VH1′s Latest Rock Doc, Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, Debuts Tonight


If you were to ask us to rattle off a list of some of the worst band names ever, it would probably be awhile before we got to the name Foo Fighters. Not Dave Grohl, though; according to him, “Honestly, had I taken this whole career thing seriously, I would’ve named it something else [besides Foo Fighters], because it’s the worst f*****g band name in the world!” This revelation, along with many more about the band’s tumltuous 16-year career (which has been filled with drug overdoses, creative in-fighting and a rotating lineup of musicians), are all presented, straight from the horse’s mouths, in the new documentary film, Foo Fighters: Back And Forth.

The film, directed by Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker James Moll, made its debut in front of a raucous audience at SXSW a few weeks ago, but you’ll be able to catch it in the comfort of your own living room on VH1 tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The level of access that Moll got into the world of the Foos was unbelievable, and you’ll see each of the band members candidly discuss the pros and cons of being a member of a band that formed in the wake of Nirvana’s untimely collapse. If you’re a fan of rock music, this doc is DEFINITELY a must-see. Set your DVRs!

Foo Fighters Documentary Premiere Followed By Surprise Show

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  1. SCOTT PRESLEY says:

    Something involving music… I love it. Shocked, but I love it! (Still wondering why a music channel would play movies like Adventures in Babysitting)

  2. Benjamin says:

    Stinking Pile is a bad band name…lol

  3. daveG says:

    best band in the planet

  4. Good show says:

    Great show.Fun to watch.About time you showed something cool.The Courtney Love BTM was very good too. I sure miss 120 minutes and Mtv News.Those were the good old days, not like all the crap we have now.How come nobody plays whats happening in England.Get up off you butt and find some cool new videos like you used to do.Why isn’t their a Classic Rocker count down? They all have new records y’know but you ignore them.What gives?I could program better vids myself if given the chance.Thanks again for the Foo’s show. Good Job!

  5. ……………………………………………………which rock band as of now is the worst band in the world ?…….. ……IntroductionEDITING NOTE This version of the Worst Rock Band Ever page was compiled from entries originally posted in real time on my blog so the comments about come back tomorrow or yesterday I wrote are relics from that original presentation. Sorry if Ive already blinded you.Guitar Worlds article about the worst rock bands of 2003 they picked Limp Bizkit and Creed got me to thinking .