Beyoncé Teaching Middle-Schoolers How to Dougie? Thank Michelle Obama


Beyoncé is coming to middle schools across America—in video form! The latest effort by First Lady Michelle Obama‘s Let’s Move! Initiative is a choreographed dance workout routine for middle schoolers to attempt simultaneously on Tuesday at 1:42 EDT. It’s only about three and a half minutes of exercise, but with the double-time claps and the Swizzy beat, that may be more than enough! The producer even provides encouraging vocal drops throughout, all the way to “Now cool off, cool off!” at the end.

The whole routine is under the cut, in case you want to rehearse:

  1. Run in place (lifting your knees high)
  2. Shuffle side to side
  3. Dougie
  4. Jump rope
  5. [Then freestyle or rest for the bridge and the chorus.]

  6. Move your hips like you’re dancing salsa
  7. Running Man
  8. “Step and touch to the dancehall sound” (since the U.S. Government can’t exactly teach “daggering” to middle-schoolers)
  9. Snap your fingers (and lean and rock if you like)
  10. [bridge and chorus]

  11. Run to the left
  12. Run to the right
  13. Run to the left
  14. Run to the right
  15. “Now wave the American flag!”
  16. That’s American pride we can get behind.

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