Renee Graziano’s Father Hasn’t Spoken To Her Since She Decided To Do Mob Wives


On this weekend’s episode of Mob Wives (read our recap), we began to get a glimpse at how being a Mob Wife isn’t as glamorous as it is cracked up to be. We witnessed a very emotional scene when Renee visited her psychiatrist and broke down crying as a result of all of the stress that she has to bear as a single mom. And now, via an interview with, we learn that Renee Graziano’s decision to share her experiences with the world on the program has led to a painful fracture in her relationship with her beloved father, Anthony Graziano.

When asked what her father’s reactions to the show have been, Renee explained that “[My father] has no reaction because we don’t speak, not now, not after I made the decision to do the show. He said to me, ‘You made your bed. Now sleep in it.’ My father doesn’t agree with anyone putting their life on [TV].” This doesn’t exactly come as a huge surprise, considering the tight-lipped nature of the La Cosa Nostra community, but here’s hoping that with time, the two will be able to overcome their differences and repair their relationship.

On a happier note, the decision to appear on Mob Wives hasn’t been all bad news for the ladies and their families. In an interview with, Drita D’avanzo (#teamdrita!) told a story about how the show’s notoriety has actually helped her daughter make some new friends at school. “Aleeya went to school — this little girl went up to her and said, ‘I can’t believe your mom is on that show. My dad’s in jail [too],’” Drita confided. “Aleeya goes, ‘You’re dad’s in jail too?’ And the little girl goes, ‘Yeah.’ The other little girl goes, ‘My dad’s not around. Now I feel comfortable.’ And they became friends.”

For any and all things Mob Wives, be sure to continue to check out our updates here on the VH1 Blog. And don’t forget, a brand new episode of Mob Wives will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT this Sunday night, only on VH1!

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  1. Feicia says:

    I love this show i watch it every sunday i love all the women on this show

  2. sad momma says:

    i love the show, you’re the baddest broad on t.v. i respect you as a single mom, im doing the same thing, raising them on my own,, i hate the FUR , it makes me sad, i dont think it means “you’ve arrived”, its more like, the 70′s called, and want their coats back ,, just sayin,, best wishes , sincerely michelle .

  3. brittany says:

    renee must not have a job. why does it matter if her dad cuts her off ? she’s almost 50 years old.

  4. RG Henderson says:

    A Personal Letter to Renee,

    All I know of you is what I’ve seen on television. And my heart goes out to you. I wish you could see what I see. A very honest, passionate, and strong woman. Your son isn’t really aware of what a wonderful mother he has. Your ex-husband is only interested in his own needs which is why he’s still doing what he thinks he does best. Let’s face it, if he was such a good criminal would he have been arrested? I just don’t understand how any parent can only think about themselves while putting their child[ren] on the back burner. Parents that do that honestly believe nothing they do will affect us. You and I both know that isn’t true.

    Renee, I know you want to put the Mob lifestyle behind you. And that’s fine, but you’ve got to remember something. Growing up as you did has made you the person that you are today. When I was 12, I was molested by the so-called family friend. Even after my mother found out, she did nothing. And because of everything that happened in my life as a result of it, I know I wouldn’t be the strong person I am now more than 30 years later. Of course I’m not saying what happened to me was a good thing. However, every horrible thing that came with that experience taught me a lot about life and myself. You’ve got to figure out how to draw on everything that’s happened in your life and make it right for you.

    I’m sorry your father isn’t talking to you now. And that’s his problem, don’t allow him to make it yours. For a grown man, he sounds like a spoiled child to me. I understand he doesn’t believe people should put their lives on television in reality shows. But sometimes some of us have to.

    You’re in my prayers, both you and your son A.J. Something that works for me when I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed by everything, I close my eyes and imagine that God has his arms around me and He’s telling me it’s okay. Try it, for it does work.

    Continue to stay true to yourself.

    God Bless,
    RG Henderson

  5. Juliet Garr says:

    I think Renee is a lovely person who deserves to rise above the life that she
    was given.And I feel that in time,she will.And if she ever wants to have a friend
    who is just a regular person,I live in Bensonhurst-Brooklyn.

  6. ashley says:

    i think all four of them are tough. i may not be a mob wive but i know wut you go through having your husband going to prison. my husband went to prison a month after we had our first baby and it was tough i was still graduating at that. i give props for drita waiting that long for her husband, cause i know its note easy your emotions are always so very crazy. but i love this show

  7. Toni says:

    @RG Henderson, that was nice to say about Renee and yeah I feel the same way, and well you wrote here best. Thanks for doing that for Renee, I know she is going through a lot and it’s tough on her. I will say prayer for her & son and hopefully she will find herself just like I know I will find myself again, we will do it and come out strong. I love the show I love the ladies they all cracked me up and hell, I love women coming together we need to stick together. Yeah Women rule…. Anyways, let me stop being silly, I want to Thank you for what you wrote to Renee, because it’s like writing it for me too, so thanks for looking out for us.

    Love & Peace

  8. Faith Crow says:

    I don’t think I can listen to Renee scream and cry anymore. I really like the show except for her, and she is in it alot. She is soooo annoying! She is so fake about her hating the ‘jail’ scene. She absolutely loves the attention and drama, and would be bored with her life without it. I can’t stand to listen to her, and I don’t know how much longer I will be able to watch the show just because of her. She sounds like fingernails being scratched on a chalkboeard. Please get rid of her, or at least lessen the amount of time she gets on the show. I am sure there are others who feel the same way. Renee is exhausting.