Find Out Which One Of The Mob Wives You’re Most Compatible With


As we all catch our breath after last night’s explosive episode of Mob Wives, we thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you about two brand new Mob Wives-centric games for your mobile device.

First up, we’ve got “Which Mob Wife are you most like?” Answer a series of simple questions and we’ll tell you if your personality is most like Renee, Karen, Carla or Drita. Second, we’ve got “Which Mob Wife are you most compatible with?” Since a few of them are either on the market or, possibly, about to be, you really should know which one is your match.

So, how do you play? Well, all you gotta do is text MOB to 22422. Yep, it’s that simple. Get playing!

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  1. jil scardena says:

    Drita I give you credit for waiting for your man, i just did a 4 year bid with mine, however i will not ever do it again, they have no idea how hard it is on us !!

  2. Liz Zambardino says:

    As a single mom now, who grew-up in Canarsie Brooklyn in 70′s 80′s then moving to Howard Beach through 80′s &90′s. We knew as kids and teens what some of our family members did “for a so called living” and kinda figured out what our friends dads did as well but it was never spoken. We were raised with respect. It was definatly La Cosa Nostra!!! No one’s business. I know times have changed so much but I still have a issue with this show!!! Ladies remember the Holidays and Sunday dinners when we weren’t allowed downstairs cause uncle Vito and daddy were talking!!! what happen to these times???

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m am curious why the show is called Mob Wives? They are not married to the mob. Two are daughters of what you call gangsters. The other two husbands are in jail for fraud & robbing banks therefore that doesn’t neccessarliy mean their connected or involved with the mob.

  4. candyapple says:

    i love this freakin show!!!

  5. Denise says:

    I love the Mob Wives!!!

  6. Joe says:


  7. Joe M says:

    I LOVEEEE you Karen….such a good looking beautiful women you have grown up to be….an angel… Long Island Joe Botts

  8. marie bongiorno says:

    i would like to contact karen gravano about writing book etc. I am am joe bongiornos wife steechs from n.j. (dutch schults)

  9. krystal says:

    drita is my girl she reminds me of myself

  10. DanaG says:

    I friggin love this show!!! I soooo relate to these gals..they are a bit younger than I am, but everything else is the same right down to the vast collection of designer handbags, jewels, cars and furs..I hope this show is never cancelled!!!! It’s great to finally have a reality show that I can relate to..screw the real housewives of wherever..mob wives are the real housewives..Love you all..smooches!!

  11. Nina says:

    Even tho Im usually a lady it seems my alter ego is DRITA! lmao As if I & my friends & family didnt already didnt know that lol

  12. Donnitia says:

    Becca K= u r an idiot!!!!
    i love this show!! drita u r my fav!! i like all of the girls on this show! everyone of the girls r brave for letting their lives be published so we could watch it. im sure they have a few people who r not to fond of them for saying and doing what they do for this show! They all look like very good and proud momma’s!! i just hope that there is a season 2!!!

  13. Leila says:

    Renee is my favorite she seems so ready for Action and Reaction, Lol and because she is beatiful . Nobody mess with this Lady.

  14. Jeretta says:

    I love this show they seam real to me, the other shows on t.v are so fake. Drita is my favorite!!! She is real and thats why i like her, and when you are in love with a man you dont want anyother man but that one!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Marta Vargas says:

    I love the show specially when they fight each other. I don’t think Renee shoul give her husband a change to come back home now that he knows hes going to jail. I know she still in love but in the long run she is going to get hurt again. She has done a good jjob raising AJ by her self and I know she could do it..I did and I now have a 3 yr old daughter that I am raising by my self…You could do it too…Think about it..Just be his friend not his wife until he comes back from jail. You could do it…..

  16. Brooke says:

    This is my NEW favorite show! I hope it keeps going.. Hope I’m not related.. LOL!! This is such a good look at how things effect the families lives,,,

  17. Brooke says:

    Best new housewives show ever!!! Hope they keep it going!!! This show IS reality!!!!

  18. Brooke_Lyn says:

    Best new show on TV!! As far as the comment about some not being house wives?? Most of the “Real Housewives Of” whatever.. Are NOT wives either. This show is more realistic than anything called “Reality”! Great show!!!

  19. vee says:

    love u karen

  20. Christine says:

    This show is fantastic! Drita and Rene all our favorites and cannot get enough of them. As a native New Yorker and can relate of a lot of what the girls go through, I have to say they are just so genuine! Please keep this show on! It really is the best and very entertaining !

  21. T.C. says:

    Yo This Show Must Go On Everyone Of The Girlz On Here Are The BOMB They Seem So Down To Earth Even Carla She Sometimes had Me Like She’s Not Real But At The End Of The Day She’s Alright Too Loyalty Is To Your Family Is What Its All About For Real So Just Keep It Real Girlz & You Find This Fly A%s Dude From Va Come Up There Snatch One Of Ya’ll Up & Keep It Moving LOL But Just Keep The Show Goin For Real For Real Get At Ya Boy T.C. In Richmond VA Well Known Just Scream My Name Once You Hit The City & I’ll Pop Up Like Bread Out A Toaster LMAO. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BABYDOOLS

  22. Jessie says:

    I admire Drita and her loyalty to her family and husband. She is like a Pitbull, friendly until you do her wrong. When I watched the show, I could see the furry and rage in Drita and it gave me goose bumps. On the roof top after the fight, Drita said “She’s coming” and I got an adrenaline rush by her voice and just watching the intensity on her face.

  23. Mujer Latina says:

    I don’t think that this is about Lee if your a real friend to someone you don’t look at there man with interests PERIOD. Karen has been telling her since day one its not about LEE its about there friendship. But Drita is an idiot that she doesn’t understand, look what happened the scum bag was cheating on her. Wake up Drita. Women should never fight over men for nothing in the world.

    The man gets away and the woman always gets stuck with the kids to raise. Wake up women.

  24. MujerLatina says:

    I would never never wait for NO MAN that is in JAIL , Period. No jail bird for me, the hell with that. You got in trouble you now have to go to jail for what many many years…..bye bye buddy.

  25. linda says:

    you women are great.your show 2 me is all but love respect honor . no matter how much you gals fuss n fight (this part i love) you gals come back around /stick it out. it’s great to see that women(some) really know how 2 b friends regardless of the emotions lack of communication you gals i have to give it 2 ya you’ll really do love each other.i really want you women 2 know i adore your show and each one of you. hello drama queen hello heavy-weight hello bookworm hello skinny . i watched every episode and can’t wait 4 the next season episodes 2 come you ladies are bad$$$$$ and you ladies make me happy 2 look at television. until your next show you girls keep kicking $$$ on vh1. GOD BLESS/good luck

  26. angel says:

    so is there going to be a another season of mob wives??I love that freakin show…and drita is the best by far!!

  27. Donna/Dawn says:

    What the hell happened to mob wives? I love that show! Why is it off air? When are you gonna put mob wives back on tv I want to see new and more lots more episodes. Get rid of Basketball Wives or some other dumb show u put on in replace of mobwives,. Please put Mobwives back on vh1 or Ill go crazy without my show. I enjoyed this show only thing kept me intune with tv. SO when can I expect this show to show back up on tv?

  28. Donna/Dawn says:

    How do I play mobwives games on internet not on cell phone or no text. I want to play games on internet. Where do I go to play online? Not on cell no text please online games only

  29. Tammy (From Ontario Canada) says:

    I absolutely love the show MOB WIVES!!! Thanks for opening your lives to the world. All the girls are great and bring very different elements to the table………….. but I gotta say, I love that girl Drita…….. you go girl, you’re on the money with your family values and outlook on life, just keeping with moving forward. Way to be strong through this difficult time in your life. You have my sympathies. Just because some a woman is strong minded, strong willed and physically strong to handle their own doesn’t mean that they don’t get hurt, shed a tear or two and or bleed just the same as a weaker emotional person who shows their feelings. Hold your head high girl, you are holing it together fantastically. You are inspirational to other ladies out there watching. Karen, Renee and Carla, you all have a great spirit about you. Way to go on being so independant regardless the “crap” of what your families have done. Again, thanks for sharing your lives, I truly enjoy the show.
    Take care in your lives, much love all the way from Ontario, Canada.

  30. zantaisha says:

    i love mob wives!!

  31. Jessica says:

    I just want to say I love the Mob Wives!!!!!!! It is the best show ever! My Fav. Mob wive is Drita, she keeps it real and tells you like it is! even straight up to your face, like it or not that is Drita… I can’t leave carla out … she is my second best fav….

  32. meg says:

    Karen really shouldnt be on the show she needs to go back ware she came from seriously its better without her

  33. vonzelle says:

    I LOVE BIG ANG!!!!!!

  34. i’m most like Drita because im strong.i’m strongwilled and trustworthy.she reminds me of being a little ghetto.

  35. Francine says:

    I love you Big Ang. Drita grow up you are not a tough guy and you are not even italian

  36. Linda Cipov says:

    Karen and Romona need to go back to the alleys! (the back alleys) I don’t know how they show their face after a 2 against on. No excuse, none. That just showed me their just punks on tv. young and stupid) even though their NOT young. Rene needs to stop throwing tantrums and grow up. She flip flops between the girls so much my neck hurts. If family is so important to her she woudn’t have that much time involed in the girls lives. Friends are people you can ask for help or just talk to about UR problems,and enjoy. I love Carla, stick with your BFF. Drita is a sweetheart. Stay in anger mngt. and learn how you live your life is number 1. Big Ange is wonderful. They should only have on the show.Dreta.,Carla, Big Ange, oncel in a while Rene. When I watch the show I wanrt to see how MobWives can do spontaneous and crazy things. Also a little serious.

  37. rachael says:

    i freakin love this show it is by far my favorite

  38. Gail Chase says:

    I’m from Brooklyn originally (Bensonhurst) and then moved to Staten Island. I think I most resemble Carla’s personality. I even once went as Cher to a Halloween party! I am an attractive brunette, much like Carla, and even think that if I ever ran into her on Staten Island, I would start up a conversation to tell her how alike I think the two of us really are. Of course, she doesn’t know me or my personality like I know hers from watching my favotire show (“Mob Wives”) but we could become fast friends. I also work downtown in the Financial District, much like she once did, so there are similarities.

  39. kaycie says:

    ramona is the best. hands down.

  40. Lisa C says:

    Ramona is THE problem! She’s such a beautiful woman… too bad she is SO immature. I love Drita and Big Ang! Two very real women. Love the show. I will miss the ladies during the hiatus!

  41. Starr says:

    Drita always has my vote,,,she is my favorite