Kings of Leon Take The Stage In Nashville For Storytellers



As a group known for keeping their personal lives close to the vest, it was a true treat to have Kings of Leon open up to our VH1 cameras last night in Franklin, Tennessee. Privy to an intimate performance that revealed the band's versatile character, the audience did NOT want to sit down, and trust us when we tell you that this taped show —which will kick off an incredible 15th season of Storytellers on May 13th— is one that we're extremely proud to eventually share! Even if he was a smidge nervous at the onset, frontman Caleb Followill led the Kings' charge, discussing topics that spanned their early days as a group, his often-intoxicated songwriting process, succumbing to wearing tight pants they once found foolish, and their … wait for it – ¦ sexuality.

– This is our dream and we want to do this forever, – remarked Caleb as he ventured down memory lane, literally quoting his own thoughts from years earlier. In the music business for over a decade now, the close-knit group (comprised of brothers Caleb, Nathan, and Jared, along with cousin Matthew) has achieved a level of success that they admit once daunted them. Forced to ignore fears of surrendering their cherished solitude to the masses, the Followills continued to make music that they felt defined them. Now on the other side of fame, the humble rockers actively nod at their beloved Southern roots, and during our Storytellers shoot, showed appreciation for fans that believed in them from the beginning, and for the Nashville community where they call home.

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Disclosing out-of-the-box musical influences and some more private moments that inspired their songs, Caleb spoke to KOL's nooks and crannies, all while showcasing a combination of snarky wit, endless charm and unique sincerity. But don't look to us for spoilers, y'all! You'll have to tune-in on May 13 to see the stories' details for yourself! “They're gonna edit all this awkward sh*t out, – Caleb assured the audience, unaware that it was the subtle nuances and endearing hiccups that crowned the performance, showing us that, as much as they may fight it, maybe these kings are indeed human after all. And that's exactly what we wanted to see.

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Set List*: Sex on Fire / Radioactive / Crawl / Taper Jean Girl / Molly's Chambers / Fans / California Waiting / Immortals / Back Down South / Use Somebody / Knocked Up / Slow Night, So Long

*We’re not sure if this set list will be exactly the same when this episode of Storytellers airs, but this is what they played last night.

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