How Did The Music World React To The Osama Bin Laden News?


Here’s one for the “musicians are just like us” file: artists who followed last night’s news on Twitter!

Zeitgeisty: Hayley Williams of Paramore

“Didn’t know yet” awkward: Lady Gaga
Before getting the news: “Are monsters ready for me to announce The Judas Video? The Motorcycle Fellini Pop Art Fantasy?!” (Afterward she tweeted a respectful replacement.)

Strictly newsy: DJ Pauly D

Explicitly celebratory: Katy Perry
(emphasis on “explicitly”: language NSFW)

Cheekily promotional: Rihanna (her new single is called “Man Down”)

Thoughtful (top image), and then later, humorous: Brad Paisley (top image)

Cynical: Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie

Where did your reaction fall? Are you surprised by any of these tweets? Let us know in the comments!

  1. lala says:

    Now i finally feel safe THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME

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