Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour Hits The Big Apple


Charlie Sheen’s alternately maligned and (mildly) praised Violent Torpedo of Truth tour made its way through New York City last night after stops in Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland. If you’ve read the reviews from last night’s show, you know that the evening was, by most accounts, a disaster. Andrea Peyser of the New York Post said that Sheen “stank up Radio City Music Hall last night like a flatulent goddess,” while Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Gleiberman warned that “you know a performer is in trouble when his hecklers are funnier than he is.”

However, the mood outside Radio City Music Hall before last night’s show wasn’t filled with negativity, but rather, a sense of jubilance. Our friends over in VH1 News were there to capture the sentiments of the ticketholders of last night’s show before they watched the self-proclaimed Sheenius take the stage. As you’ll see in this video, the crowd was excited to pay homage to the man filled with #tigerblood and, as one particularly excited young lady proclaimed, really hoping that they’d see him “do coke on stage.” Sadly, it seems as if he got booed off stage before anything that exciting actually took place. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow night!

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  1. melanie moore says:

    i cant belive some girl thought that he would do coke on the stage. i doubt he would do that. he’d get in trouble. and i also think it is rude to boo someone. its mean. they did not have to buy tickets , what did they think it was goingto be? he called it torpedo of truth. so i figured it would just be him telling the truth. but i also think it is wrong of him to cut the time of a show that people bought tickets to. by the time they park, wait in line, etc., to be there only 45 minutes is awful. i hope he lets his other shows be longer, even if he gets booed. so what? thats showbiz. you dont end a show cause you get booed.

  2. mdiamond says:

    hahahahaha it’s obvious “the girl” was joking … basically making the point that charlie sheen is effing nuts ….