Mob Wives: Watch The Super Teaser


You’ve met the Basketball Wives, you’ve met the Football Wives, and now it’s time to meet the Mob Wives!

Last week, we showed you a very brief Mob Wives teaser, but today, we’ve got a brand new Mob Wives super teaser to share with you. Karen Gravano, daughter of the infamous Mafia informant Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, and the other cast members are all long-time friends who reside in Staten Island. On the show, you’ll see them battle their friends, families and each other as they try to do what's best for themselves and their children. You’ve all seen movies that glamorize the lives of those involved with organized crime, but with Mob Wives, we’re giving you a real look at what it's like to be born into or married to the mob.

Don’t forget, Mob Wives premieres on Sunday, April 17, only on VH1!


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  1. kplife2001 says:

    I know that this so wrong, but the show does seem interesting. This is so wrong though.

  2. britt says:

    my newest guilty pleasure

  3. Brit says:

    I can not wait!! Screw the housewives of whatever’s about to be all about Mob Wives real soon!!!

  4. miss kitty says:

    i can not wait to see this show! should be better then any other reality show on TV. The content is scary but real. VH1 hit the new york lottery. Sammy the Bull’s daughter wow this will be worth watching.

  5. jjore says:


  6. jjones says:


  7. kplife2001 says:

    Do y’all think that it is real though????

  8. ChrisG says:

    OMG…I hope there are more girls on this show…that are ez on the eyes…cause the fat one looks like there missin a cast member from plant of the apes!

  9. tubbs says:

    So great that we’re idolizing the scum bag relatives of scum bag mobsters.

    And beyond this, the acting is terrible!!!

  10. jbeeeeeeeee says:

    I cannot wait for this show! Its gunna be way better then any of the rest of the reality tv!! Can’t wait till it starts!!

  11. says:

    hey one looks alot like kloe kardashian… and this cant be real because people that are involved in the mob/mafia have to be hush-hush about it unless they want to get murked.

  12. jill says:

    This is the exact reason these women are doing the show because people judge them on account of what the men do. What about the daughters that a born into this life. You can not pick your parents people!!!!! this show should be good I will wath cause everyone wants to know!!!

  13. Kor says:

    Belky’s.web–I thought the same thing..but now it makes sense knowing they are in jail for there crimes n for who they are so that’s why the can talk.There is nothing hush hush about these men..they have been written about,are in books,movies etc.So it makes sense to me too! They are talking about whats already known.I was weirded out in the beginning too.I def want to watch the first episode to see whats up..little tired of housewives shopping all day.

  14. Wesley says:

    This is gonna be The Real Housewives of New Jersey clone, and nothing beats the TRHONJ. But i’ll give this a try.

  15. kevsta80 says:

    Let me ask you guys a question. If the mob is so secretive do you really think they would ALLOW their wives to get on national TV and put their lives out there for everyone to see? HMMMMMMMMMM. Lets see. We will kill you if we think you are a rat, but we want the world to take a personal look into our lives….LOL. Oh yeah this is gonna be some REEEEEEEEAL stuff here. LOL

  16. happyjoy says:

    this is the saddest show ever..what about the victims of these men..n that karen gravan ur dad is the biggest rat in the world n u have the nerve to b on tv n profit from this pathetic life u all share..drita sounds like a man and pretty much acts like one from what i saw on the spolier. all i can say is losers who should go and get real jobs

  17. karla says:

    Wow very real and wow cant wait to watch this. real mob wives..forget those house wives!

  18. JT says:

    This show is sooo fake!!! Don’t be fooled!! It’s all scripted this is not the real lives they live. It’s all about making money. They are a bunch of phonies and are sad and disgusting!!!
    Shame on VH1 for putting this garbage on the air!!!!

  19. Matt says:

    I live in staten island and I will be selling my house ASAP if this show is a hit…what an embarassment

  20. don't judge says:

    How can you say this is fake, Sammy the Bull is about as real as it gets so I am sure that makes Karen offical. The girl had to carry some bagage her life so if she feels like getting on TV its her business. The other girls have husbands in jail so they decided to do a show to take care of their kids everyone judges. People are so quick to judge but I bet you are all the people that will watch the sapranos everyweek. They have the guts to talk about a world that america is obbessed with. Yes these girls are acting crazy tell me any other show on TV today is not. Stop crying people lets just watch and be entertained and if you don’t like then don’t watch.

  21. richie b says:

    who cares if the rats daughter comes back let the rat come back now that will be a good eppisode but still a good show

  22. putteswiss says:

    Ho CARES about all this stupid house wifes, mob wifes dum ugly women that act like idiots. Come on you can make better Tv.
    Stupid criminals and there even more stupid wifes

  23. Kathy says:

    Really?!?!?!? This is disgusting. These women are morons!! I can believe that someone has come up with yet another reality show, but about the mob. These women are associated with, realted to or married to men who have murdered people and they act as though it’s ok because “that’s the life we were brought up in”. I really do not think that if it were their father/brother/son/uncle/cousin dead that they would want these people making money talking about it. It’s pathetic and people seem to love mindless entertainment, but come on people!!!! Ignorance at it’s finest!!!!

  24. Erica says:

    I love Renea G. I agree a rat is a rat is a rat. This b**ch comes along and all hell breaks loose.

  25. mz smith says:

    i hope they get karens ass. shes not ganster her dad is a snitch

  26. JCole says:

    snitching iz a disease/stay a way from it.

  27. Greg says:

    I love these ladies! I want to be their personal assistant(s) for anything they may need or want. Wonderful show. Keep up the good work.

  28. Tracey says:

    Very interesting show. As a fellow Italian, I actually think the shows sheds a positive light on how Italians, without the mafia painted picture, really are. We get a bad reputation because the of so called mafia. But does society really believe it’s only Italians who have a so called mafia. Please. I am extremely proud to be an Italian. Thanks Ladies. Great Job.

  29. Loria says:

    I love this new show and im very excited for the season.

  30. Julie says:

    VH1 – you’ve outdone yourselves – what a great show – I can’t wait for Sunday nights!

  31. anita1961 says:

    I really like this show!! I like all the girls, but to myself i believe Renee is real. I totally believe in the loyality, respect, and honor is what live is all about!! Renee you keep going girl!!! You let people know what you are all about and don’t mind saying how you feel!!

  32. velma colunga says:

    i love this show finally reality tv thats worth watchin, seems to me that Rene is alil twisted because all she has ever had are the perks, she has never been in the grime of a gangster she cant back her mouth up when this go down she calls for back up, Drita and Karen can hold their own

  33. velma colunga says:

    vh1 has out done themselves finally with bringin a good reality tv show, mobwives is really good, i dont like Renee cuz she isnt gangster, has a big mouth you should practice what you preach, to earn respect you have to give it and hiding behind your fathers name is just that hiding behind a name, have you ever done any dirty work? No you havent all you have ever done is live off the perks, but you didnt earn them in other words you have no blood on your hands, at least Karen and Drita can hold their own, you open your mouth and when things dont go your way instead of taking care of business yourself you have to call for back-up, oh yeah your real GANGSTER!!! your a joke!!!

  34. Mil says:

    OMG …….Y isn’t my husband famous

  35. Debbie says:

    Lol I beg to differ.
    Mob Wives is better than The real housewives of New Jersey in many ways, but I’ll mention the biggest one.

    Mob Wives takes place in New York…

    New Jersey is the ARMPIT of New york… that’s why people from jersey always claim that they are from new york… because they are embarrassed to be from jersey.

  36. missy says:

    look so everyone cn think this show is fake all they want but how do yu fake being dammy the bulls daughter? you cant fake who yur married to or who yur dad is i mean yu mite b able to but they woulda been called out on it already. i personally love this show and my fav person is drita. she reminds me alot of myself and i jus think shes amazing:)

  37. sisi:) says:

    OMG! i love the MOB WIVES:) ily guys so much. Your crazy but real. i like renee’s crazy self but loyal , dritas crazy self but tough, and karen who tries to be strong, and last but not least carla the really pretty one….

  38. Ruth G. says:

    Love this show!

  39. amy says:

    I love this show! I think that it is sad that they have to do everything alone and stick by and play the “waiting” game. I am praying for all of you ladies. Renee, I hope that you get your own identity. I can relate to you about that, when I was married to my ex-husband I did not have an identity and once we got divorced it was hard for me to get one but I did it. I know that you will be able to as well. Looking forward to more episodes. :)

  40. Gina D'Avanzo says:

    I used to live in B’klyn & was married to a D’Avanzo & his cousin is a Graziano, no relation. So I decided to watch the Mob Wives. Well, I’m glued to Sunday nights 8pm. I’m freakin out cause it’s just the greatest. I love all the girls. Keep renewing this show.

  41. thuggirl210 says:

    this is my favorite show i am just like these girls gangsta and i think like rene also her because i believe in respect 113%

  42. Sally says:

    I love this show!!! It’s my favorite. I look forward to the new episode every week. My whole family is hooked on this show. Just saw the fight at Renee’s house, wow…..great reality TV. I wanted to jump in and back you girls up. Can’t wait to see what happens next week! I love Renee and Karen. You go girls….You are right Renee, it’s all about loyalty, respect and honesty. That’s what I believe and how I live. If Drita and Carla aren’t loyal and honest with you, then you need to kick them to the curb before you get stabbed in the back. Karen, Drita owes you an apology for getting with your ex. Even though it was years ago, a girlfriend doesn’t @#$% on a close friend. I hope you get the apology next week. Keep this show going…We love it in California!!!!

  43. Mobe wives you really think that you are that tuff you need to move down to East Los Angeles but you better keep your shoes on even your body looks like a man body we will show you down over her how its really gonna get down all of you ladies need to grow up you are all ugly ladies and all of your men are all losers and good for nothings

  44. ruby says:

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder how AJ FEELS .If i was you AJ i would NOT no haw to handle it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. NikKi says:


  46. L Reed says:


  47. dawn says:

    love this show

  48. Maria says:

    Love the show. I grew up in the NJ/South Philly family so I can relate. Best show in along time!

  49. Brittany Cochran Ingram says:

    DRITA i loveeeeeee youuuuuuu girl((:

  50. kylie says:

    I can’t stand Karen!! She is an absolute drama queen. She starts a whole lot of drama between everybody. She needs to mind her own business and quit stirring drama between renee, carla, and drita especially…

  51. angel says:

    hey ladies i really love mob wives if i was to miss one show i really watch it 20 diff times

  52. Laney says:

    I know this might be wierd to some people, but I am 12 years old & I love Mob Wives. Just to hear their stories is amazing!

    P.S. I’m like addicted to watching this show! :)

  53. Penny Morgan-Morris says:

    Dear Mobwives;

    I have recently started watching your show. I am really enjoying seeing how your lives really are. I think you all are incredibly strong women to be single parents, and I think you all are great with your kids. . I admire you for that. I think you all are smart, loyal, caring, creative, and really unique ladys. I admire Renee especially because I want to design clothes, and she has great taste with clothes being a personal stylist. (and my middle name is Renee).
    I dont care if anyone says she is a drama queen because we all are to some extent…
    I think Drita is an incredibly strong as a person, and a loving mother. It really shows !!! I laughed when I saw the episode when she gets the paintball gun to scare away those racoons.
    I think Karen is very strong to wrilte her story. She needs to remember that she is only accountable for her actions, not of her father’s actions. Keep on writing !!!
    I also think Carla is a great mom. When her husband got out of jail, and went to the half-way house I saw how good of a job she did when she was explaining it all to her kids. I am very interested in all of these lady’s lives. I will continue to watch the show faithfully.

    Your newest fan,

  54. Anonymous says:

    Drita, were you actually born female?

  55. Chaunnie says:

    Drita is my favorite….now THAT’S how u handle a babe how is trippin and is a drama queen

  56. Rebecca says:

    I think Drita was mad at her husband for cheating on her and took it out on Karen. Also, even though Renee did not mean to cause Karen any harm, she did her an injustice and could have gotten her hurt, by the way she put her arms around Karen trying to stay in between them. Carla, did not try to break up the fight at all.

  57. Deb Caliri says:

    Love love love, Mobwives. Not a reality TV gal but lhis show keeps me coming back. Renee is the bomb and Drita rocks. Both have so much heart. Carla well I can take her or leave her, Still dont get why she keeps defending the xboy friend. And Karen, dont like her. Think she is an instigator. In either case. I find the show extreamly entertaining.

  58. Priscilla says:

    well ima 14 year old mexican in SD ,i L.O.V.E. mobwives,uh……..yea,thats all i have 2 say :))

  59. Gwen says:

    I love this show! My favorite character is Renee. When I grow up, I want to be just like her:). I see Karens point – I would never date any of my friends ex boyfriends, even if we were not girls anymore because it would feel like I am taking her leftovers. Can’t wait for the Season 2.

  60. ALLISON says:

    I really love this show, which is weird, because I hate drama! This is one of the funniest shows i have ever watched!

  61. Dana says:

    I love Mob Wives and am not really much of a TV watcher! Especially reality or series type shows where you have to tune in regularly to keep up. But I love this one! Renee is my fave! Maybe because she reminds me of myself some in personality and view points. Only a little nicer than I am.

  62. Marilyn says:

    I Just love the Mob Wives I have watched this show since day one . I am one of your biggest fans . I cant get enough of the show . Please all keep up the awesome work and i pray the shows stays on a long time to come.

  63. cebern musgrave says:

    when I first started watching mobwives,I really liked all the girls,although I thought Renee was a little foolish for blame put on Karen for what her father had done..hello,well,she got over it..I really think Romona is a total laughable joke and she totally fueled Karens fight for Drita…remember “stop being so nice”…but really are these girls 13???HEY LADIES NEWS FLASH…PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS TALKING TRASH ABOUT YOU..W.T.F…WHO CARES..WHY DO THOSE GIRLS HAVE SUCH A BOULDER ON THEIR SHOULDER?NO INTEGRITY..Carla is the only one with any class,Drita next ,along with Renee..but i think Karen really has lost all her class…Drita seems to accidently unleashed all her anger on Karen ,when i think she wanted to fight Lee’s babies mama..whatever again are you girls really soooo mad when people are talking trash about them?boy, i guess they are gonna never walk outside there home,and fight 24/7..hey ladies learn something….watch cool,calm,classy,Carla..and Romona ,gee you are a lost hot mess..ill pray for you