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We were backstage at the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion, and spoke individually with all of the ladies. Their best quotes are compiled in our She Said/She Said behind-the-scenes post, but we’re also offering extended versions of the conducted interviews.

Below, Gloria Govan discusses her reason for showing up to this reunion, her lack of an agenda where drama is concerned and the difference between a domestic dispute and domestic violence.

How do you feel about being here?

I'm kind of just excited to see what everybody's going to say and what's going to happen. I still haven't seen the last reunion show, but I heard there was a lot of water splashing.

Yes, and lots of Gloria talk.

Yes, I know. I trademarked “That's what's up” because of them.

You did? That's really funny.

Isn't that crazy?

Where is your head coming into this reunion, though? Are you defensive? You seem more amused by everything.

I am! It’s actually kind of flattering that people spend that much time wanting to know what's going on in my relationship and life. I'm like, wow, I'm kind of important. I'm not really defensive about it. It’s more like, “Oh, that's really nice of you. Thanks, that's cool.” I don't think these women are worth me getting crazy about, and losing who I am. They're not worth me becoming ignorant over. So I'll stay classy, I'll laugh a lot.

Is there any sense of unfinished business on your end?

I don't think so. I'm interested to see who has what to say. I'm kind of interested to see what Jen has to say, even if Evelyn has to throw in her own 2 cents. I haven't met any of the other, the new ones. I've never met Tami. I actually don't even know what the other women's names are.

Are you still cool with Suzie?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're still cool.

Why come at all today?

Why not? I'm here, I'm in LA, don't really have anything else to do. I think people have a lot to say when you're not there, and I'm kind of interested and excited to see what they say when I am, you know?

Looking back on the big restaurant ambush, what are your thoughts?

I loved it.

Did you?

Oh, you should ask Suzie – “ I was so excited. She kept kicking me under the table: “Come on, let's go!” I was like, “Uh uh, I got this.” Oh, I was juiced. Like, when I saw them come in, my first thought was: bring it.

What did you think about your arc on this season in general? It was kind of reduced, obviously.

I still haven't seen…

Oh, that's right — you don’t watch the show.

Never. First season, this season. No one in my house is allowed to turn it on. For one thing, it's hard to see yourself on TV. You're like, “Damn, the camera really does add 10 lbs., that's kind of disrespectful.” Watching it just automatically gets you frustrated because you're like, “That's not what I said,” or, “Why'd they cut that part out? Dang, that's great editing right there.” But being reduced to a much smaller role in the season didn't bother me. I have other things going on. I did what I could do.

There was a period last summer when you and Matt were in the news a lot. That hasn't happened in a while. Have things calmed down?

Yeah, absolutely. In relationships there's ups, there's downs, you plateau. Especially with the kids it's a roller coaster – “ an emotional roller coaster. People argue. There was a domestic dispute; there was no violence. Just in the small community where Matt's from, people jumped on it.

But how about those visible scratches in his mug shot?

Oh, you know, in a dispute, you might get a little heated (laughs). It might just a little: listen, let me just put you in your place real quick.

That doesn't count as violence?

It wasn't at the point where I was in the hospital. If people really looked at the outcome of that, charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence and no other reason. So, just given that alone, obviously people blew things out of proportion.

Once you have that kind of a mark on your public record, it’s a tough thing to shake, though, even if the charges are dropped.

It's unfortunate because I think given the career Matt's in, so many players have had to deal with that, that they're a little bit more forgiving to be like, “And, moving on, main focus: basketball.” But Matt personally was upset that he was going to be branded with that kind of stigma. He's worked very hard to make sure that people know that he may be aggressive on court, but off court he's A.) a great fiancé and B.) a fabulous father.

I saw that you joined Twitter.

And all that s*** I was talking, and now I'm on Twitter. Go figure, that's fine, I'm over it.

But that's kind of how that happens with you, though. You said you wouldn't be back for Season 2 and there you were.

There are some things where I just put my foot in my mouth way too much, that I should probably just be like, “Let me just think about that.” I've learned very quickly now not to say “never.”

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  1. sexyleo says:

    Gloria, you so stupid your didn’t attend the first season reunion so now you are trying to make a cameo appearence, Yeah Right. I guess the checks stop rolling in.

    By the way if your sister sleep with shaq that a battle your sister needs to fight.

  2. itsallgood says:

    gloria why are you so angry? is it because of your violent relationship your in? you hv 2 babies u shld run while u can i wld be to embarassed to think anyone wld be jealous of your relationship? jealous of having police called to your home havin your business in street like tht please get help for your kids

  3. tifftolbert says:

    Gloria no I dont think that you owe Shaunie any explanation but your attitude is so crewwed up..stop tryn to act tough because you look stupid. And no matter if there wasnt enough evidence domestic is domestic.

  4. KASSIE 23 says:

    Yes, those females were very jealous of what you and your man have. One wants the children and the other two are upset at the fact the you are young and have this man to come home to.

  5. keke47 says:

    i love gloria…keep stuntin on them kuz they don’t like dat….team gloria all day…hahahahah shaunie u want a fav part..

  6. sweetheart says:

    i love gloria. she is young and does her own thing. she doesnt need to fit in with the wolf pack aka fake ass circle. she is way prettier than the fake crew ( shaunie, jen, evil hoe) keep doin your thing gloria. she represents us young women out there who have relationship problems just like these 40 year old women but except gloria has her own mind unlike jen and is working it out.

  7. sunnysun10 says:

    You are the BEST!!!! The rest are a MESS!!!

  8. BasketballFan says:

    Hey Gloria!! I was sooo glad to see you on the REUNION SHOW!! You are indeed a STRAIGHT UP “G”! I like the way you handeled yourself 1st, 2nd season, and on the Reunion SHOW.. You showed true CLASS by not cutting the other women off, but at the same time speaking your peace.. I’m glad your smart enough to stay away from that circle because you would be ROYCE right now.. I wish you and Royce could squash the beef though, because as I told Royce, the “CIRCLE” basicly sabotaged yallz potential FRIENDSHIP!! Yall coulda been the “DYNAMIC DUO” on BASKETBALL WIVES and the CIRCLE (which is really TRIANGLE because it’s only 3 of them) knew it! I hope you and Royce can squash the beef, and I wish you and Matt the best of luck… Hope to see you next season!

  9. teachluv says:

    I’Ve noticed a lot of negative comments about Gloria we all have an opinion. I like her, maybe she seemed angry because all the ladies seemed to be against her and it seemed she was defending herself, she could have approached it less defensive…a little guidance and she will be okay.

    Gloria needs to get the Laker wives and have a westcoast basketball wives…Iam sure they will show a lot more class abouth themselves

    Best of luck Glora and Matt

  10. NoWay says:

    Domestic violence isn’t ok. Its not worth the money. Your kids deserve more. You can’t be that hard if you stayed. If anyone is reading this in a violative relationship, leave. Gloria’s not fooling anyone and neither are you. Don’t concern yourself with staying because of what people think. Its not worth your happiness or your self esteem.

  11. Meanchick says:

    Gloria. You appeared on a show and invited the world into your life and now you comment on people wanting to know about your life? That in NO WAY makes you important. Did you graduate?

  12. Pretty Black Girl says:

    Gloria your crazy. You made a fool out of yourself. Don’t get me wrong I understand not letting the girls attack your sister. Family first at all time. But your relationship is fake. What real woman would lie about not wanting to be married to the father of their children. Be real. You’re a beautiful woman. But you one silly chick.

  13. toogie says:

    i felt cold breeze when john salley told you in regards to you not ready to get married,…about so you are just practicing now and shacking up? lollllll Dont make excuses if he really wanted to marry you he would have done it a long time ago.
    Case closed.

  14. lilylilmama says:

    Glad to see you at the reunion Gloria! Got haters I see!! Jesus did too, LOVE THEM!!! LOL!!! I agree with you Gloria, don’t tell all your business if you want your relationship… They not paying you enough to put all your personal business on TV! #TEAMGLORIA

  15. Alissa says:

    Gloria I have to be honest. I think that you are the most mature out of all these women. You can have a covenat with your relationship and your man and your family that these other women seem not to understand. Another thing that I love is that you dont let them scare you the whole lunch scene was childish. I applaude you this season…Keep your head up and doing you,

  16. Camille C. says:

    I have a few things to say. First of all, Gloria is the most mature “Basketball Wife” (excluding Tammi, who I love) and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. I agree w/what Gloria said, “family is 1st”! She don’t owe silly, “ugly ass” (LMAO when Gloria said that)Shaunie ish! Shaunie should have womaned-up & dealt w/Shaq and then spoke w/Gloria’s sister……that whole ordeal made NO sense for her to blame Gloria. Also, I think it’s wise to wait on marrying if you are not ready, regardless if there are children involved or not. Gloria is young, obviously smart, and beautiful-everything that the wolf-pack (Evelyn,Shaunie,Evelyn) is not…….so keep on, keeping on girl! Btw, I wouldn’t even come back to this degrading show (u said in S2S magazine you were doing so to promote you & Matt’s foundation-but you know Shaunie will make sure that doesn’t happen). Good luck with everything though-you are so much better than them! Seriously.

  17. My favorite says:

    A lady on Evelyn’s blog said Evelyn was great TV and that we need Evelyn. I find Evelyn boring and replaceable. You my friend are great entertainment. That restaraunt scene with you and Shaunie was so funny. And I would have been the same way. What sign are you? You have Big Balls lady.

  18. Disagree Toogie says:

    I disagree with Toogie about marriage. I am old and I dated my husband 10 years before we got married. That was 16 years ago and we are going strong. It’s up and down but beautiful. It’s like college. All my friends graduated in 4 years so I felt bad that I had to work and go to school. But my Dad said when you get older you all have a degree. Now we are in our late 40′s and yes we all have a degree. Gloria, if you want to be with him it does not matter whether you are married are not. You are with him. Toogie isn’t that what we want?

  19. THE TRUTH says:


  20. m&m's says:

    the others are just bitter Gloria. ignore them and keep it moving. But if there is any abuse in the relationship PLEASE get out.

  21. brianne says:

    i love gloria! most intellegent woman on the shower by far

  22. daytong30 says:

    Gloria you look really silly just don’t bother messing with them any more

  23. toogie says:

    Responding to “disagree with toogie” thanks for sharing your story but I stick to my opinion. You state “gloria if you want to be with him it doesnt matter if you are married or not.” Again, if he wanted to marry her he would have done it, with no big ceremony. That ring on your finger means a lot!

  24. MargoPH says:

    You are one of, if not the youngest castmember on the show, and you are the one with the most class, heart, and maturity. I admire the way you represented yourself on this show as a mother. It is so sad to see how Evelyn carries herself, her vocabulary as well as her IQ is quite small; therefore, she makes up for the lack of that with fowl language, superficial things and her body. Gloria you should call Evelyn and offer her a free lesson on how to conduct herself as a mother and a woman. Shaunie you need to also remember you are a mother first to this show. Everything you do, do it with the fact that your kids can eventually see these episodes and would you really want your daughters to behave the way you guys (Evelyn, Shaunie and Tammy) do. Though you are not physically involved in the drama, Shaunie you are using passive/aggressive behavior with these shallow women to keep the drama going between them, you throw stones and hide your hand as though your the go to girl to keep the peace, you are manipulating these idiots for ratings and money. Gloria continue to be the woman of class that you are and focus on the important things in life, your family. Do not let noone dictate to you or Matt whether you should stay together, all relationships have its issues, as long as you guys respect one another and those beautiful babies, do not physically or verbally abuse each other everything else can be worked out.

  25. CMOB says:

    Girl you not coming back on the show was the best thing you could have done. They are a hot mess.

  26. AussieGirl says:

    Lol Gloria you are so inappropriate, rude, dillusional and self righteous. You talk about how jealous people are of you, when in reality you have a huge problem. You are always trying to say how great your relationship is and God willing I hope it is and will continue to be, but be careful because you talk so highly, tomorrow is not only not promised but your life as you know it can change in an instance, you could have huge marital problems, you guys may not last, do try not to jinx yourself. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. You come across as very insincere and defensive. Since your sister can’t fight her own battles, if she did sleep with Shaq, that makes her a nasty disgusting person, especially since Shaunie is so pretty and your sister is just yuck. Shaunie is definitely too pretty for Shaq. Careful what you gloat about cuz you don’t know what the future holds for you.

  27. CD Johnson says:

    Shauni, Evelyn, and Tami are too old to be bullies. I am sure they do more in their lives then walking around bullying people. They give a bad name to older African American women who are suppose to be intelligent, business people. If they had any sense they would take a close look at Susan who is constantly keeping things going by carry tales.