Renee Graziano’s Father Hasn’t Spoken To Her Since She Decided To Do Mob Wives


On this weekend’s episode of Mob Wives (read our recap), we began to get a glimpse at how being a Mob Wife isn’t as glamorous as it is cracked up to be. We witnessed a very emotional scene when Renee visited her psychiatrist and broke down crying as a result of all of the stress that she has to bear as a single mom. And now, via an interview with, we learn that Renee Graziano’s decision to share her experiences with the world on the program has led to a painful fracture in her relationship with her beloved father, Anthony Graziano.

When asked what her father’s reactions to the show have been, Renee explained that “[My father] has no reaction because we don’t speak, not now, not after I made the decision to do the show. He said to me, ‘You made your bed. Now sleep in it.’ My father doesn’t agree with anyone putting their life on [TV].” This doesn’t exactly come as a huge surprise, considering the tight-lipped nature of the La Cosa Nostra community, but here’s hoping that with time, the two will be able to overcome their differences and repair their relationship.

On a happier note, the decision to appear on Mob Wives hasn’t been all bad news for the ladies and their families. In an interview with, Drita D’avanzo (#teamdrita!) told a story about how the show’s notoriety has actually helped her daughter make some new friends at school. “Aleeya went to school — this little girl went up to her and said, ‘I can’t believe your mom is on that show. My dad’s in jail [too],’” Drita confided. “Aleeya goes, ‘You’re dad’s in jail too?’ And the little girl goes, ‘Yeah.’ The other little girl goes, ‘My dad’s not around. Now I feel comfortable.’ And they became friends.”

For any and all things Mob Wives, be sure to continue to check out our updates here on the VH1 Blog. And don’t forget, a brand new episode of Mob Wives will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT this Sunday night, only on VH1!

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