Mob Wives – Watch The Supertrailer!


Mob Wives hits the air beginning on Sunday, April 17, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The show is already drumming up controversy. It’s been a fixture in Page Six, and the L.A. Times recently described it like this: “If you thought the ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey had mobster connections (table-flipping outbursts tend to imply that), you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

And judging by the amount of action, intensity and drama in this supertrailer, the Mob WivesRenee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Drita D’avanzo and Carla Facciolo — are bound to shake things up on Sunday nights beginning three weekends from now. Oh, and don’t forget to “like” our official Mob Wives Facebook page, too! Let us know what you think of the trailer and the show in our comments section below.


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  1. James says:

    This whole show is staged. Off camera they are all the best of friends and are reading off scripts to make people interested in the show. They are all broke and trying to make money off the show. They are all a bunch of losers and should be ashamed off themselves for putting their pathetic lives on air. Their lives are nothing to be proud of but ashamed off.

  2. marie says:

    this show will be great.We watch TV to be entertained and this show will do just that.

  3. Bill says:

    James what you say about this show is pointless and dont go around disrespecting people. Its not right or very nice to find out who may be listening to what you say. I found that out once. the only reason this show is on is because of the fasination people have with this sort of counter culture. Its not all that glamorous no and your not gonna win anything at the end but with the “reality” craze people will sell their soul for any crumb of fame they can get or think they will get. Though you should not condem them for this they are just trying to make their mark any way they know how. and what you said about this show can be said about any other show with this format. But you know what you still watched it which generated adds that paid the company that encouraged them too put more things like this on television. sooooo them: 1 you: 0

  4. Sophia says:

    Bill what you say about this show is pointless. I agree with James. When these “ladies” and I use the term loosely, expose themselves to the reality-sphere they open themselves to disrespect. Don’t tell any of us how to think about this bs. Shame on VH1 for having anything to do with this show. Hopefully America will get smart and ignore them and this will be a one season show. But these women are professional hustlers and they got their hustle on and people like marie fall for it hook line and sinker. It’s pathetic really.

  5. June says:

    Sophia your doing a good job ignoring the show i can see already.. jump off, go watch the history channel if it makes you feel better, stop commenting on what people do, it aint you so maybe you should just stick to worrying about yourself!

  6. Tony says:

    Looks good to me, entertainment that’s what it’s about…everyone should taka a chill pill it’s just a show c’mon now.

  7. Tara says:

    This show is going to be awesome..Bill, James, Sophia and it. You must not be Italian.

  8. Americo says:

    Well, I’ll watch…For their sake, I hope the show is a hit…

  9. Americo Marconi says:

    I just want everyone in the show to fine grace and happiness…

  10. Americo Marconi says:

    I kinda think that Karen Gravano is kinda hot…i hope her father is doing ok…her brother and her mother…

  11. Sha tislam says:


  12. veda says:

    I would watch because yeah “A Rat is Rat, a Rat, A Snitch is Snitch…” So true in GENERAL. Applies even if your not involved in the mob…

  13. Bella says:

    This is a disgrace having this show airing on TV. They should be ashamed of there life and not publicly be seen or heard. Being related to the family members of criminals is nothing to be proud and the poor innocent families who have suffered because of these crimes, murders, etc. should not be subject to endure this behavior. What kind of example are we setting for the future of our generation. They should not expose and justified their lifestyle and above all should not be paid money for their pathetic life. If money and recognization should be given, it should go to the victims/families that have suffered from these horrific crimes. They to have been thru hard times and do not broadcast it like these women.

  14. toogie says:

    I think this show is great. Both me and my mom are lovin the first show and cant wait for the second. The true stories are utterly fascinating. You cant make this stuff up!