Lady Gaga Betrayed by “Judas” Leak



Do you remember where you were when “Judas” leaked? Lady Gaga does. “I got an email,” she says dramatically in the new “Gagavision” video: “‘Eek! Judas is leaking! A slow death!’”

Gaga, for her part, expresses concern mostly about the way in which Thursday night’s partial leak might affect the artistic statement of the song, and would rather it had immediately leaked in its entirety. “Just put that s**t out. There’s no need to—it’s like, they were like, tearing [the song] limb from limb. First it was, like, the arm of the song, and then the liver.” This stands, at least to us, as a somewhat hypocritical thing to say, considering that with “Born This Way,” she sang a portion of the song’s chorus at the VMAs in September, then drip-dripped its lyrics across a wide swath of magazines and blogs online for a few months, before finally revealing the single’s cover art. Guess that doesn’t count as dismemberment.

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  1. j says:

    yeah, but with born this way, neither the melodies or the actual music never leaked. With Judas, snippets were released and then the whole thing came out. She meant the dismemberment thing by all the snippets that were leaked. duhhh.

  2. Life Plus says:

    Lets say he does have herpes. Why would having herpes affect somebodys career? Do you know how many people get cold sores? Are you saying that everybody with cold sores will have a difficult career? Perhaps if they were working the fashion world as a model I could see that possibility but why baseball?

  3. Life Plus says:

    i agree minka can do better. n he sucks