Mob Wives Recap — Episode 1 — I’m Gangster And I’m Coming Home


After spending an hour watching the premiere episode of Mob Wives, we’re still sort of amazed that anyone actually has the audacity to wag a finger in Renee Graziano’s face. But wait, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from the beginning here, shall we?

If you watched our video introduction to Renee Graziano a few weeks ago, you already know that she’s NOT the type to be messed with. However, if you missed that intro, here’s what you need to know about Renee. Her father, Anthony Graziano, is currently serving hard time in a federal correction facility in Butner, North Carolina, on racketeering charges, and if there’s one thing she hates, it’s a snitch. “If you’re a rat, you’re not in my circle,” she explains. “Matter of fact, I’ll make your life so miserable, you won’t be able to hang out in anybody’s circle.” Oh, and if you’re wondering if she owns a lynx coat…

"Yes, I have a lynx."

So, who was that woman brave enough to wag her finger in Renee’s face? Say hello to another of the Mob Wives, Karen Gravano.

Karen is the daughter of the infamous Mob turncoat, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, the man whose testimony was responsible for bringing down John Gotti and the Gambino crime family. As you can no doubt imagine, this betrayal rendered everyone in the Gravano clan persona non grata in Staten Island, so most of the family, including Karen, relocated to Arizona. However, after spending ten years in Arizona living with her daughter, Karen is itching to return to Staten Island to research her upcoming tell-all book from St. Marten’s Press. And, as you can tell, Karen and Renee don’t exactly get along. More on that in a bit.

Next up, we’ve got Carla Facciolo, whose soon to be ex-husband Joseph is in the clink for stock fraud. She too comes from an underworld background, and her father and uncles have all spent time in the clink. However, her kids have NO CLUE their Dad is in jail; Carla has told them all along that he’s “working.”

Last, but most certainly not least, is Drita D’avanzo. Her husband, Lee, is serving his second stint in a federal penitentiary, this time for robbing a bank. Although she was born and raised in Staten Island, she considers herself “100% Albanian” and has no problem whatsoever throwing down if you get up in her grill. “If I’m coming for you, I’m never gonna stop until i get you,” she explains to a (no doubt frightened) interviewer. “Hospitalized, broken faces, like ambulance (whoop). It’s not like tuggin’, pullin’ hair and that. I’m gonna hurt you.” And with biceps like that, we believe her!

"Eat your heart out, Michelle Obama."

She’s also a doting wife and mother, one who’s not afraid to bring her incarcerated hubby black olives, soprasetta, Wing Dings and Twinkies while he’s paying his debt to society. Vanilla Cokes, on the other hand, are a smidge harder to come by. Despite this minor trouble acquiring flavored sodas —btw, who knew those were such a hot commodity in jail?— she’s sticking it out.

"I wanna see a guy stick it out. I don't even think they could stick it out for a Friday night."

Ok, now that you’ve been introduced to the four Mob Wives, we can get on with the juicy stuff.

But before we get into the showdown between Karen and Renee, first we gotta find Renee a man. Luckily, Carla and Drita have some good suggestions for her online dating profile.

Renee’s Likes:

  • “I like a man that’s done at least 5 years in the federal penitentiary.”
  • “I like writing criminal institutions.”
  • “I like AK-47s.”

Renee’s Dislikes:

  • Guys who can’t deal with the fact that her ex might be pissed when he gets out of prison.

Any takers?

Meanwhile, Karen ain’t afraid of no ghost Renee, or anyone in Staten Island, for that matter. “F**k Sammy the Bull, f**k John Gotti, I’m gangster and I’m coming home.”

Reunited and it feels so good.

Besides, she’s got some allies in her old stomping grounds. Back in the day, she used to be besties with Drita. That is, until Drita got married to Karen’s ex. And before you go thinking it was no big deal, Karen lived with said ex for SEVEN YEARS. Speaking of which…

"Yeah bitch, I do know that picture, because it was sitting on my bedroom wall when I used to ride your husband."

Whoops, didn’t see THAT one coming! Oh well, it’s nothing that a few pink lemonade and vodkas won’t wash away…

Hey, that’s better than Ron Ron Juice. K-Gizzle, back in the house!

Before you get too settled, we’re mere moments away from Carla’s birthday party, where Karen will be the surprise guest of honor. Renee has been kept in the dark about this development, though, which is why you’ll see her in what she describes as “party mode.”

"Party Renee is the center of attraction."

Faster than you can do three (or, quite possibly, more!) shots of Patron, Party Renee goes buh bye when she sees Karen walking in the door.

That look you see there is what’s described in Mob Wives circles as “buggin’ the f**k out.” Let’s back up a sec. Renee holds a HUGE grudge against Karen, not necessarily out of any personal beef that the two had between each other, but more because of Karen’s father’s betrayal. Renee’s father ordered her to “cut all ties” with anyone with the last name Gravano after Sammy “The Bull” went rogue, and their first confrontation in well over 10 years is chock full of fireworks.

Watching Renee and Karen go toe-to-toe is, in a word, EPIC. Neither of these two tough broads are going to back down from each other, not even when Karen accuses Renee of being a “weak-minded individual.” Thinking for a moment that she has the upper hand, Karen tries to get Renee to leave Carla’s birthday party. Not so fast!

“I don’t leave anywhere,” Renee emphatically explains to her new enemy. “I never did and I never f*****g will.”

Will this tension get resolved without fisticuffs breaking out? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

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  1. john correlli says:

    no one ever waves a stink finger at me
    ur f***** ugly b*** u look like u were ran threw by a few mob familes n smacked wit a fish…………..

  2. john correlli says:

    non of u ***** r gangster never put in any work just cause u know the word doesnt me ur it

  3. Hotmom80 says:


    VH1 you’ve hit an all time low with this HOT MESS!

  4. guido says:

    Is this what Italians aspire to be?

  5. guido says:

    Is this what Italians aspire to become? Mobsters and wives of mobsters?

  6. Robert Hopkins says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by the secret world of La Costa Nostra, I grew up a huge fan of the films based of their good-fella exploits (God Father II is my favorite), so when I heard about the new Vh1 TV series Mob wives it was an offer I could not refuse. After watching tonight’s premier episode I gotta say, I’m even more confused and captivated. You have the daughter of reputed under boss Sammie the Bull Gravano, the biggest rat in mob history, returning to Staten Island after 10 years with cameras in tow. Vh1 gives us full access into the lives of the one’s who make it their business not to seen, and shows us that from this day forward, the FBI needs to rethink their surveillance tactics . No more wasting tax payer money, let’s cut FBI mob surveillance funding to help the deficit, use that money to buy our kids in public schools Ipads (I doesn’t have to be 1′s it could be 2′s), Vh1 has mafia detail locked down. WTF*WhoTheFan*WTF

  7. Erika says:

    say what you want its good to see one Renee sticking to loyalty and belief the other woman keep saying she is so into the whole mob ,Well it is called Mob Wives not ex or left it behind Mob Life. So the rest of these woman need to know and remember why there starting on this show that has so many viewers, so YESSSS Renee stick to Family Loyalty and Respect and Thank You for remembering the Gangstas you grew up with and not being ashamed to still believe in your people the hell with the rest of the co-stars saying she all into the whole mob well she aint no sell outt!!!! MOB WIVES ladies MOB WIVES dont forget the name of the show ,

  8. overflow says:

    Seeing middle aged women bullies is ridiculus. How can we ever expect to help the children being bullied on a daily by showing crap like this. These people are criminals who stole, killed and lied.

    VH1 and MTV is the devil, idolizing criminalism and teen pregnancy. To Hell with you!! What’s next Drug Dealer Wives?

  9. monika says:

    Ok. so out of morbid curiosity I watched the first episode. How pathetic, seriously??? “I’m a gangster and I’m coming back home”? Sorry but the real “gangsters” are now the crips, bloods, MS13, the Dominicans etc. This response is to Robert Hopkins… you’re a f***— r***** you know that??? Is that what you think the mafia is or was??? and I say was because most of them are in jail or dead and the ones that are still hanging around aren’t as powerful as they used to be, there is no more Italian mafia especially since the Russians took over most of Brooklyn and Queens, they make La Costa Nostra look like alter boys. I’m from New York born and raised and yes I am very familiar with the mafia, and it’s not like what you see on TV. As for Sammy Gravano his ***************. what ‘s the point of going into the witness protection program only to come out to write a a book and then get your dumb *** arrested for dealing Ecstasy? the same goes for Henry Hill, I swear that man was on TV more times promoting his book and Goodfellas.

  10. Paula says:

    This show is a disgrace. I am embarassed to say I am Italian after watching the first episode. They should be ashamed of themselves behaving this way. Why doesn’t VH1 put something positive on?

  11. Tanya says:

    I like the show but the ladies seem so angry (for good reason about theeir family members being away). However, these ladies have so much more in common that then do that are differences. They should support each other and work it out. They need to go on Oprah or Dr. Phil or something because they shouldn’t dislike each other. They need to forgive and have a spa day together. They should relax and support each other. There’s no need to carry about grudges and resentment. It would bring a lot of peace into their lives to forgive, and do things together that help each other heal from the hardships and be there for each other.

  12. vin says:

    What trash.
    People think all Italians are like you. You make me ashamed that I share the same nationality. All of you are the lowest of the low. You should be ashamed to show your face in public and here you are on national television showing your disgraceful lives. For you low lives, having your “men” in prison seems to be a source of pride. What planet are you on. I used to feel sorry for mobsters family members because I thought they were ashamed and humiliated by their killer relatives but after watching this show my feeling is that when the men go to prison their whole entire family should follow them. You people are a disgrace to the entire human race.

  13. tameka says:

    I can’t believe how ignorant Renee is on Mob Wives. She has one of the most skewed views on how lives and the world works. Unfortunately she grew up being handed everything and you can definately tell. She is what in her 50′s and still living off of daddy’s dime, she is way too old to have not cut the cord. Just one tid bit the good men are not the ones who are incarcerated and felons they are the ones who take care of their family and are there to spend time with them, not to mention ones who are caring for all people not just their family. What makes Renee think that its ok to ruin other families but not your own is beyond me all I can say is Ignorant!!!!

  14. Erik says:

    Dear VH1 just thought you should know that this show is a joke along with all the woman on it. They dont deserve to be on TV. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting any of these people. They are all the scum of the depths of hell and if you want to put a show on TV put one on about real people not these fake, undeserving scabs. Anyway if you want to make a real show get some real people. The MOB is not something to be glamourised. FYI. They may take care of their own people but have also destroyed many lives in this country. Please for the sake of humanity cancel this show ASAP and give the money they make to your favorite charity, maybe you could feed hungry children or even provide housing for low income familys who need the money. These woman speak like a bunch of jailbirds themselves. Put them with their AHOLE husbands behind bars and then you would have a show.

  15. LisaM-Centereach says:

    Ugh…Another repulsive show that makes Italian Americans look like uneducated pigs.

  16. tameka says:

    Seriously could Renee be anymore of an ignorant person. How can you justify tearing apart other families but heaven forbid it affects your family then its completely wrong. If Renee feels as though “you are your fathers daughter and should be judged for what they do” then she should be considered a murderer and put in the metal box just like them. One huge thing Renee seriously your what 50+ you should not be living off of your daddy’s dime…make a living on your own. I am sure you can’t since you probably have no education (thats actually quite obvious) and are a selfish person who can’t accept others. Renee is an ignorant horrible person who should know how to treat people and that you are not all that…and you look as though you were hit by a bag of nickels!!!!

  17. Anita says:

    I Like The Show… Its Better Then Half The “Reality” Tv Shows On Today…… I Love Drita Shes My Fav… But I Can Honestly See Where Renee Is Coming From…. As For The Other To Women I Dnt Really Knw How I Feel About Em Yet I Gta Keep Watchin Then I’ll See….. & If You Dnt Like The Show Then Change The Channel Its Not That Hard

  18. AllGrownUp says:

    I also remember staring at that picture while I was riding Karen’s boyfriend on Wellington. Gotta say, bank robber or not, Lee was a good lay.

  19. starmedina taylor says:

    i think renee needs to get over the fact that karen is back her father is the one who rated not her and if she feels like she can not deal with karen then renee needs to keep it moving.

  20. Teonna Harris says:

    Love the Mob Wives this show will be a hit OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Smashtastic says:

    I recall one of the woman (I think it was Renee, but not 100% positive) saying something along the lines of, “I don’t consider them [their husbands and fathers] to be bad men because they don’t bring harm to their families.” My thought was, “Well no, you imbecile. They just bring harm to other people’s families!” Am I the only person that thought that comment was completely idiotic?

  22. Terry says:

    I have to say, this show is a train wreck, but I find it entertaining. I think all these woman act more like the girls friends of the wise guys, than the wives. No woman with children, should put their business out there like that. Speaking from a woman who has a husband in prison, it is not fun, it is not fur coats, and jewels, it is hard work to raise children alone and put food on the table. They make it look like an easy, carefree life, which is most certainly isnt. As for that one girl, who says her children think their dad is working, I tried that too, to protect them, but children are not stupid, especially when everyone they know will be watching this show.

  23. Penny Lane... says:

    I watched Mob Wives yesterday and today, the first season premiere show..I am really surprised that these four women would actually go on camera and air their personal lives like this, I was a single mother and raised my son and we sons father wasn’t around, he was nonsupportive..there was nothing that i remembered about those years that were so glamorous..I didn’t live a pampered lifestyle, and was carefree..i was out working and putting myself thru college to better myself and support my son..I didn’t have the lifestyle to just do what I wanted..would have been nice, I would be ashambed to tell anyone if my husband was in prison, or involved with crime, I would keep my mouth shut, but thats just me, I am proud to say that my son has grown up to be an outstanding citizen in the USA, and It wasn’t always easy, but We made it, I wonder what will be the next Reality show will be about.. hmmm..

  24. Leslie says:

    I think it is funny how they come out with these reality shows and they are so fake it’s not even real. How embarassing for these adults to act the way they do and to teach our kids that it is Ok to act that way. I think VH1 and MTV should not even have a channel to make these kids think that this is OK! I think is also funny that Jersey and New York’s people disply themselves as these kind of people and other people pay them to make asses of themselves. I would never discrace my hometown the way these people do! I do agree what alot of the comments that are listed below FAKE!!! and EMBARASSING!!!

  25. Ingrid Q says:

    I’m trying to figure out why some of the comments are so angry and full of venom towards people you don’t know and do not affect your life in any way shape or form. I remember when people use to go so hard on Howard Stern but it was the people that hated him the most that listened the longest. lol I’m amused by these women I think they mean well and live a certain kind of life that seems normal to them. I for one I’m not going to set my dvr to the show but you know what if I happen to catch it I’ll watch the entire thing and be amused for an hour. Bring on the drama ladies!!!!

  26. Tatyana says:

    Love it , Love it , Love it!

  27. Suzie says:

    Loved it! To all you nay sayers, don’t freakin’ watch it if you don’t like it! Hey, I like Renee. Yea she’s a drama queeen for sure but I respect the fact she sticks to what she believes in. With her, there’s no misunderstanding about where you stand with her – either with her or without:) If you’re not in good with her, best to stay far away or in Karen’s case – back in Arizona!

  28. dramafree says:

    Wow!!!!! I like this show it’s the Real…….. GHETTO!!!!!!!!!

  29. rebekah says:

    VH1 I don’t understand you create these wives shows and then put women who are not wives. it makes no sense call it mob family. Even aside from that this show is a joke. Renee your an idiot.

  30. teresa says:

    Renee looks like an overdramatic, drag queen, mob diva wanna be with a bipolar personality…….

  31. bre says:

    ewwwwww – omg – speechless – EWWWWWWW. Like watching SAW, you just can’t stop looking.