Video Premiere: Beastie Boys, “Make Some Noise”


The new Beastie Boys video is here! And it’s…just a longer trailer for their thirty-minute movie, premiering tonight at midnight EDT on VH1 and MTV!

Well, at five minutes and thirteen seconds, it’s certainly more than that—but it does end with a cliffhanger.

The Beastie Boys have always been more than a little uncomfortable with their Licensed to Ill-era personae, even apologizing publicly for their homophobic lyrics. But it seems enough time has passed that the Boys can look back on their early days with not a little humor (often at their own expense)…not to mention a score of their famous friends. The video actually starts in the immediate aftermath of “Fight for Your Right (To Party),” with the trio stumbling out of the party and into the morning light in search of more beer:

Yes, that’s Seth Rogen as Mike D, Elijah Wood as Ad Rock, and Danny McBride as MCA. And yes, the bodega is closed. But don’t worry—Mike D busts the window open with a trash can! And the song begins, and the antics continue.

By re-examining their past video selves’ behavior in the light of day, and having a bevy of actors react in what’s actually a quite natural fashion to, say, having a beer can thrown at you, the Beasties both offer an homage to their classic selves while re-asserting that they know better. And in case you don’t think they know that this could appear played-out, they have a winking reference to Will Ferrell’s cowbell-playing SNL character:

What’s surprising about the video is how subtle it is in its period detail, unwilling to call attention to itself, unlike so many loud “look how much work we put into making this authentic” homages. (The Wackness, anyone?)

And the song? Funky and fun, and an exciting preview of the forthcoming Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2.

Now, about that cliffhanger: after a and bizarre journey that somehow seems to take place in the space of one block, the “Beastie Boys” meet none other than “The Beastie Boys from the future”—John C. Reilly as Mike D., Will Ferrell as Ad Rock, and Jack Black as MCA—who challenge them to a breakdancing contest.

To see who wins, tune in tonight!

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