Meet The Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo


It’s funny. All of the other Mob Wives describe Carla Facciolo as being the type of person who, as Renee Graziano puts it, “doesn’t like to get into the drama.” Yet, if we’re not mistaken, we’re pretty sure that we saw Carla land the first blow in a knock down, drag out, hair-pulling catfight with Renee in the Mob Wives supertrailer!

Everyone has their breaking point, this much is certain. And while we have yet to see this particular episode, we’re fairly confident that this kind of behavior from Carla is the exception, not the rule. By all accounts, she seems to be the most chill of the Mob Wives bunch, as evidenced by her acknowledgment in the video interview above that her favorite things to do are to work out and eat healthy. So then, what was the straw that broke Carla’s back? You’ll have to watch Mob Wives on VH1 to find out! Remember, the show debuts on Sunday, April 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Midnight Cowboy says:

    I rarely watch TV, but I will watch to check out Carla F.


    If Carla is single I will trade one hot night with her for a pair of “cement boots”. I will be smiling all the way down to the bottom of the sea! -MDNGHTCOWBOY

  3. Davey says:

    Leave it to VH1 to come up with a stupid show idolizing mafia or mob especially mob women. Dumb show. Dumb plot. Mafia or mob is nothing to be looked up to and in nothing to idolize. One of the demon forces in America is Mob or Mafia. Go read a good book or something else. Don’t watch a stupid show about mob wives or anything that has to do with mafia. Stupid,stupid show.

  4. pix luv3 says:

    my thing is this if they are married to the mob or have connection to the mob.. why are they exposing themselves on television?? don’t they know that the feds are going to be after them.? plus like i saw on the preview.. one of them say is about loyalty and respect and no snitching ..but put yourself on to let the world know that your connected to them is a way of betrayel.. i beleived… well thats my opinion and i sticking to it.

  5. Tyrone says:


    VH1 has gone to far! “Mobwives” is a disgrace and embarrassment to law enforcement and to America! And to all Americans! We have had John Joseph Gotti, Jr family( Growing up Gotti) on TV. That was a disgrace! Gotti was an American gang member who became the Boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. Growing up in poverty, he and his brothers turned to a life of crime at an early age. Murder drugs and prostitution was the way of the Gotti gang! Many innocent Americans lost their lives with these white gang. Drive by shooting! White police and white Judges in their back pocket of Gotti‘s white gang! Operating out of the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, Gotti quickly rose in prominence, becoming one of the crime family’s biggest illegal earners and a protégé of Gambino family under boss Aniello Dellacroce. Allowed to get away with crime for many years by many white law enforcement officers! They where paid big money to look the other way! Now VH1 is glorifying white gangs and their family! America will never see Bloodwives or Cripwives or MS-13 wives. Not that I would want to see that either! I’m just asking why white gang feature? Like they contribute to the country. Like they are a such thing as better criminals! One of the things Mobwives shows! These receivers of criminal made money unlike black criminals. Get to keep the illegal wealth and live in $400,000 to a million dollars homes! HOW? In the case of black criminals houses and bank accounts are taken by law enforcement!

  6. mike veal says:

    what a bunch of lowlifes.why are we even showing these skanks?
    losers all
    they are wastes of life

  7. Sean C. says:

    OH Please, These B1TCHES need to meet the real family, try pulling that petty BS on the Island, they’ll be rolled in a ditch!
    Vicky needs to teach em some proper manners, R. Gambino needs to, well, do what he does!

    These, for lack of a better term, girls, need to be woken up!
    Their b1tch boy husbands are where they should be, sloppy children, sloppy work…..

  8. overflow says:

    Seeing middle aged women bullies is ridiculus. How can we ever expect to help the children being bullied on a daily by showing crap like this. These people are criminals who stole, killed and lied.

    VH1 and MTV is the devil, idolizing criminalism and teen pregnancy. To Hell with you!! What’s next Drug Dealer Wives?

  9. Midnight Cowboy says:

    Some of your females commenting on this website watch too much TV. If YOU were standing there as one of these Mob Wives came down on you – you would pee in your pants. After that, come blog to us about this show being “fake”. It is sort of like you ladies watching Danica Patrick race in the Indy 500 and thinking, “Oh, I could do that”. No you cannot do that in real life. The face and body of Carla F. has millions of men in a “masturbatory frenzy”. -Midnight Cowboy

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  12. tomasso says:

    Carla e una bella donna.

  13. Janeth says:

    Carla is the one who wrapped her hand around Renee’s throat!!! And Renee didn’t do anything. She could have pushed her back or stood in between Renee and Drita, but no, she freaking chokes Rennee with a smile on her face. A day later Renee is over Carla’s house and all is forgiven when neither Carla nor Drita had the decency to tell Renee that Karen, who hasn’t been a close friend for ten years and Renee has, that she was invited to the PAWTY. Both Carla and Drita claimed they knew nothing about it when clearly we see that they had a conversation over the phone about inviting Karen to the party. I mean the pawty. A 44 year old woman’s birthday pawty at the club. Um, yeah.

  14. snipettysnap says:

    They all have mustaches, except for the Albanian. Look up Karen’s mug shot.

  15. Barbara C says:

    Mobwifes: I cant believe you still have Karen still on this show, she is a horrible example of a mother leaving her daughter to do a reality show. She believes because her father was in the mop, that she is a bad ass. She talks garbage about carla, Drita and Renee and then trys to turn it as if they had done this. Now her buddy Ramona is jumping in talking garbage. This show was fun to watch before you added these two insane animals. What kind of women starts a fight and throws bunchs while the other person is being held, then talks about it like she is still 13 years old. What example is she setting for her daughter, just unbelievable. Please get them off the show.