Beverly Hills Fabulous Recap – Episode 7 – Blonde On Blonde


Things are changing for the whiter.

We’re at the morning meeting for the start of this episode of Beverly Hills Fabulous. Elgin informs us that he’s been trying to fill the two empty stations on the other side of the salon. It’s either to increase his returns or to make the full side of the salon feel even fuller. Elgin notices that Sean looks upset. He’s got a good eye, because the difference between Sean looking happy and Sean looking discontent is getting razor thin.

But he makes it clear that it’s not the new stylists’ fault, it’s him: “I hate people anyway in general. I just hope they stay to themselves, don’t bother me,” he says.

Syreeta isn’t pleased either. She feels that if they were going to hire new stylists, one of them should have been her. “Or is it that people are trying to diminish my personality trying to make me fit into a box?” she announces.

If they’ve boxed her in, then they’ve left the lid wide open. Elgin tells Sean to keep her in check and ends the meeting.

Back on their side of the salon, the stylists and Syreeta start arguing over whether she should shut up or not. You can guess who’s on each side of this argument (and which side’s the loneliest). This is how I feel about her complaints:

… because she’s been on staff for how long? About 12 seconds? She tells them that they’re acting “typical ghetto” and walks out.

Elgin brings the guys back on to his side to reveal his new stylist. He gives them a speech about all inclusiveness and how his clientele is 99% women. So his first big reveal is he’s bringing in a barber for the first chair. This guy:

Then Esau gives us a speech about how excited he is to work on a salon that is 99% women. Maybe his client base is just 1% of the traffic, but he won’t ignore that other 99%, starting with the ladies in the room right now:

Now there’s one chair left to fill. Elgin explains that the Elgin Charles Salon started as the premiere black salon in Beverly Hills, and now he wants to diversify.

To white hair! And white people’s hair means having white people stylists means having white people in the salon. Finally, someone’s given some consideration to the white people. Thanks, Elgin.

Sean refuses to shake her hand, or even show her his hands, instead presenting her with his grey cocoon of disapproval.

He doesn’t get any nicer when they return to their side of the salon. He interviews that he just wants her to feel how black people feel sometimes — put down, outnumbered. Truth is, Sean wants everyone to feel this way. Everyone:

Lolita visits the other side to talk to Elgin. He thinks she’s there to complain about the new stylists, but she’s actually there to talk about Syreeta, i.e., complain about Syreeta.

Back on the other side, Sean’s client, who’s a professional matchmaker comes in for her appointment. She asks him for his three qualities that he wants in a man, and he shares. His dream man is:

  • wealthy (not rich)
  • height and weight proportionate
  • has moral character

He clarifies that he can’t date someone who doesn’t share his “moral values,” hence, the “moral character” line on his list. See the lines above “moral character” for some of Sean’s highest values.

She hooks him up on a date for that very day, so he hooks her up. With a montage:

These two! They could be twins. Time for the date. Sean gets to the restaurant, and he’s confronted with “… the plainest Jane white boy you’ve ever seen in your whole life.”

His name is Brad. “I think he’s a bit square,” Sean interviews. But after Brad talks for a little bit, Sean also admits that he’s a bit funny.

Brad shares that he started his own business, and that it’s “quite lucrative,” which seems to make him more interesting in Sean’s eyes. “I find myself really enjoying your conversation,” Sean tells him further into the date. The few glasses of champagne probably help too.

But when the bill comes Brad suggests they split the champagne bill.

Sean insists that he’s “traditional” so Brad has to pay. “Be the bigger man,” he insists, and Brad gives up and pays the entire bill.

He returns to the salon and finds it half empty. But the last thing he wants to do is “…share my date with Jessica Simpson over there” so he doesn’t say anything about it, even as Lauren begs him to dish. He shares the scuffle over the bill, and Lauren agrees that Brad should have paid. So Sean’s finding himself enjoying her conversation a little more.

We end this episode with Elgin and Syreeta. He calls her in and tells her that she’s obviously a stylist, as she’s made clear. Problem is, they needed an assistant. But he’s found her another salon that needs a full stylist right now, and he wants her to go take that job. So it’s goodbye for Syreeta for now.

We’ll never now how high you could fly, which might be a good thing.

This week’s hair tips:

Don’t go back and forth between relaxers and straighteners. Pick one and stick to it, or else your hair’s going to fall out. Bonus hair tip from me: Don’t go back and forth, let your relaxer and straighter fight for you. That way you’ll know who you’re truly meant to be with.

Use a dry shampoo if you have extensions, braids, or are leaving the gym and can’t shower. Bonus tip from me: Just don’t use powdered dirt as your dry shampoo, it kinda defeats the purpose

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