Love & Hip Hop Recap – Episode 7 – This Is Our Family


That’s right, fight the real enemy.

For this episode of Love & Hip Hop we first go back to the proposal. We get to hear from Chrissy’s point of view what was going through her head when she proposed (she was very scared). We also get to see the exact moment when Jim’s mother Nancy realizes what’s happening (she was very angry).

“Jim is Nancy’s man, basically. Nancy doesn’t want anybody else taking that position,” Olivia interviews. This about sums up how the two of them feel about the proposal as it’s happening:

Unable to take the, er, joy of the occasion, Nancy leaves the club while several other women try to stop her (not Olivia — Olivia’s having a good time). Nancy interviews that she’s mad at being “excluded out” of the proposal. And by proposal, she means marriage.

Back inside things are picture perfect.

…except for one thing: “I’m with you” is Jim’s answer to her proposal. Not “yes,” not “I want to marry you, too.” Just, “I’m with you.” “He didn’t quite say yes. What the f*ck is ‘I’m with you?’” Chrissy interviews. Trust that this will come up later.


Bless this lady for trying to get Nancy to quiet down.

And bless this cameraman for surviving this. Nancy acts like she’s angry at the cameras, but she’s just pretending this camera is Chrissy. “Chrissy made me look like ‘You just a bitch;’ if she feels like that then I will be that bitch motherf*cking mother-in-law. sorry.” Wow! Can’t say Nancy didn’t warn you. Or that she didn’t apologize.

The next day Chrissy goes by Mother Jones’ place to ask her why she stormed out. Nancy is more than happy to tell her why.

This looks aggressive, but it’s not nearly as aggressive as it could have been. “I want to slap the sh*t out of her,” Nancy interviews. She restrains herself, for her son’s sake. She adds in something else that is very ominous: “Chrissy’s not the one for him.” The heaviness of this comment is somewhat reduced, however, by the lightness of Nancy’s t-shirt:

Back at the house, Chrissy explains her side of the argument to Jim, who’s agreeing a bit with his mom and saying Chrissy might as well have told her about the engagement surprise. After all, even if she did spill the beans, Jim says, he couldn’t have gotten sick or skipped the club. Funny how much thought he’s given to how he could have gotten out of the proposal.

This reminds Chrissy that he didn’t even say yes, but he insists he did. “I’m still here. My clothes are still upstairs,” he says. We know his clothes are upstairs, because they’re definitely not on his body:

She suggests they start planning the wedding and he says it isn’t time for that yet. Chrissy promises that if they stay engaged longer than she feels comfortable with, then she’ll leave. If that picture above summarized how Olivia and Nancy felt about the engagement, then this one definitely sums up how Jim and Chrissy feel.

As in, Chrissy won’t wait in the background forever.

We didn’t see Somaya all last episode, but she’s been keeping busy. She tells us that she’s called in some favors from her friends to shoot a video for “Would You Still Love Me?” Everyone’s donating their time to the project, including a music video director friend and some extra lady friends.

Somaya invites Emily down to check out the wardrobe for the video shoot and share her opinion. She’s also invited a friend who’s a DJ and a hip hop blogger. Hip hop bloggers are dangerous people. He starts filming her and asks to hear about the rumors of beef between her and Olivia. Some of her complaints:

  • After I sized you up, you just ran away like a little bitch.
  • You are manipulative, you’re bad energy.
  • A lot of high-end executives I know in tip top places you will never be because of that attitude have nothing but bad things to say about you.

Meanwhile Emily just tries to hide. Can you spot her?

Somaya tells the camera and Olivia that she should be happy she’s talking about her because she’s “…making [her] relevant again.” Irrelevant is about the worst thing you can be called, no?

Emily interviews that this is “wack.” But we never see her actually say this to Somaya, so all Olivia will know is that Emily was doing this:

Olivia comes to visit Jim in the studio because he’s got a song he wants her on. As Olivia listens to the lyrics, she notices lines like “It’s been a long time since we first met / Six years and you took the first step / You used to ask when you gonna see a ring, you got tired of that went brought me the ring.” And it’s obviously about Chrissy. It also rhymes “ring” with “ring,” but whatever, it’s romantic.

She’s glad to have a chance to be a part of it, and glad to have a chance to tease Jim about doing a “soft” song like this. Jim pretends not to hear the “soft” part.

Back to Emily. She’s at the portrait studio to take a family photo, except it’s family minus Fab. She tells the photographer — who’s wondering where the fourth person is at — that Fabolous dropped out once he found out she was bringing the Love & Hip Hop cameras with her. “What is the big deal?” she interviews. This isn’t a rhetorical question, I think we all want to know why Fabolous hasn’t appeared in a single episode of this show. It makes Emily feel unloved, but it’s making us feel unloved too.

She’s upset that he wouldn’t show. Johan, her son with Fabolous, is out of control, so she hopes Fab can calm him down over the phone. He doesn’t pick up.

Now Olivia is shooting her video for “December.” Rich is funding this personally because he believes in her (we’ll learn just how much he believes in her in second).

Things are going well until he gets a link to Somaya’s video. He gives Somaya a call and lists off her imperfections:

  • Living on your manager’s couch
  • Thirsty
  • Bad shoe wearing
  • Bad mouth having
  • Dusty Compton bitch

Whoah. Someone’s worth their 20%.

Rich interviews that he stays out “catty girl” arguments, but now that Somaya’s discrediting Olivia’s artistic value, he has to step in because this is his money.

“I’m going to leave it on this note. Bitch you just ended your career before it ever f*cking started,” he interviews.

Let’s also leave it on that note, because it looks like we’ll be picking up that note in the season finale.

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