Love & Hip Hop Recap – Episode 4 – That’s My Brand



Man sandwich, with some dead meat in the middle!



Oh man, we’re back on this again? We start this episode of Love & Hip Hop with the same boat argument from last week. It just won’t end. Somaya sums up my feelings about this:


I guess this boat trip turned out to be a working vacation, because these ladies (and Maurice) are fighting like it’s their job. And it kinda is!

Somaya finally tells Maurice to stop fighting with Chrissy. This is so she can re-start fighting with Chrissy. She tells her that Jim was feeling her song until Chrissy said something, and that Jim can, should, and could speak for himself. Chrissy tells her repeatedly that her song was – not on the level. – She argues like she's conducting a symphony. It's a beautiful thing to watch:



– I respect your hustle, but … – Chrissy tells Somaya. This is a compliment of sorts, but that – but – bothers Somaya, because if ifs and buts were candies and nuts, Somaya – ¦


… still wouldn’t give a f*ck. She knows that Chrissy’s compliment is wrapped in a lot of criticism.

Their argument moves on to whether Somaya's – winging – this whole thing. When Somaya argues that she's out here on her own, Chrissy replies that what she's doing is winging it. But Chrissy gets a manic look in her eyes when she's making her point.


– Playtime is over, – Somaya says. They break, but Olivia says she's not – letting go – of what she heard Maurice say earlier in the boat ride. The idea of letting go of anything on this show is ridiculous — squeeze that anger until it turns into diamonds, ladies!

Olivia brings out Chrissy and tells her about the – $10,000 a gig comment – and adds that he said Juelz Santana is actually the best member of Dipset (or, The Diplomats, as Jones' crew of rappers is called).



Look, Maurice had to pick someone. If he had said Jim Jones was the best member of Dipset, how would Juelz Santana feel?

Chrissy says that Maurice is obviously not a smart manager, based on the client he's defending. Sad: even when the subject is Maurice, Somaya still gets dissed.

Back on dry land, Emily and Chrissy talk about the boat events. – Chrissy was pissed, – Emily interviews. – I'll never do it again. – She tells Chrissy that she's not as mad at Somaya as she's mad at Maurice, whom Chrissy calls a – b*tch. – Chrissy also admits that, yeah, Jim listened to her opinion and dropped the song, but still says it was in his best interest.


Then Emily sees a – ticking time bomb – — she knows that Jim will find out how offended Chrissy is and defend her honor — and his — against Maurice. So there's another fight just around the corner. Chrissy calls Jim to tell him about the day's events, and Emily looks …


…exactly how Emily usually looks: worried, sad. Poor girl. She can't stop Chrissy, and she can't even nudge her into a safer direction.


Emily — who gives up on stopping Chrissy — interviews that a man should defend her woman. This doesn’t give Chrissy nearly enough credit — she can definitely defend herself.

Meanwhile Maurice is doing his own damage control at another bar. He's invited out Olivia and her manager Rich Dollaz (finally, we learn more about cocktail man on the boat) to talk to him and to Chrissy about what happened. He tells Olivia that his client's been shot and stabbed. – So she's basically G-Unit,” Olivia answers. Maybe the G-Unit that used to feud with Dipset.



Surprise! Surely Jim Jones is here to have a mojito and talk through things sensibly with Maurice and Somaya. Right?


Obviously that shouldn't happen. This is a cameras up moment if there's ever been one.

Jim and his blurry associate drag Maurice out, and start manhandling him — though, Jim is mostly trying to get a handle on his associate handling him.


They make him not only apologize to the camera, but to their cell phone camera as well. Meanwhile Olivia hangs out in the back looking disappointed and delighted at the same time.


– The streets are real, I have told Maurice this, – Somaya interviews after. She says earlier that she sort of blacked out during the confrontation, because it reminds her too much of what she left behind. She doesn’t black out so much as focus her eyes elsewhere. Jim does the same.


– I can't tell you that it's no more strenuous, no more legitimate, no more real than that – Olivia's manager tells/warns Maurice once they’re back inside. I believe there’s nothing realer than his use of “strenuous.” Then he warns him that he's dissed Jim's – brand. – There's more talk of – your brand versus his brand, – and brands meeting on the street. Was this a fight or a marketing meeting?


Maurice interviews that he can't believe Chrissy got so offended when he called her – trifflin' – Apparently this means that Olivia didn't tell him that he told Chrissy about his – $10,000 a gig – comment.

A few days later Maurice and Somaya go for a drive in Maurice's – ¦ Mini Cooper. Say what you (or Chrissy) will about Maurice’s size, it takes a confident man to drive a tiny car.


Maurice tells Somaya he hasn't been talking to her because he feels like she should have had his back during that confrontation. She reasons that with four guys and people yelling for her to get out of the way, there wasn't much she could do. Once again, I think these ladies are underestimating themselves. A 6’4″ girl’s probably got a good reach.


Then he blames the whole situation on her – personal sh*t with Chrissy. – She accuses him of playing the victim. He basically tells her that it's not worth his time to manager her with things like this happening. She cries, and it’s unclear whether Maurice will be back or not.


But Somaya’s got something, or rather, someone to make her feel better about the whole situation. Her ex-boyfriend XO is in town. She called him after she felt homesick, and he came, like her knight in shining neck piece, to see her.


She starts explaining her trouble with Jim and Chrissy, and he makes her stop so he can give her a gift. This is the first thing Somaya’s smiled about in a while:


Some jewelry, room service, and free wifi will surely cheer her up, right?


…and SEX. Sex with an ex will help as well. But sex or not, getting to sleep in a real bed instead of an attic crawl space has to be good for your soul as well as your body.

Back to the studio.

We learn that XO is not only here to make Somaya feel better, but to do the spot on her track that Jim Jones was going to do.



She's extremely pleased with his verses, partially because she knows they're about her. Look, a guy named XO is either going to be really romantic or really into tic-tac-toe. He’s the former.

It's time for XO to say goodbye and go back to L.A. It’s hard for Somaya to see her little piece of home leave so soon.



Without XO around, you can count on her t-shirt how many people she can rely on in New York.

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  1. dillon says:

    Jim Jones if you cannot speak to a five foot guy by yourself,then you are not a man.

  2. Evonne says:

    I’m glad to hear XO finished the track for Somaya. She needs to get away from Jimmy and Chrissy. Neither of them mean her any good. Chrissy is jealousof Somaya and Jimmy is in la-la land waiting on Chrissy to tell him when to go to the bathroom. I wish Somaya good tidings and hope that she can find a real music producer to help her get her music out there. No more pretend music producers like Jimmy. I’m looking forward to hearing Somaya in the near future. Olivia is a fake and needs to be confronted in front of her athlete ghost boyfriend. The stylist needs to get a clue and move on.

  3. JustMe says:

    Wow, this is so unreal, I pray they are really reading these comments.Somaya girl I hope you get your stardom and all that you are asking for. This is the pits and for you to even cry for Maurice’s help is very shameful. I know i’m on the outside looking in, but he is a waste of your time, not the other way around. Also that ex of yours really cares for you- you can tell in the lyrics and from what was shown on television I hope it’s real for your sake. That S***t was all to real for me, if the camera’s were not there what could have happened for real. This is all over someting crissy said and Jim Jones acting out on what she said. I hope he can be a man to stand on his own in the future. She says she’s holding down the family. WHAT family he isn’t even married to her, but in the argument w/ Maurice he says my wife. Granted I havent seen the all the episodes and they could be married now, so I don’t know. A real woman doesn’t react or respond like that, especially, especially if there are children involved. She needs to take a page on how to be a lady from Swiss Beats ex- wife. I so despise a woman like that, she gives women who are not insecure a bad name. That’s why a man like Jim can be molded in so many different ways and she’s making him worst instead of better. Hey but what do I know I’m JustMe and She’s doing her. Forgetting she gets paid while I’m making comments that she shouldn’t care about in the first place. Make your paper, and continue to keep it real crissy. Continue to make an ass of yourself. Jim Love your music, you need someone you can really see yourself with. Not this woman who couldn’t really hold you down like you really need it. That ghetto stuff will never I mean never get you any where. That’s why she asked you to marry her not the other way around. The bible states when a man Finds a woman. Not a woman who finds a man. That relationship will never be what you want it Mr. Jones. Get a new woman who can really be what you NEED.

  4. JustMe says:

    @Evonne>>>>I’m with you girl. Do these women see how they are behaving? This is so phoney to me. The only person who is being real is somaya. I wonder is this all fabricated? Can this be true are women really like this? FABOLOUS Really????WTF he is horrible and that girl is stupid!!!WAKE UP,, FAB doean’t want you. He’s just happy women are loving him even with that messed up grill.(MONEY has been good to him) Really girl would you have liked him if he didn’t have money? GET A CLUE He DON”T WANT YOU!!Maybe after he’s gotten too old and has lost all his money then your a keeper. Girl put his A** on child support and move on my “loving the black men” cuban or whatever your background is sister…Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy?????WTF…Evonne that’s all I have to say..Jim Jones Watch This Girl as you have been all these years….lol Chrissy has all the answers and she’s in the same boat as Fabo’s girl and that Fake A** Olivia, Ladies what is going on? I love my black sister’s but you all need to get counseling.>>> These men really don’t love you. Jim is stuck bc no one wants a hot head, but chrissy and she’s willing to put up with the drama. There’s no telling what he put her through. All I can say now is WOW!!

  5. JackDee says:

    Although Somaya may not be where she needs to be…..she is on the road for at least attempting. The real problem here is a trust issue. It’s not that Chrissy doesn’t trust Somaya….she just don’t trust her dude. Jim clearly would have tasted Somaya had the opportunity presented itself. Chrissy….some advice, you can’t force a dude to marrying you just because you HELD him down for 6 years. Plus if you cleaned him up….uuuhhh, he doesn’t look like it. I agree with Tatoo/Maurice…Jim is a loser, but what’s your excuse?

  6. CHRISTINA says:

    Somaya i love the scene when your ex comes to visit you, he just seems to have real feelings there and I hope to hear that song come out of you and your ex and I would definitely buy it from itunes! Chrissy just hating it seems because it look like Jim Jones was going to give her that opportunity and then all taken away because of what his girlfriend says, opinions are fine, but when your handling business thats different.

  7. LaStar says:

    All i can say is Somaya, go on, do your thing. You are beautiful, talented and trying to make it unlike Chrissy sitting by jim jones watching for her “plate” which is very soon running out of food. How pathetic! Your star is already shining so hang in there and stay strong for I know you will make it. It’s funny i already know that the wheel will turn to your favor and girls like Chrissy and Olivia will beg just to be seen around you. Don’t mind them, they are empty, evil and have nothing to offer but evil plots.
    Jim, you will never go very far in live with a woman like chrissy, she is more a hindrance than a the rock every black man needs behind him to reach true hights.

    Olivia is a mess. No spine, no personality no talent. Just an “attractive” gimmick. How sad!

  8. Ingrid says:

    While all these ladies are quite entertaining I’m actually glad they dont act fake towards one another it is what it is and they’re upfront (for the most part) with their beef towards one another. It’s entertaining and I’ll keep watching and taking notes on how not to act. Lol

  9. alexis says:

    Just finished watching the new episode and wow my mind is blown away with so many thoughts. For starters; Cito should not have gotten involved in the ladies argument to the extent that he did. Second, Chrissy is crazy for going hard in Somaya’s face. Is she crazy? Really the girl used to be in an LA gang. I think Chrissy just is afraid that Jim J is gonna mess around with Somaya, so to me her having her man retract his decision to help Somaya is about insecurity!!I definitely think Chrissy is really trying to create some bad drama. I hope that Somaya makes it as an artist and surpasses Jim Jones. Because that is wrong what he did. His karma will get him and so will Chrissy’s. From the minute Chrissy saw how beautiful Somaya is, that’s when the hateration began. Really Chrissy? You that insecure about your man?? And this thing with Olivia and Derrell…wow that’s just embarrassing…why lie and say your with someone if your not? Then again Emily, men lie too…so who really knows their situation??

  10. Alexis says:

    One more thing, I also like the part where her ex came out. I know that must have been a great feeling. He really showed that he has true feelings for you and I’m glad he is helping you with ur music which I think is good. I look forward to buying the album. As for Jim Jones, I could care less about him and Olivia, well she was a one hit wonder…don’t even remember her music at all. Chrissy is a hindrance to her man all because she is a jealous hater. Emily, sorry you tried to bring the ladies together to rectify it all but it looks like that backfired. Chrissy is the one who needs to be checked…seriously. Stop hating and let this girl do her thing and try to make it out there!!Chrissy acts like she is some kind of music exec…please girl…get your own life create a name for yourself and stop bein a hater. And if you wanna tell your man about these little comments go right ahead….i’m right here in Harlem.

  11. loli says:

    I just read all the comments and I am impressed. They are right on target. I hope the girls read this and learn. I have to say, the show really doesn’t benefit most of the cast members. I really hope Emily watches this and realizes she needs more backbone and strength; Fab doesn’t give a hoot. Chrissy is jealous. Olivia is weak. I’ve grown to really like Somaya. I think women just feel threatened at first. Even I dismissed her because she is striptastic. I could also see her on something like The Wire. She has resonance… it’s just that people get distracted by a few things.

  12. Racquel says:

    Love the show!!!!
    Chrissy- I like who you are (for now)!!!
    Somaya-As long as you stay hungry, you will make it.
    Emily-You need some back bone. You deserve to be treated like a queen but if you don’t see it, you will never get it….period!!!
    Olivia-Stop frontin’ with your girls. You put your business out there so that leaves people to ask questions.

  13. HookedOnRealityTV says:

    Chrissy is a hater!!! she gives women a bad name … why knock this girl’s hussle??!! and you can say you aren’t BUT you so are and it’s all because you don’t trust ‘jimmy’ …. u can say u do but your actions show something totally different … this is why it is so hard for women to be friends … it’s the ‘crabs in a barrel’ situation … when ever someone is trying to climb UP there is always a group trying to pull u back down … i honestly didnt think i would like Somaya (I am not perfect and was judging the book by the cover) but she seems like the realest of them all and most of all SECURE with HERSELF … something i dont think chrissy honestly is … im done lol

  14. Sabrina from the D says:

    As i watch this episode, I realize that the hype is bs. No, it could not been me. Jim Jones is a h*%, why did he have to bring another man to fight his loud mouth girl battle. Somaya, I wish you the best. I pray somebody will pick you up and shine on Jim. Olivia, who are you. Didnt you get drop from G-Unit and now your boyfriend.

  15. Bianca says:

    Somaya; Girl keep doing your thing, you’ll make it to the top one day. Stand up for us Latinas! Tell the haters fall back. & BTW your boyfriend XO is insanely gorgeous!! Y’all make a beautiful couple. Wish you nothing but the best. :)

  16. Jade Ryan says:

    WOW, great comments. I would not have been on this show, if I were Olivia and Jim Jones, if the network would have paid a million dollars. This is truly embarrassing for Jim Jones and Olivia careers. For Jim, gosh, he is lame (a real man would not go off about some he say she say) and he must be broke. His girl and mother were complaining about 1,000 dollars (FOR REAL, you must do only make 10 grand a year, LOL). And poor Olivia, why lie, so sad. Somaya is a BOSS CHICK; loved her from day one.

  17. Kreole_Kween says:

    Lets start off by clarifying that nobody is checking for Jim Jones outside of the New York area. He had one hit 5 years ago! Who do these people think they are fooling? He is a D-list rapper at best. A smutty looking joke. Chrissy is on this show like she is Shaunie Oneal or somebody on that level. Chrissy honey…let me give you a clue…You are the broke girlfriend of a broke rapper. You are not holding anything down. You were arguing over $12 in a store with his crackhead mother. NOT A DROP OF CLASS AMONG THE WHOLE GANG OF YALL! Somaya is gonna come out on top of this whole situation because people will remember her name and game. Whos gonna remember Jim Jones 40 year old lady-friend …cause she aint been a girl in a loooong time. And tell your friend Olivia to go put in some applications somewhere…because she needs to find a real job or a rich man to marry her soon. And Fab’s babymomma…bless her heart…I cant even comment on her pitiful lil status….

  18. ms dee says:

    I was so disappointed with this episode. It was plain MESSY! The things that were said about Somaya were pathetic. Chrissy was uncomfortable with Jim working with her because of her own insecurities. She (Chrissy) was DEAD WRONG. To make matters worse, to see Jim and his goons run on the show and man handle him made them all look even worse. My advice to Jim is to know first what you have an insecure, messy, hood chic and act accordingly. She and your ignorance combined will definitely be your downfall.

  19. Lady says:

    I hate seeing ignorant black women being portrayed as BOSS CHICS. They are a sad excuse for a women. Chrissy, while you are holding it down, why don’t you get held down and get that nasty mole off your face. Olivia? What song did she do? Fab’s women, a little word of advice. If a man doesn’t claim you as his women they you are not. Jim Jones, a poor excuse. GANGSTA?? But needs to bring help for a 5foot tall man. Pull up your pants, take a bath, shave and sober up. You are a 5 year ago has been!

  20. Wow says:

    Somaya and Olivia the way they are acting on latter episodes shows that they may be subjecting themselves in a way that may not help develop a career or re-boost one. The way that Olivia gets picked on and the way that somaya seems to confront her when she should have done that with her manager or take that frustration out on who she seems to really have issues with on the show chrissy and emily who feel she is not a good rapper!Love her or hate her the star of this show is definately chrissy. Who has a beautiful complexion and hair may I add. Laughs!

  21. well says:

    Somaya manager acted so pathetically. But, somaya allowed him to do it and then try to back away from him. Is it just me or has somaya voice turned into that nikki rapper after the 3rd episode? Maybe, it is by accident or intent that her voice sounds like hers. And, then she does those faces like her sometimes. I think she clearly has her own style other than the occasional voice change and funny faces like that nikki rapper. Honestly, this drake guy and nikki person lyrics are no better than hers. In fact, I think hers is definately on their level. Which is not hard to do. I may not listen to rap music but I know that the reason it is not selling like music period is two – three reasons: economy, music is not as good and the popularity of internet i.e facebook and reality shows. She may not be the best rapper but she is certainly not the worst!

  22. lilol says:

    excoboard please go there and follow people who talk out of there crackhead minds. anything to help losers not win. then we will discuss are blondes or brunettes better anything to keep dumb people stank and rank and beneath me and worrying about me all at the same time. with love from your puppet master

  23. y not says:

    Well like jcole who i have never heard rap. nor want to but like he said light future is bright. but right now what is in is whitemeat eminem, darkmeat jayz, snoop, ice cube, tupac big lilwayne and spciy meat pitbull. etc so with that said somaya sounds much better than jcole, dungberg, drake and the like.

  24. sounds better says:

    somaya sounds better than drake, dungberg, jcole. not that is hard to do. they are overated and perhaps she is underrated.

  25. sdsd says:

    LIke jcole said and i may not have ever heard one song from him light has a bright future. with that said right now its the whitemeat eminem, darkmeat jayz, snoop, ice cube, tupac, big, and spicy meat pitbull that have been the now sucess stories. I think somaya is much better than drake, dungberg, or jcole. They are overated and perhaps she is underated.

  26. Trugb28 says:

    Jim Jones is a punk, He an’t gangsta like that. That’s why he was picking on a lil dude. I’ve seen him in the mix tapes video where real thugs got him running and then he’s on a interview after Quote “it’s not work it”. You suppose to be gangsta. Punk!!!!

  27. Charlotte says:

    I can’t believe that Chrissy is that insercure. Then again can, with that big ass mole on the side of her face she was JELLY of Somaya. Come on moley get it together. You blew it for that lady. How ugly can u really be. Oh i already see.

  28. Naya says:

    SOMAYA SOUNDS LIKE CRAP I WOULD NEVER BUY THAT AND IM SO TIRED OF PEOPLE THINKING THEY ARE ARTIST BECAUSE MEN WANT TO FK THEM! I’m not a hater but please do something else with your life other than flooding the media with more TRASH to lead the youth astray. Her next move will be starting a beef against a real artist just to get airtime…let me guess it’ll be Olivia…smh

  29. Meechy says:


  30. mek says:


  31. mike says:

    Jim needed his boy for that little man. Hey Jim if I had been there I would have knocked out your boy and stomped your lil ass.