Looks Like More Drama Is On The Horizon As Basketball Wives 3 Films In Miami (Plus, Meet The New Cast Member!)


We’re still a little over a month away from the premiere of Basketball Wives 3, which is set to debut on Monday, May 30, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t already drama going DOWN. Filming is going on down in Miami as we type this, and based upon a report that we just saw over at the (sometimes reliable, sometimes not so much) Media Take Out, it seems like Tami is up to her old ways. According to MTO’s report: “One of the new girls apparently started talking out the side of her NECK towards Tami. And that’s when the BROOKLYN came out of her. Tami had to be held back from beating her azz.”

Meet Meeka Claxton, a brand new cast member of Basketball Wives 3There you have it! One thing that Media Take Out did NOT report, though, is that a brand new castmate has entered the fray this year. Meet Meeka Claxton (pictured at right), wife of former NBA champion and current NBA scout, Speedy Claxton. We have yet to see any of the footage from this season, though, so it’s not quite clear yet exactly where her allegiances lie. We’ll have more information on her

Our friends over at Bossip have a ton of pictures of the Basketball Wives from yesterday, be sure to check them out!

[Photo Credits: Media Take Out, Elite Access Magazine]

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  1. Les Milling says:

    I love the show very much,but when are we (the viewer’s) going to actually see some basketball wive’s? Not ex-wives or baby mama’s or jump-offs,some actual wives of current player’s not player’s who have not been in the league in more than four or five or more year’s than that.

  2. Madrid says:

    Where can I buy the T- Shirt that Evelyn made? Does any body know? Please let me know.

  3. venni says:

    Jennifer does not have her own mind she is a follower. Everything about Evelyn is ugly, her name, her face, her attitude, her inside is wicked. Tammy and Royce are the only two that keep it real. Meeka needs to go back to highschool where she came from. She’s not finish with the kid stuff yet. Shawnie is pimmpin all of them and she is PHONY.

  4. PYT says:

    Evelyn, my man n I both purchased ur shirt! We think its HOTT! Tami, u have kids… What example r u setting… Always wanting 2 fight! Can u say GHETTO MOTHER! All u want 2 do is fight… And 4 what! Deformation of character, Wow! Really! If that’s the case all of us would have a law suits! Build a bridge and get over it! Grow up! Why Royce is still on the show… I mean what is the point! Shaunie I’m going 2 need u pick a better cast cause ummm Meeka isn’t cute! U, Evelyn, Gloria, Ashley… Cool! Ahhhh maybe sometimes Jennifer she has her moments… Tami well, her “deformation character” just makes her ugly. If she can stop trying to be ghetto all of the time she will do. She’s a bit butch looking quarterback shape up top but if she dress up right she’s aaight!

  5. mimi says:

    Love the show but most of all love Shaunie, Tamie, Suzie and Royce. I was a fan of Evelyn but after a while a drink on a person is not being a brawler keep it real girl.

  6. ccannon94 says:

    Really though! I wonder if these women actually look at themselves and see how stupid they look. How when they’re out in public acting like the idiots they a re, people are looking at them like look DAMN, these are ignorant women. Money doesn’t buy everything because if did, someone would have told them to buy some cooth for themselves. I actually like Tami, she’s real. She has stepped to all of these dumb women and now this new fool Mecca comes in the picture and gets stepped too as well. Jennifer said it best, ” You don’t want to be on Tami’s bad side,” and Mecaa went there. I hope Tami pull all of that bad weave out of her hair, so she can start over.

  7. tbanger says:

    Im here to tell Tammi to WHOOP DAT TRICK (Get em). LOL. Meeka got a long way to go. Like Tammi said Evelyn or Jenifer don’t like you, and they don’t. Meeka you talk to much and your too messy. Your a he said, she said, i said, you said kinda chick and your too old for that. Tammi do you baby cuz she can’t do it like you. Keep doin you boo. Like you said ” YOU WILL NEVER BE EVELYN “. Besides Jennifer got that part under controll. DUMMY…

  8. elsie brown says:

    All of these ladies are crazy.. My mother would be shame if I aired my dirt laundry out on television. You women have NO CLASS…..

  9. MickeyLove says:

    Suzie is a pushover and a very stupid person for hanging out with Evelyn and Jen. They treated her like trash, yet she still wants to be around them. It makes no sense. Evelyn and Jen are not genuine and I’m pretty sure that they talk about her behind her back.

  10. Reta says:

    Tami and Meeka (?) are so beyond GHETTO in the way they act in public. Tami can’t be around ANYBODY without starting a quarrel (loudly) and talking over everybody else, or TRYING to. Now they’ve brought ANOTHER one in in this Meeka chick who is just as loud and severly annoying. It blows my mind that these two “females” behave this way. And then Tami does it AGAIN in front of her two daughters, trying to be their “momager” which, wisely, the two daughters rapidly put the kabosh on. Tami and Meeka NEED to go to some sort of anger management or actually something even more serious like an in-house rehab for personality defects!

  11. Renae Jones says:

    Why does Evelyn live in Miami, and her mother lives in the projects in New York.

  12. Freedom says:

    First, I must start with Shaunie, the puppet master of these ghetto minions. She has proven herself to be very greedy and crafty behind fame and money… These women keep talking abouth their circle… like its soooo special to be a part of a group hoodrats. One can go to any corner bar and find a better circle of friends than these backbiting, meanspirited, classless women. I am totally upset that on the next episode Tami is calling Meeka a black bit*h…Are you serious?!!! Shame on you Shaunie!!! Shame on you and VH1!!! Exploitation is truly at a alltime high!!!

  13. blj says:

    Looking at an episode of basketball wives. How tragic is it to see grown women acting like high school girls. That goes to show, you can take the girl out of the ghetto but cannot take the ghetto out of the girl. These girls are still ghetto. Will not look at show again…dumb, dumb, dumb.

  14. ANITA GALLOWAY says:


  15. sunshine says:

    I watch the show sometimes but I can not believe how these women act. Shaunie is wrong for inviting everybody but Royce, that was childish. she would understand this better if one of her children were not not invited to a party or function that everybody else was invited to. How do you think this would make them feel to be the only one not invited to the party. Shaunie has a cruelness about her that is very unattractive. She is not the person that I though she was.

  16. Olivia says:

    I say they”re classless……. because they “ARE” the wives of Basketball pros! They should be good role models because growing up we look to athletes as role models and super heroes! We think of some of them as incredibly talented people and we hope and wish to accomplish things like them someday or hope our children are pros!!! Think about Michael Jordan! Everybody wanted to be like Mike!! He was a role model and so many young kids looked up to him. So an athletes wife should be grateful this man makes her look great! Most people would be honored to be a basketball wife. Most would show respect in public and on a tv show because they would be grateful that they were at the right place at the right time and were able to live in a beautiful house and have beautiful things. The Basketball wives don’t appreciate that! They are too busy fighting and causing drama with each other! If it wasn’t for their bodies these women would not be Basketball wives. Because their personalities are so ugly I don’t know why these players want to be married to people with such ugly hearts and bitter personalities. They need serious counceling. They also need The Lord in their life. In Sunday school they teach you to pray for your enemies, even be the better person and help them in their time of need. Don’t turn your back because you never know when karma comes back to you. Forgive them. And put yourself in their shoes and understand why they are the way they are. Not be so scandalous. It’s really sad that I think Evelyn said they are a show like Jersey Shore or Mob wives. Don’t put those shows down like that: First of all Jersey Shore is about a bunch of young kids partying. They don’t have kids and they don’t have role models as husbands and I mean come on Mob Wives they are suppose to argue because they are MOB WIVES! DUH! Some peole are clueless. Seems to me some of these women were raised in broken homes or abusive homes or middle class and grew up and said they were going to be gold diggers and never look back. Which is sad. Anyways I watched this show once because a friend said she loved to watch the drama. But after watching half of it I had a headache because it was too much drama for me. It made me sick to my stomach. I feel sorry for these basketball players if they have to go home to that, no wonder they spend all day and night practicing I would too. Just so I didnt have to go home to a negative environment. Evelyn is not pretty, she looks like a chimpanzee with a lot of make up.. if it wasnt for her body….shed have no purpose… shes not even a basketball wife…. kick her off the show…. Shawnie is an ex….. kick her off the show…and now so is the other one…. no wonder these woman cant stay married….. they have ugly morals…. and personalities….. and Susie is a sorry excuse for a friend…..to any of these woman shes a total instigator and no body even really likes her…. Tami is just a rowdy ghetto chick who gives the show a bad name her attitude is sad…Kick them all off the show…And All they do is sleep around till they get a player with good money and no kids so they can file child support on them… They are just trying to get their face out their in the spot light but they are doing it in the wrong way and dont even realize it!! Anyways its soooooo sad…. and bad that I had to find a site to write it on…. because the show is so bad!!!!!!

  17. Peaches says:

    the show can be a better hit if they stop all this darn drama. they act like kids. that is so lame. so elementary. i can not believe that these grown women r getting on tv acting like a bunch of idiotic immature ding dong heads. it is crazy man. i like shawnie but i cant believe she is even on a show like this. i cant believe she allows these types of things to take place in her presence let alone the show. they want to condemn royce and meeka but evelyn and tami gets to act like they want it they laugh about it. that is so hypocritical. all they know how to do is gossip all of them. but out of all of them shawnie to me is the classiest but i don’t agree with her condoning and even sometimes encouraging the way evelyn and tami acts. i am liked shocked. these women should be setting a better example for the younger generation this is teaching them that it is ok to act this way. we have kids and this is what you have to offer them how to go from man to man screaming like ya going out of ya mind and disrespecting not only urselves but each other. all for some money. no way keep your dignity. i don’t believe evelyn she is so immature always whinning about something then trying to act like she is bad. that is wack man. and evelyn sweetie, please kick chad to the curb he is not for u. the good side of u is too gud for me. u deserve better. yall r two totally different people. u r settling for something that u don’t need. if this is just for tv then still not good. send him packing it is not going to work even if u marry him later it wont last he is so different than u girl open ur eyes. don’t be that desperate as we as women can be sometimes. u r too gud for that. tami needs to get a life and stop acting so getto embarrassing herself she looks and acts awful. if that was my mom i would be so embarrassed money or no money. all of them tell lies and each of them talk about each other so immature. i don’t know why they even bother. and to sit and say meeka talks about people it is no different than what the rest of them do. especially that suzie with her big big stanking mouth. she is so fake always telling people what other people are saying starting trouble she is nothing but a big fat trouble maker she adds no value to the show she is the one as evelyn would say that should b a non mf factor. she is so lame. get her off the show quick. i like royce she is real. keep her. shawnie, evelyn, jen and tami acts like if people dont agree with them then they dont want them in their circle. they need someone with some class. these people need to see a psychiatrist. who cares about these people’s lives they are not doing nothing for none of us that is for sure. who cares about the lives of basketball wives they are just another woman with another story about some man. we all have either been there and done that and got 10 shirts or have heard someone that has. please stop the all the drama not classy at all.

  18. C Elizeath says:

    I feel so sorry for the young ladies who have been put on this show only to be bullied by women (Children ) who dont even have a real clue about life.There children should be taken form the for abuse . If they were my mother I would be ashamed. they have made black women look so stupid .really get a life. i have never been so mad at a show as I am at this one. Its all made around who can disrespect someone for no reason what so ever. Shawnie, Eve and Tami should be ashamed of themselves. Good for you Jen you finally saw the real,Royce found out early and seperated herself and still is being featured by herself (Way to go girl.!!) and what the other girl (Suzie) the ones who kisses so much butt her head is stuck so far up there you cant even remeber her name .These are not even basketball wives .These are women who could keep there man so it should be call “Ex-basketball wives” Emm I wonder way they not married no more LOL LOl!!! now of the are revalent I really feel sorry for them cause when therr 15mins of fame is gone all they will be remeber for are “stupid silly women”