Beverly Hills Fabulous Recap – Episode 4 – Out ‘Do-ing The Competition


A battle’s coming and I couldn’t be more …


… delighted.

We start this episode of Beverly Hills Fabulous at the morning meeting. The staff chuckle at Katrina and Lolita who walk in looking like they're about to go out. These are work boots for Katrina:


And they are deadly. Don’t stylists work on their feet?

No one discusses Sean's outfit this episode, but I think it’s worth mentioning:


He looks like a banished prince, a look I also enjoy.

Elgin comes in looking super happy, so the staff use his good mood to ask him if they can all travel down to Miami for the Sobe hairstyling convention. Katrina frames it as a chance to represent their new product line, but she doesn't mention the other reason for going: It's Miami. Elgin tells the camera that he knows his staff will go buck wild as he does all the work. He tells his staff pretty much the same thing:


After he retreats to his office, Elgin gets a call from his ex-wife Jackée. That's right: ex-wife. And that's right, this Jackée:


She’s the star of 227, Sister, Sister, and VH1’s own Celebrity Fit Club 2. But she’s known around this salon as “Elgin’s baby mama.” Jackée’s got a proposition for him, and she wants to meet over lunch. Elgin is intrigued:


… so he says yes.

Afterwards Elgin gathers guesses on what Jackée may be looking for. Elgin guesses that she may want to get back together — their son has been hinting that he misses having married parents. Sean says a marriage proposal is on the way. Elgin isn’t as intrigued with this idea as he was when he thought Jackée may just be looking for some … attention.


Back on the other side… after a quick and — by now — pretty standard discussion of sex and threesomes, Lolita and Katrina discuss how badly they want to go to Miami. Lolita says she's not going to take no for an answer. It's funny because Elgin has pretty clearly said no to the whole trip. Then Lolita finds a tweet from a hair salon claiming they're about to dominate the Sobe show.


Lolita naturally assumes they want to battle.

Once again Elgin leaves Sean in charge of the salon while he goes on his date with Jackée. This did not go so well last time. Sure, Sean took care of the salon, and sure, Elgin was happy with Sean, but somehow this all ended in an argument about responsibility. Sean appreciates the trust. But he also wants to go shopping today with a client, so his appreciativeness is expressed in a series of very annoyed faces:




Sean knows he’ll have to learn to roll with the punches though — or start throwing some, as Lolita seems ready to do.

Lunch time! When Elgin sees Jackée he says he's reminded of why he married her.


Before he gets too wrapped up though, he tells her he doesn't have much time because Sean is in charge.


Note that Sean and Jackée have the exact same expression on their faces when they learn that Sean is in charge of the salon for the afternoon.

The ex-married couple start talking about their son, reminiscing about good times. Elgin is feeling good about this.


Jackée is feeling good about this.


Meanwhile Sean’s client is trying to tempt him to abandon his duties as head of the salon. He, quite responsibly, resists, and gets to work:



… but here Sean shows that there’s work, and then there’s werk. He’s doing both!

She's super happy with her hair, but still disappointed that Sean won't leave. He does something almost as good — well, definitely cooler — and has a store bring their ready-to-wear into the salon.


Back at lunch. Jackée says she wants to be Elgin’s business partner. He looked taken back by this blunt request.


– I thought we were here for something totally different – he confesses, and Jackée’s reaction is a little too harsh.


But when he says he'll take her suggestion “under consideration,” she stops laughing.


Let that be a lesson: attempt to mix business and pleasure, and you will get NEITHER. Write it down, kids.

Lolita and Katrina are in a Tweet battle with the Miami salon. Were this happening on the other side of the salon, they might have stayed above the fray. But this is the other side of the salon, and Twitter fights must be fought.


Even their clients and their rivals’ clients are weighing in. Katrina compares it to an East Coast West Coast battle. If this battle ends with deaths on both sides, I will be very surprised.

Katrina finds a Tweet dissing Elgin Charles, the man himself, and Lolita's angry enough to call the salon. She tells Natural Treadsetters that they aren't fit to wash Elgin's shoes, and mentioned that they walk on red carpets and give champagne hair rinses at their salon. Then she tells the receptionist that they'll see them in Florida. Once they hang up they remember that a) Elgin doesn't want them to go down and b) they've entered him into a hair battle. Also: c) Elgin isn't in a great mood.



Sean says the Elgin and his bad moon couldn't have come back to the salon at a better time, because surely the racks of clothing and young models on their way over will cheer him up.



It works. Look at all that champagne! I hope no one needs their hair washed.

– That's why I love Sean, – Elgin interviews. – He'll always surprise you and come through… right when you think he's not. – One might argue that it would be even better if you always thought Sean would come through, from the perspective of a boss, but hey, this is a celebration.


A celebration of many things.

Katrina and Lolita couldn't come back over at a better time, now that Elgin’s in a good mood. They (well, Lolita, since Katrina has passed the blame) tell him about their Twitter war and how they’ve entered the salon into a battle. – This ain't West Side Story – Elgin tells them, though it’s a lot closer to that than it is to an East Coast West Coast rap beef, for sure.


He makes them call the Treadsetters salon, and Lolita is scared of having to apologize. But once the owner's on the phone, Elgin tells her that they're coming to Miami to destroy them. And then another side comes out of… everyone.



They’re not only unleashed a lion, but they’ve unleashed his mane.


This week's hair tips:

If you sweat at the gym, put your hair in a ponytail, – …otherwise it'll kink up. – Bonus hair tip from me: Let your hair kink up — it'll make the rest of you look thin by comparison. Then you won't have to visit the gym.

Want your expensive styling to last? Wrap your hair around your head clockwise, then cover it in a wrap. Then you won't have to do your hair the next day. Bonus hair tip from me: Just make a head wrap part of your style, and you won't ever need styling.

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