, not a one!!! and that goes for ROYCE as well because a TRUE FRIEND would NEVER do what they have done to you!
    Sometimes you’re the only one that makes sense. Look in the mirror and wise up.

  29. KB Walker The Big Boss Talker says:

    Tami.. I think you should return to the show. I feel you do have a maturity to you that the others do not have. However, your drinking does bring out the worst in you. So I would be more conscience of that. Don’t play sides and when any of them get out of place, check them and keep it moving. For the most part you did that but it seems like Evelyn is the ring leader and everyone wants to be her friend. She does not portray herself as being geniune or sincere and she seems very selfish to me. You don’t seem that way to me so the fact that you want to be her friend shocks me. Evelyn talks about her circle and how she best thing in Miami, but the viewers are looking like “why yall trying to be in her circle”. Forget her circle, you should show her and the rest what real friends do. Evelyn is as real as real gets and it shows. She is selfish and a groupie. The fact that she sleeps around like she does and does it on TV for everyone including her daughter to see shows me she aint got much respect for herself or others. Tami please be conscience that your children and other peoples children are watching and teens and young ladies are very impressionable. Do what you do behind close doors but let the young ladies know its not all about getting a ball that way. I’m not knocking securing your future but its a better way to get it. Some come back to the show and make a differnce with positiveness.

  30. ALissa says:

    Although, I am glad that you are addition to the show, most of the season you seemed to be clearly out of your element. Especially, when you were in Midrid. It seemed liked you are Royce bonded because you two werent in the mix as much as the other women were, and thats not a bad thing.. As far as the reunion show the way that you felt like you had to check Suzy was a bit much, considering you were the one fighting all season. In the right enviroment after striking Evelyn that would have easy escalated to an assault charge, The fact that you told Susy that she was grown with children and what she should be doing, take the same advice and stop allowing your anger to become viloent its not cute and its not classy. On the positive side I love the fact the you are on the show.. You bring a whole new look to the show and the reality that you can be at a point where you live lavisly and have to fight but still make it… For that you inspire me..Good Luck..

  31. Aisha says:

    Tammi I love your az, but stop acting like you aren’t full of strong game like all the of the bbw. You are good at hiding it, but you slipped on a couple that I caught. I would love to see you on Evelyn’s show one day. The two of you should be the best of friends in the dark. She really bought you back from the “dead” with this altercation. And while we at it Jen did too. Stay strong sister, mother, daughter, “friend” because you need to stay on TV all the time with your antics….it was Real World for a minute all over again. They taught you drama sells back then, you used the old formula and it worked in the new day. You know you were starting ish when you popped up with your food stamp story…against the grain all day : ) Good Show suga : )

  32. Dionne says:

    Tami you are Beautiful, you are so real. I commend you for telling the world your story. I pray you find much success.. and please come back for Season 3, they need a level headed person, even though Shaunie is, she cant really play that part.

    Tami please tell me where you got your dress from. It was gorgeous!

  33. Meanchick says:

    Team Tami all the way!

  34. PBG says:

    Tami I have mixes feeling about you. The way you picked on Jen about the foodstamps was just crazy. But you never checked Shaunie for telling your business. You looked a hot ass mess all thru taping. I feel Shaunie was being messy by adding you to the show. You don’t fit in. Now on the other hand. You looked so pretty at the reunion. Makeup was flawless. You do say what’s on your mind and the real. You drink too much and your weave was never on point. Now that I think of it. You’re a hot ass mess.

  35. CHILL says:

    Tami is the realist and prettiest woman on the show…stay that way Tami…do yo thang ladie

    Much Props!

  36. toogie says:

    tami you looked beautiful at the reunion. I remember you from the real world. I hope you return for another season
    I think you added a lot to the show. I think you were a little soft on Evelyn on the reunion. I think it was dirty with a capital D the way she did you in regards to the relationship she had with your then husband. She should never had kept it this secretive for so long. You all even took a vacation together!! The way she dropped it casually at the birthday party. Totally inappropiate of her. I really felt bad for you.
    I know you will rise above it and best of luck to you; hope you return!!

  37. Tara Crumpton says:

    Tami….WE LOVE YOU ON THE SHOW !!!…Granted some ppl may not like you but Im sure a majority does like you.You are real…As for me,’IF’ you are not back next season I probably will NOT be tuning in anymore….

  38. gpatton says:

    Tammi, great look, but that Evelyn gurl needs to be replaced and Jen if necessary. Royce is okay but she looks like she is out of her league whatever that is.
    Comeback you bring a breath of newness to the “circle”.

    Stay encouraged and don’t allow what people say about you dictate how you pay your bills.
    Also Tammi how you react to circumstances is the same response of your naysayers with the mirrow looking back at them.

  39. Camille C. says:

    Tami, you are so pretty and you looked absolutely beautiful at the Reunion show! I remember you from ‘The Real World’-loved you then and love you now! Tami is by far the realest and the coolest…….hope you don’t come back, because this show is degrading and you are soooo much better than that! Evelyn had a nerve to talk about how Tami dressed, but look at that hoe’s apt. (black leather furniture-so 80′s)-Evelyn is a hot mess! So Tami, you keep being who you are. Forget the episodes when you were drinking-we can see (as you said in your interview) there’s more to you, you have a beautiful soul and a big heart. Tami is by far the best “wife” on there. Love ya!

  40. Latesha says:

    Tami, You looked GREAT on the reunion show. You have a good heart and you keep it real. God Bless You and I wish you the best on your journey. Watch out for Jenn, Evelyn and Shaunie. Evelyn said that her best friend was jealous of her. Thats sad. Royce is messy sometimes, but I dont think she does it to be messy. She is young and is just trying to be cool with every one. I feel like she has a good heart. She is not selfish like the other women. That was a low blow for Evelyn to talk about Royce’s hair and cloths. She dont know what is in her bank account. At least Royce dont wear 7 pounds of runny make-up or look like a Drag Queen when her hair is straight. Once again you looked great. And like Jamie Foxx says BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I was appealled at the language used on the reunion show, REAL ladies don’t use that kind of language. It hard to know what is being said……..

  42. Carmelcupcake says:

    Tami….please come back for another season…You are smart, beautiful and you tell it like it is…I love you on the show…I’m so glad that Shauni asked you to join…Give it another try..Please…This is just a steppin stone for more exposure…You got what it takes…Come on back