Love & Hip Hop‘s Olivia Is #10 On iTunes


Last night’s season finale of Love & Hip Hop was true to it’s name—a lot of love drama for Chrissy and Emily, while Olivia provided the hip hop. And even though this season of Chrissy and Emily’s love lives ended on a cliffhanger, the same can’t be said of Olivia’s music career—the woman is blowing up.

Olivia tweeted earlier about her single “December,” writing “Guess who’s #10 on Itunes :) Let’s keep is going.I’m shooting for #1.” (Ed. Note: Olivia’s #10 placement is on the R&B/Soul Chart, not on the overall, genre-spanning iTunes Top 10 Singles Chart). Will she be able to overtake Katy Perry and Bruno Mars? And more importantly, do you think she’s loving the fact that she’s climbing the charts and Somaya Reece is not? For what it’s worth, Olivia is also winning the battle on YouTube, where “December” has been streamed 1,075,000 times versus (a still pretty impressive) 358,000 streams for Somaya’s “Would You Still Love Me.”

You can follow Olivia (@1andonlyOlivia) on Twitter for more updates, and definitely check out “December” on iTunes.

[Photo: Twitter]

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  1. ohsotrue says:

    I am sure over the 6 years a lot has been said between Jim’s mom and Chrissy which would explain why Chrissy talks to her today the way she does. You can only give that type of woman so much respect b4 you have to go off on her. She needs to know her role as a mother she is not Jim’s gf. Jim can be hard out there in the street but he bows down to both ladies, which is touching. I believe he truly loves her, takes for granted she will always be there and is afraid of that marriage committiment afraid he might miss out on something. One day he will realize there isn’t anything out there and she is the one (hopefully she will give him that much time). Emily, still believes in her relationship with Fab but how long is she willing to be disrespected and unacknowledged by him. His choice not to be on the show has really shown him in a bad light. Fab has lost his sexy because he hasn’t done right by a woman who is on TV claiming he is her man and that they are a family. Since Emily sees him in magazines with different women what kind of relationship does she believe they have? She takes in a lot, expresses very little, seems like she can’t breathe. I hope while she re-watches this season she does some soul searching and discovers she deserves so much more that what she is getting now. It may mean giving up the life and all the material things that come with it but her mental well being, her happiness and self esteem I would hope will win out in the long run. Those are things you can’t put a price tag on. I think she might have wised up in the end because at Chrissy’s sleep over, it looked like Emily was advertising…

  2. K says:

    I am so happy for Olivia’s new single blowing up like it should. I’m also proud of the fact that even though Somaya kept coming after her “saying she is making her relevant, I think it is the other way around. Olivia kept her eyes on her music and the work is paying off. Keep your eyes on the prize Olivia and dust the haters off. Chrissy I love because she is grown. Nancy is Jim’s mother but that is it- his mother. Chrissy shouldn’t have to provide a child if Jim is not ready to put a ring on it. What goes on between them is between them not Nancy. The only reason she don’t like Chrissy is because she can go toe to toe with her and won’t back down. Emily, all I can say is dump Fab and move on.

  3. i loved the show, loved how it ended with Olivia’s song and all of the women realizing their journey. Great show! You did us proud black women and men!

  4. jae philpott says:

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