Behind The Scenes Of The Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion In Pictures



In addition to the several interviews we conducted backstage at the Basketball Wives 2 reunion, we snapped several pictures. A sampling of them is below…


Remember how, during the epic food stamps battle, Tami said of Jennifer, “Bourgie bitch. I’m gonna get some f***in’ T-shirts made that say, ‘Bourgie-ass Bitch'”? Well, she did. (We forgive her for the typo, right?)


And, obviously, Tami’s daughters Lyric and and Jazz, were on hand to support their mother. Lyric (on the left), told me that she enjoyed being on the show because it meant reuniting with her dad. “The most important thing to me was being able to look him straight in his face and tell him how I felt because he hasn't been there. It was cool being able to talk to him.”

On watching her mom on reality TV, Lyric said: “I thought it was hilarious. Some of the girls don't know the things we been through and they don't know our struggles. I felt like they did kind if step out of line saying the things that they said about food stamps, because people have different circumstances in life. So even [Tami fought back] in the wrong venue, had a drink and went a little overboard, they came at her wrong from the start.”


Before getting all done up, Royce poses with her book, College Girls. There is a certain brand of pride that comes with authorship.


This was just off the stage. I don’t know what was in those cups beyond what could generally be considered fuel.



Shaunie O’Neal cloaked in the glamor of shadows.


“Now that is a motherf***in’ factor.”


You don’t even have to ask Royce to see her inner child. She just whips it out at will.


So does Gloria, shockingly!


I get the feeling that whatever is in Evelyn’s cup is somewhat unsatisfying.


If anyone else in this cast were doing what Royce is, I’d assume she was talking about shoes. But considering how much of a tomboy Royce is, I’m just not sure.


Whatever it is, it’s growing.


I think this picture is lovely. It just goes to show that the best light is that which makes you look like an extra in Avatar.


A very fabulous mic-ing session.

And below is a gallery of most of the women decked out backstage. I love how the relatively dingy surroundings clash with the glamor these ladies are rocking!

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