Watch Two Exclusive Sneak Peeks From The New Episode Of Mob Wives


If you’re anything like us, Sunday night can’t get here quick enough. Why? That’s when the new episode of Mob Wives airs (at 8 p.m. ET/PT) natch! Since we couldn’t wait much longer without something new to digest for the show, we bugged the powers that be for a sneak peek of next week’s episode that we could share with you guys. And you know what? It worked even better than we expected; we got not one but TWO brand new clips from this weekend’s episode of the show that the Hollywood Reporter describes as having “near-Shakespearean levels of conflict.”

The first clip, which you can watch above, shows Drita and Carla working out at the gym the morning after Carla’s birthday party which, as we saw last week, turned into quite the drama-filled affair. “So this is the problem,” an admittedly hungover Drita explains about her tendency to “Hulk out” from time to time. “I have a switch, and it’s not a good switch. And as soon as it goes on, DON’T CHALLENGE ME.” Trust us, we won’t! And below, we’ve got an incredibly touching clip of Renee talking with her therapist about the stress and anxiety she feels when dealing with her ex-husband.

Don’t forget to tune-in to VH1 on Sunday night to see these clips in context, when the brand new episode of Mob Wives, “The Bitch Is Back,” airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT!

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  1. Stacy G says:

    Really?! Really?! Another reality show with low class, bitter, angry women fighting and behaving like overgrown high school skanks? As a 45 year old woman who has had her own struggles, I so can’t relate, nor would I want to. VH1 you should be ashamed of yourselves trying to pass this off as “entertainment”. It shows a definitive lack of imagination and creativity, and is probably only appealing to the lowest common denominator. And I thought Basketballs Wives was bad enough…

  2. deb says:

    This is entertainment at it’s best, i love them all!!!!!!! They need a blog, i know renee didnt hear carla say “i choked that itch.” speaking of renee. if they had a blog whuch they were required to write in we could see her reaction.

    luv the show, they remind me of myself growing up in the city, when i was in my late teen, early 20′s before kids, happy marriage, house …..

    my uncles were connected and so often when my uncle vinny came over he always had great stuff that :feel off a truck,” i never really knew what it meant, just that he was lucky. He actually had a stand in a local area and sold the merchandise, in the open. i loved going there, we could pick out anything we wanted. MY grandfather chose a different lifestlye when he came to this country from Italy so i knew of connected people but knew it was not my grandfather but his brother, the only one that chose that life from 6 brothers which immigranted back in the 20′s.

    keep it coming!!!!