Mob Wives – Episode 3 – Bail Money Ain’t Just A Color Of Nail Polish, Ya Know


Stick ‘em up! It’s (finally) time for this week’s Mob Wives recap…

Last week’s episode of Mob Wives concluded on a super-intense note when Drita ripped her landline phone RIGHT OUT OF THE WALL after a heated conversation with her husband, Lee. So, it’s only natural that we start off this week’s show by catching up with Drita. Is she doing shots and getting ready to Hulk out on someone? Is she working out her stress by pummeling a heavy bag at the gym? Is she spending quiet time at a retreat in Tibet learning to channel her anger into positive energy?

None of the above. Rather, It’s pedi-time with her bestie.

Hang time with friends is, as we all know, a great stress reliever. During this time, Drita gets to vent a little bit about Lee, explaining to Aleeya’s dance teacher that “At 24, I lost a house, a job, a husband, a car, everything.” Rather than succumb to the extreme levels of stress, though, Drita fights through it, and even delights in painting her toes an unusual color: Bail Money.

Meanwhile, Karen meets up with her writing coach, Carmela —no, not the same one from The Sopranos— in an attempt to get herself mentally prepared for the arduous task of not only writing a book, but also revisiting a lifetime of painful memories. Not surprisingly, when she recalls how her life changed after her father turned State’s, she can’t help but tear up.

"when my life changed completely in staten island after my father cooperated, i became the ultimate gangster bitch"

"When my life changed completely in Staten Island after my father cooperated, I became the ultimate gangster bitch."

But it’s not just her memory of the loss of her cushy lifestyle that’s got Karen down. No, when her father Sammy “The Bull” Gravano agreed to cooperate with the Feds, some scary details came out in the press about him. Like, for example, that he was responsible for the murder of at least 19 people, which Karen found out about by reading the New York Daily News.

This is how Carmela reacts after hearing that information.

We think she’s only just now realizing what it means to be working with Karen Gravano on a book of this nature. Also, it doesn’t really help matters much that Karen starts making symbols like this with her hands:

"It's almost like you commit your crimes in Brooklyn, then you drive over the bridge and leave your dirt."

As a resident of Brooklyn, this statement makes me want to move to Staten Island. Meep!

However, it’s not all two-way mirrors and pizza boxes today. Renee Graziano and her son, AJ, fresh off of getting stood up by Junior, have a moment where they put their differences aside and hug it out. Have you ever seen Renee look happier?

Sadly, that feeling is short-lived, as Renee wakes up the next day and discovers that something terrible has happened.

You see, Renee’s ex-husband, Junior, was pinched during a sweep that would turn out to be the biggest Mob bust in American history, one in which 127 men reportedly involved in nefarious activity were rounded up. Almost immediately, Renee’s phone starts blowing up, as friends and family look to get the skinny from her. She even takes a call from Junior’s goomah, Sarah, who looks to Renee for advice seeing as how Renee has been through this before.

This, naturally, drives Renee to start chain smoking.

In addition to leaning on nicotine to help her get through this difficult time, Renee puts a call into her good friend, Carla, to help her cope. Unfortunately for Renee, Carla blows her off and instead uses her time to get in a workout at the gym. Before Renee can get too worked up, though, the doorbell rings. Who could it be?

It’s, gulp, Karen Gravano

Now, the last time these two crossed paths, there were more fireworks than the Fourth of July. However, things are different this time around. The two engage on an emotional level, in a way that they haven’t since Sammy The Bull ratted out everyone in the Gambino crime family. By approaching Renee with kindness and compassion during a time of need, it’s pretty clear to us that Karen helped to forge a brand new friendship between these two tough ladies.

It’s time to hug it out:

All of this will no doubt prove to be great fodder for Karen’s book, which she conveniently named “KarenGravanosStory.doc” in her Google Docs folder:

Just like any writer worth their salt, Karen decides that anything worth writing is worth writing while catching a buzz. She’d get along just fine in these offices, that’s for sure!

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