Mob Wives – Meet The Cast


Mob Wives - Meet The Cast

You’ve read the announcement, you’ve watched the teaser, you’ve delighted in the super teaser, but now it’s time to FINALLY meet the cast of VH1′s upcoming docu-soap, Mob Wives.

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Renee Graziano

Renee Graziano is the daughter of Anthony Graziano, who according to the Federal Government is a high ranking member of La Cosa Nostra. Renee grew up during the heyday of the mob — when things still fell off trucks and people still dropped off envelopes even when it wasn’t your birthday. Immersed in the culture since birth, she embraced the lifestyle as her own and became a “mob loyalist”. Renee has always dated and hung out within this circle–a place where she met and eventually married (then divorced) Junior. Together they have one son, AJ.

When Renee was young her best friend was arrested and sentenced to many years behind bars. This was her first real introduction to prison, but unfortunately not her last. Thanks to a circle of friends living the street life, Renee has visited over 83 prisons and written hundreds of letters to comfort the many friends she had on “the inside.” This correspondence gave her the idea to turn her love of the “the life” into a greeting card company called JAIL MAIL.

Renee sometimes longs for the good old days, but thanks to her friends she is slowly starting to realize that this is not a life she wants her son to lead. She struggles to balance her allegiance to the street life with her hopes that her son will live a life free of it all.

Renee is hysterical, Renee is crazy, and Renee is drama, but she will be the first to give you the shirt off her back. Everyone and anyone who knows her, knows this.


Karen Gravano is the daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, the infamous mobster who cooperated with the government to help take down John Gotti and the Gambino crime family. Karen was just 19 years old when her father turned on the mafia, a move that left Karen devastated.

While her family relocated to Arizona to start over, at first Karen stayed behind in New York–her way of showing that she had trouble with her father’s cooperation. After a couple years, she joined her family in Arizona where she became a licensed aesthetician, opened up a lucrative day spa, and had her first and only child, Karina.

After 12 years of coming to terms with who she is and understanding her father’s choices, Karen is ready to close up shop in Arizona and return to Staten Island. Beyond reconnecting with old friends, Karen hopes that coming back will help her stand on her own, out of shadows of her father’s infamous past.

Strong, driven and business minded, she has already inked a deal to write a book about her life and is ready to revisit her old stomping grounds and reconnect with her old friends.


Drita D'avanzo is the wife of Lee D’avanzo, who federal prosecutors allege is the leader of a Bonanno and Colombo crime family farm team. While Drita’s husband is serving time in prison for bank robbery (for the second time), she is left alone raising two young girls, Aleeya (9) and Gizelle (2). Drita comes from a strict Albanian household who defied her parents and married someone outside the community — an Italian.

Drita grew up different from the other women. She was raised in the projects of Staten Island after her family settled there from Albania. Her father, a strict soccer coach, raised her to be tough and play with the boys. She was never allowed to cry, and had to do hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups a day to meet her father’s high standards. Drita was invited to play for the Women’s National Soccer Team and was all set to go until she met her first love, “the streets”.

She dated street guy after street guy until ultimately finding and marrying Lee. At first everything was great and she had everything she wanted. However, Lee was allegedly robbing banks (among other things), and before she gave birth to their first daughter, he was escorted away by the Feds for an 8 year prison term. Drita had their baby, and stood by her man — who promised her that he would never leave her again.

During Lee’s first prison sentence, Drita realized that she must do something to stand on her own two feet in case she is ever left in a position like this again. She studied to become a make-up artist and worked for various high end cosmetic companies while her husband was away. Almost eight years later Lee came home and they started over. They built a new home, made baby number two, and Lee even got a legitimate job. However the good times were short lived. Again, Lee was arrested and sentenced to prison for 2 — 5 years for similar crimes. Needless to say, Drita was not happy. But, like so many times before, she picked up the pieces and carried on. As a mother of two with a husband in jail, she struggles to keep it all together while figuring out if this is a lifestyle she wants to continue to live. Currently, she freelances as a make-up artist and plans to develop her own cosmetic line.

Drita is tough as nails and infamous for her many fights and knock outs growing up. Now a mother, she struggles to control her anger and often feels nostalgic for times when a problem could be solved with a fist.


Carla Facciolo grew up in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, where she had a similar upbringing to Renee Graziano. While her father went to prison when she was young, it didn’t stop her from living the lifestyle she grew to love.

When Carla was 17 she started dating street guys and really got a taste of the life. She hung out with girls like Renee, and others — whose parents were either in the life or extremely wealthy. Carla likes the finer things in life and thought she’d met her match when she married Joey Ferragamo, a stock broker.

Although Carla thought she had finally gotten away from the lifestyle she lived growing up, her husband eventually got indicted and convicted for a boiler room scandal and Carla once again found herself dealing with the ins and outs of prison. Carla tells her twins, who she feels are too young to know where their dad is, that he is away at work. She is a stay at home mom and sales rep for a juice company. She takes good care of herself and prides herself on her hair and great body.

For more on these fascinating women, be sure to check out their full bios on our official Mob Wives show page. And don’t forget, Mob Wives will make its highly anticipated debut on Sunday, April 17, only on VH1!

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  1. Jeanine says:

    This is a disgrace to ALL the family members & friends who actually have a clue what the Mob meant or was back in it’s day. Sammy the Bull started off a trend to become a turncoat & these women are no better by airing their dirty laundry out for the world to view for a few dollars. Instead, they are following in the footsteps of the “men” they claim cause their lives to become so difficult … Ladies GET A REAL JOB & MAYBE YOU”LL FIND THE RESPECT FOR YOURSELVES & FROM OTHERS !!! UNTIL THEN YOU ARE NO BETTER THEN THE DEGENERATES YOU ALL FIND YOURSELVES ENMESHED WITH !!!

  2. sillygirl says:

    This is such a disgrace. These women are exploiting their children just to make a quick dollar. I know them personally and they would sell their souls to the devil just for a payout. So sad. Instead of turning their lives around and making something respectful out of themselves, they choose to air their dirty laundry for all the world to see. Great role models. Do you see the look on the face of Renee’s son when she goes on her tirade in the teaser? He looks so sad. Like a boy whose spirit has been broken. Can you imagine the other smaller children involved? Shame on these poor excuses for mothers.

  3. JillK says:

    Sillygirl–I know them personally too..and Renee’s son is actually very happy about the show..(who wouldn’t at that age)And I must say they turned there lives around by putting the negative into positive by building a future for there kids..I think they have balls and don’t think this will be a quick dollar..more like a never ending one.God Bless them and there heartrenching stories:)Good Luck Ladies:))

  4. amanda says:

    Carla is another one.. she’s banged more men knowing they were connected… She was Joey’s mistress for a few years while he was married to his first wife, so that makes her special? i guess! so he gets in trouble for stock fraud not really anything mafia about that.. she enjoys and basks in the lifestyle shes another loser !!!

  5. i says:

    it is about time….i have been waiting for a show like this…especially coming from me a prison wife…

  6. sillygirl says:

    Jill, building a future for their kids??? You lead by example. They are showing their kids it is okay to drink, smoke, fistfight, curse like a friggin man and act like white trash. Are you kidding me? These poor kids don’t stand a chance. The boys will be street thugs like dad and the girls will sleep around until they eventually find a low level mobster wannabe that will marry them. So sad.

  7. Rocky4 says:

    Sillygirl–In this world we live in–drink,smoke etc..are u kidding me.Kids have the internet and 1,000 channels of cable (that has the worst things possible).The other housewives shows do the exact same thing (And there husbands are proffesional athelets and business men)(and they all have kids).They will end up rich and LA and those kids will have more opportunities to be anything they choose to be.All Im saying is they opened a door of success for them.They are lucky no matter how u look at it.I can’t wait to watch this…looks awesome!

  8. marie says:

    sounds like sillygirl knows the girls personally and is just a hater and mad that she can’t get her own show because her life is not exciting enough. this show looks interesting I will be watching

  9. Snippy1055 says:

    Does anyone know the song on the commercial for this show? I’m thinking it might be “The Next Big Thing”, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere. :(

  10. It’s called “The Big Bang” by Rock Mafia and it’s awesome. You can pull it up on YouTube …….

  11. L says:

    Ok what can I say Disappointed big time!!! I waited for weeks to see this.I thought for sure we were going to show true classy mob wives, instead all I got was 4 ghetto broads. Vh1 really had to scrap the bottom oh the barrel to find these 4. hags. All they try to do for the whole first episode is try to show how hard they are and that they had street credit… If you truly have it, you don’t need to throw names around or tell people how tough you can be. Vh1 there are much more classy women out there that are married to the mob maybe you should give them a call. Because these women do nothing but show how classless they really are.

  12. toogie says:

    Great show ! We are lovin it–however whose bright idea was for the intro for everyone to be holding the card when they book you in jail?? I know that everyone’s husband/father is in there but unless you have records you shouldnt be having this on your intro I think!? I love the song–great beat .

  13. letimv says:

    I respect you, you have done alot and for that trash of a female to dog you like that is messed up….you shoulda kicked her ass!!! she was talking about cheating on her man then trying to say it was serious??? come on now?! stupid?!!!

  14. terilynn says:

    Ah it’s just a show no reason to get upset with them

  15. PC says:

    Karen + Ramona = LAUREL & HARDY!!!

  16. Angelina says:

    I like that jazzy song that was playing for Carla. It had lyrics like ” wake up in the morning mo bad newws” Sounds like my life story . …Thanks

  17. B says:

    Karen acts like such a tough cookie, tries too hard to be a female thug. Trying to show how brazen and hard she is!! YUK!!!

  18. SARAHSAL says:

    I’ve SEEN EVERY EPISODE AND It LOOKS TO ME THAT Karen IS THE ONE WHO STARTS THE DRAMA ! she’s the one who used the term I will come for you, wow who’s mined is being molded Mona. THATS THE TERM SHE JUST USED LOL LAST NIGHT………..

  19. sunnydaze says:

    I frickin can’t stand Karen & Ramona. Worthless waste of oxygen. I didn’t think it was poosible to dislike anyone more than Karen until Ramona came on the show. Ramona is so classless. She can’t shut the f*** up to save her life. The sit down was a joke, where were the real questions from annoyed viewers that can’t stand those two dingle berries? Can only hope that Ramona gets her butt kicked so that she will just shut up. Ding & Dong need to stop trying to act soooo thug. It’s pretty bad when I have to mute the tv so I don’t have to listen to Ramonas mouth. Get her off the show!

  20. Michelle says:

    would love to meet the ladies of mob wives and their families to…they seem to be outstanding women…would like to see for myself not on a show…thanks

  21. nancy says:

    his show is so good i love all the girls but who really makes the show is big ang she is so funny and has good advice for the younger girls because shes been thur all of that she knoes how to handle herself

  22. Genevieve Santagati says:

    I just love all the women on Mob Wives…..with one exception…Ramona! Ever since she came into the picture she and Karen stir it up. They cannot leave Drita alone….apparently even tho she doesn’t bother with them….it bothers them so they have to talk about her. Enough already….Karen never really got over the fact that Lee preferred Drita…which was so long ago…it’s time to move on. Drita has a GREAT heart….Renee, even with her drama…I just love her because she projects caring for others. Carla is really my favorite…she is, without a doubt, the glue in so many ways. I also love the addition of Big Ang….she is a character and I think she adds a lot to the whole group. Besides that…she’s a animal lover so she’s great in my book. Hey, I may be 78 but I have opinions…like you couldn’t tell…but I truly enjoy the show. Ah…the good old days.

  23. Hi! im a sweet n sassy female! i’m 30yrs old & LOVE all the MOBWIFES!!!!!! well EXCEPT FOR RAMONA & KAREN!!!! There a bunch of trouble makers. they really need to leave Drita alone. But on the other hand the show would’n be the same without all the drama. seeing drita jumped like that at reneea’s party shows how much they know they would’nt have a chance with her one on one. it would have turned out so differently!! she would have had a better fight! think you guys are so cool to Drita,Reneea & Carla!


    U girls are telling it the way is and the way it will always be.
    Good luck with the show.

  25. LEllis says:

    Renae is the real mob wife she knows loylety and the true meaning of MOB she needs the respect of the other laidies. they dont listen or really care what she says. you all are causing her harm with the fighting if you were real friends you would hear she cares about all of you and has experience to guide you all to be better mothers daughters and wifes. Yes she is stressed but it is because she truelly cares about you all!!!! Right now she needs you all to be there for her as she has always been there for you and you all are failing i really hope you will see this one day and fix it before there are things you cant fix with kindness. Because you all know she will be there for you even if she is broken in her own spirit. come on laidies you know what needs to be done forgive eachother at least for Renae she loves you all we all see it. What a great woman take lessons!!!!!!

  26. dawn says:

    omg mob wives is the best show. i think drita is amazing, her waynof life and her way she was raised makes her so real.

  27. Squealer says:

    ……….and BTW….Drita is the only one with any sense at all. She needs to control her anger but so do ALL of them. Renee needs psychiatric help…..SOONER than later !

  28. TONJIA says:


  29. Sunshine says:

    I got hooked on this show during its first season. Renee (Godmother), preached of loyalty all of the time. How soon everyone forgets that word. When Drita attempted to bring Karen into the fold, Renee went insane. Now all of them are embracing Karen and turning on Drita. Carla is the one that stirs the pot by always mention Drita’s name around Karen and her new side kick Ramona.

    I think Carla is the back stabber.

  30. nancy byer says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Never take it off the air. can’t wait to read Karen book when it comes out. an to all the bloggers that don’t like the show.DON’T BLEEPING WATCH IT!

  31. Ravens fan says:

    Don’t think that the childern of the Mob Wives r being hurt by the show at all. I would b honored 2 have a mom like them it takes alot of guts to go on tv and let the world see u r life up close likes this. keep show is GREAT!

  32. em says:

    I think this show is GREAT… even the music ,rocks. Keep it up ladies, Dont let them change you to much. The dynamics are fabulous.. There really isnt much more anyone can say… You have a winner here.

  33. Mja says:

    Does anyone know where Carla shops? I love her tops!

  34. Deep South says:

    I love this show….but… I don’t understand why the women feel they have to use the “F” word so often and in front of their kids. Drita went to her angermanagment and use that word several time’s in front of her doctor. I bet he thinks she’s a real bimbo. They want to come off as having class….but they act like a bunch of thugs. Karen is the phoniest of them all. Talks ruff and tuff, but needs Ramona by her side to do so. Ramona is just a troublemaker and needs to go.

  35. Michael S. Kajor says:

    Drita and Carla; send me a e-mail if interested for a dinner date

    And to learn more about me.


  36. ashley says:

    Drita please shut up Ramona fat mouth. Renee hold your head up you are very strong woman i like that you. Carla and Big Ang we love you two!!!!!!!! Someone please KICK RAMONA off the show PLEASE……………………..

  37. JOEY says:

    I come from Bensonhurst and knew Sammy when he ran with the Rampers. It was and still is a no no with Karen and David, I sure Sammy must be real happy.