Mob Wives – Coming April 17, 2011


Late last year, we told you that Mob Wives was on its way. Well, when you tune into tonight’s premieres of Wedding Wars, Beverly Hills Fabulous and Love & Hip-Hop, you’re going to see this teaser for the program (which, it should be noted, debuts on April 17, 2011). But, if you watch it now, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. Don’t get caught sleeping with the fishes on this one!


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  1. Smilee says:

    Isn’t it illegal for these losers to make money due to the crimes they commited? whats next, the pedofiles of toledo?

  2. NeeNee says:

    I hope this show is as good as all the rest on vh1. Really looking forward to it.

  3. amiwright says:

    @Smilee….LOL…..Lord I hope not.

  4. Jump26 says:

    Smilee..first of all..can you read?? Wives are on the show not the criminals.And how in hell do you compare Pedofiles to the Mob???U must be young and clueless. You have some serious issues but everyone can voice opions I quess and Im assuming you never watched the Godfather,Goodfellas,Sopranos,Casino etc.but you should cuz its awesome! Can’t wait for this to air!!

  5. Lame says:

    So stupid…what garbage are they going to think of next.

  6. kplife2001 says:

    Jumpee 26 The mob is into sex trafficking and that usually involves young girls and boys, kinda pedo if you ask me. Movies are not the same as reality, we know that those are fake, but a reality show has some truth in it. It is just wierd.

  7. toogie says:

    I know I will be watching this show! I even like the name of it!

  8. SAyWhuhh says:

    This is all WRONG … I’m against this show and anything that will promote any type of gang related stupidity.. This is like making “The Bad” a good thing, which it shouldn’t. This show will send out the wrong message and I hope that they don’t make any money off of this. The word MOB is affiliated with the crime world. With our views and watching this show, we will allow them to continue this lifestyle. Let them all get a REAL JOB that LEGAL, with REAL EARNED money..

  9. Ali says:

    Wow, The stupidity of some people, People its a reality Show. Its entertainment. There is nothing wrong with this show. Best of luck to the ladies.

  10. Sasha says:

    I know we can thank the mob for at least one thing….ALCOHOL
    Organized crime is almost as old as human society. The “mafia” is a term misused to describe organized crime. Originally referring to Sicilian organized crime enterprises, I suppose that it can be said, however incorrectly, that the “Mafia”has existed in Sicily perhaps for as long as a thousand years. If one refers to the contemporary organizations in the US and Sicily, the roots go back only to the mid-nineteenth century in the former and a few decades earlier in the latter. So in other words those of you who keep blabbing about how horrible this show is…..the REALITY is in the show. This will outlive me and you.

  11. SAMARA says:


  12. 2247 says:

    Sasha–very intresting point. Samara–All I know is Im happy that people actually get paid to for there own crazy life instead of Actors getting paid to make believe there them so I have to disagree and don’t feel so bad for them…seeing some movie stars paychecks are BS.And Whether the show is right or wrong.People like this are what we read about and watch movies about and have the most intresting and crazy lives so Im def not surprised that its a show…just interested to see the women’s point of view instead of the stories about the men for once.

  13. livinlifenlovenit says:

    talk is cheap..but its seems as thou these ladies have somethung to say thats worth paying for… who cares about who their family members r…they obviously have thier own identity… very interested to take a look at wht a “mob wive or daughter” has 2 say… im veiwing this as strong smart woman who no long will live silently.. give them a chance.. oh and dnt misunderstand thier woman so catfights and fashion wars r a given… but they r mothers as i am one.. so im sure thier daddys taught them how to protect themselves frm haters like all yall who r TALKING CHEAP…

  14. BBoy says:

    Y are people so surprised?? If Jay Z or ANY Rapper for that matter didn’t rap about CRIME,ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES,selling drugs etc…there would be NO RAP MUSIC or HOT 97 OR 105.1.Think about it.How many fans do they have.BEYONCE is married to an ex criminal BUT I DON’T SEE ANYONE TALKN ABOUT they are about these women..NO DIFFERENCE whatsover! Gangsta’s..mobsters are in songs n movies for a reason! Entertainment.I don’t agree with any crimes but there is NO DOUBT in my mind that this show’s controversy will make it #1 across the board.Im def watching it the way I listen to my hip hope the girls are HOT!

  15. Whoa says:

    BBoy—you are soooo thought of it that way! Can’t wait to watch this..Im a little tired of watching rich women spend there husbands money all day on the other wives shows.This is def hoping anyway.

  16. stephen says:

    i know drita and i think the show will be great, best of luck to all you ladies on the show. i will be watching. much love and peace to all.

  17. bada - bing says:

    first of all its obvious these things need to get money to first and foremost get new fur coats…(see housewives of beverly hills for reference)…Karen should have been on the biggest loser cause her squirrel links fur coat its too small she cant get it closed! these girls are so washed up they looked like they were extras in Casino…

  18. livinlovfnlovenit says:

    everyone is so quick to judge she’s fat she’s ugly…maybe you loser’s/ that are posting comments should dig into your own closets these woman are bearing thier sous not 4 u 2 feel bad 4 them.. best believe they rnt in2 sympathy… they r in 2 sucess.. it aint thier fault ur a insecure jealous hater cause ur life is as dull as a butter knife… this is wht tv is about drama, love, real housewives doing wht it takes to raise thier kids completly the oppisitenof they way they were raised…

  19. Adh75 says:

    Carlo Gambino must be spinning in his grave!

  20. paulie says:

    O my God look at the coats did Al Capone buy them for the show because they look like theyre from the prohibition days. And Karen should definetly be on biggest loser or Rat Wives because she comes from a long line of rats

  21. Kathy says:

    Really?!?!?!? This is disgusting. These women are morons!! I can believe that someone has come up with yet another reality show, but about the mob. These women are associated with, realted to or married to men who have murdered people and they act as though it’s ok because “that’s the life we were brought up in”. I really do not think that if it were their father/brother/son/uncle/cousin dead that they would want these people making money talking about it. It’s pathetic and people seem to love mindless entertainment, but come on people!!!! Ignorance at it’s finest!!!!