Basketball Wives 3 Is Headed Your Way On May 30


Last month, we introduced you to Meeka Claxton, the brand new cast member of Basketball Wives 3, and filled you in on some of the drama that’s going on while the show is still filming. Well, we’ve got even more deets to share with you on this program’s highly anticipated return. Hot off the presses, y’all!

The Third Season of the Highly Rated Basketball Wives Will Premiere on VH1 Monday, May 30 at 8:00 PM ET/PT
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LOS ANGELES, CA – May 3, 2011 – Fans have watched VH1’s Basketball Wives take Miami by a storm. From the ladies’ show-stopping fashion to their drama and betrayal, Season 2 left the Basketball Wives audience wanting more and VH1 is delivering it with Season 3 of Basketball Wives, premiering Monday, May 30 at 8 p.m.*

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The season finale of Basketball Wives left many fans shocked as they learned some of the ladies’ deepest secrets and saw the tension rise in the inner circle. Were the ladies able to move on from their drama since the reunion, or are the fires still burning? In Season 3, fasten your seatbelts and get ready as we catch up with the ladies (Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie, Royce, and Tami) to see if they were able to put the catfights and two-faced behavior behind them and recover from the shocking finale. Season 3 also introduces a new wife to the mix, Meeka Claxton.

Basketball Wives Season 3 begins with Shaunie O’Neal settling back into Miami determined to be drama-free. Shaunie balances a new shoe line, her love life, family outings and being a shoulder to lean on for the other ladies. Can she handle the pressure? Evelyn makes the transition from a basketball wife to a football wife with fiancé Chad Ochocinco. The cameras will catch Jennifer leaving Eric behind and navigating a new lifestyle as a single lady. With Royce’s new larger-than-life attitude, viewers will see if there is enough room for involvement with Jen, Evelyn and Shaunie or if her attitude will take the spotlight. Left hurt and betrayed, Tami works on rebuilding her trust for the ladies and moving on from the past. But before she is able to forget the past, Tami must face an unexpected challenge from Evelyn who is given the unusual opportunity to profit from last season’s blowout in unexpected ways.

As the ladies try and move on and settle their differences in Season 3 of Basketball Wives, viewers will see the return of Suzie, who will attempt to reconcile with the ladies who sent her packing last season. But will her friendship with Royce lead to an ultimate disaster and her final exile by the ladies? Miami will also be sent spinning as a new face is added to the familiar mix, Meeka Claxton, married to retired point guard Speedy Claxton. Meeka Claxton is co-owner of the Allure Realty Group and knows what it takes to be a successful woman. With a hands-on approach to life and a never-give-up attitude, Meeka will give her new fellow basketball wives a run for their money. With all the drama aside, the ladies still make room for some VIP fun in Season 3 of Basketball Wives, premiering Monday, May 30 at 8 p.m.

Shed Media is producing the series. Executive producing for Shed Media are Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O’Connell, Sean Rankine and Alex Demyanenko. Tom Huffman is a consulting producer. Shaunie O’Neal is an executive producer. Executive producing for VH1 are Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes and Noah Pollack. For full episodes and extra scenes from Basketball Wives users can visit or can access content from the season through VH1 Mobile by typing in on any internet-ready mobile phone.

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  1. jerrodjujaterious says:

    basketball wives the hottest most unque ladies in the world so sexy as well-kidd rocket rockstarshawty, taking off go rocket love you need u want you promise and no lies no judge skitsos,anglz lets go

  2. jerrodjujaterious says:

    sexy and unique and love you promise rockstarshawty kidd rocket let go party

  3. drea says:

    shes not a very attractive woman

  4. LADYBUG136 says:


  5. Tiffany says:

    What A Good Show Shaunie You Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. SHAWTY LO says:

    I must admit I do enjoy the show but it definitely needs a new title. If they are gonna keep the title Basketball Wives, then they need to have actual wives on there. Half the women on the show are not wives nor girlfriends so why are they even on there. JUS SAYIN

  7. jackie says:

    i must say i luv basket ball wives my favorite girl in diz show iz jennifer and the other girls shaunie and tami those r girls that kept it real….

  8. Janetlee says:

    I watch this show because I am not use to seeing women act and talk so trashy and the fights they have as well are ridicalous, makes them all look trashy as well, they need to act more like ladies, I am also surprised that any of them were with any basket ball player seeing how they act so low class. I even watched the reunion shows and the mouths they had on them was so tasteless. I like Suzie and I wished they would leave her alone. She is the most descent acting one of the entire show, now I could see her as a basketball wife one day.

  9. sandra says:

    when are these ladies going to grow up?

  10. lisa says:

    What does “jump off” mean? Did any of these women (not ladies) get the attention of their exes in a more respectable manner?
    This is a culture I know NOTHING about, I guess that’s why it’s so interesting to watch.

  11. unknown says:

    Meeka you need to sue Tamia for knocking your face off!

  12. Wichie From Brooklyn says:

    tammie is souch a liar… she did say that they were fake and phony….

  13. shizza says:

    Suzie does run her mouth to much! I would never call someone of her character a friend. I dont really care for Meeka but she does have a point. All of these girls have talked tons of crap about each other! Now they are all ganging up on Meeka for talking crap….. which was honestly nothing serious. ALL HYPOCRITES!

  14. sherry says:


  15. Glenda Branch says:

    Hey Basketball wives as I watched the 7/25/11 episode. I was ashamed of myself for supporting the show. I must be sick too and from this day forward Im going to treat women better myself. We as women go through enough and to watch all the back biting fighting, and clic’s I never could do the clic thing. None of you appear to really like each other unless there is a new victim. Victim One Royce, Victim 2 Suzie Victim 3 Meeka and on and on. Imma give you all the advise my Mother (RIP Mom) gave me before she died, treat people how you want to be treated. Tami ain’t you tired of putting your hands on people how long you been doing that. Take a look at your lives ladies. Stop hurting each other and the nsay you are friends. People take that word too lightly your more like frienmies. I think I will find another show to watch you ladies are depressing.

  16. Deana says:

    meeka, girl you need to leave them along because, suzie is very messy and she trying to get everything off her, you new but if I were you I whip her ass yall having a good conversation and she brought it up so you can say something so she can be messy

  17. Kathy says:

    I must say that I am surprised at Shaunie. I just assumed that the X-wife of Shaq O’Neal (in spite of his playfulness etc….) would be elegant and classy. As for Tammi…she should be ashamed of herself. She’s got to be broker than I am (unemployed) because you have to be pretty darn broke to go on national TV and make sure you’re spot is secure for the next season by making such a fool of yourself. What adult acts like this? In addition she’s a mother. If for no other reason I would think that she would act in a way that wouldn’t embarrass her girls. I feel very sorry for those girls. The only other excuse for such behavior is that she is just a complete ghetto hood rat and that’s not easy to shake or hide.

  18. Christiana Lee says:

    There isn’t enough room on here to say ALL I have To Say: That was the most JUVENILE stuff I have ever seen. I thought this show would have been about respecrful LADIES liven life after fame bitter divorce learning to live their lives happy & free!!!!! OOO I want to ignorant so bad But II;m goona try to keep my composure!Whatever happens to them from this point THEY DESERVE EVERY BIT OF IT!!! Because S#!Ts BOUT TO GET REAL UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’d like to think that I’m somewhat intelligent, being that I actually graduated from a University. Please explain to me why the ladies are mute to the classless, unbelievable and ignorant actions of Tammi. Lawsuit is the word of the day…

    What truly confuses me the most is that she has done everything that she states to be so furious about with Meekah. She DID say fake about Shaunie, Jennifer and Evelyn. And when she first joined the group, she also went in with drama, instead of taking a back seat, while being observant and learning the group.

    I have never posted a comment for ANY show, but I just could’t help myself after watching last night’s episode.

  20. D Greenwood says:

    Shaunie is laughing all the way to the bank. She is the real trouble maker.

  21. One Dymond says:

    Does anyone know where to find those big hoop earrings Jennifer and Evelyn wear with the little balls at the bottom of them???? I think I seen Meeka wear them a few times too….

  22. Florence says:

    Meeka,, be the mature person and not argue with Tami. All of them are 2 faced and they need to grow up and make this show a better show in a positive way. Dont tell Suzy anything because her mouth is like a open refrigerator. Everything you put in there it spills out.

  23. Shaun says:

    I like the show and I commend Shaunie for giving other basketball wives rather current or former the opportunity to share their experiences as a ballers wife, baby momma, girlfriend or lover. It exposes a lot about the players and the behaviors they have as well as the type of women these men pursue. Shaunie is briliant! I mean, I recently saw a preview of Eric Williams throwing a drink in Jennifers face and I thought to myself…..he is wrong. What is he really mad about? He damaged his own marriage by cheating. What he did to her made him look like he could be potentially abusive. He tries to make Jennifer look like a gold digger, but many wealthy men use their careers and income to impress these women in the beginning and then cry gold digger when she files for a divorce and is granted half. I say congrats to Shaunie! Beautiful way to expose it all.

  24. Shaun says:

    I think that Meeka came onto the show running her mouth and causing confusion. Meeka knew going onto the show that Tami was the type that would fight her if she disrespected her. Meeka has been very immature and back stabbing. I think that Meeka was trying to hard to be in the circle and wacthing the circle is different from being in it. Meeka was out of line with Tami at the Polo event, so she created her own beat down. Meeka said that she was a business woman, wife and mother…….so act like it honey!

  25. Shaun says:

    Reality shows are huge right now. Tami is a former reality show star, She played on The Real World years ago. People judge these women a lot because of the drama on the show, but it’s no different from Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. The more the drama the higher the ratings. I do feel that the ladies need to clean up their act’s because it’s immature to travel around the world and conduct yourselves that way. I don’t exclude any of them when I say this because they all have had encounters or near encounters with fighting.

  26. P frank says:

    It is sad to see black women act like this on tv. Nasty ugly attitudes and fist fighting bangees. You are defeating the fight for respect for black women. And Tammy, you should be a shame of yourself. You are mother of two teen girls and acting like that. Wow, what a awful example for young girls to look up to. You ladies should be setting and example not being the problem for black women. The stereotype lives on this show about black women and, it very sad that just for money these women would do this on national tv. I guess that’s why the basketball player walked away from them. And Tammy, you are a witch and, I see why you husband left you. You attitude sucks and, you’re not pretty at all. Hood rat is what I get from you. Sad person!

  27. Venise says:

    i been a fan of the show since day one and shaunie i know you want to make the money girl…but Royce is so annoying and redundant…..please dont bring her back for next season. her drama is so juvenile.

  28. Tutt says:

    What a trashy group of low-class fakes. Don’t think I’ll watch the next season because these women are straight up losers. Dressing up and parading around is no substitute for character. I’m so disappointed in this show! Perhaps Shaunie envisioned something different but the result is trashy and violent with grown women reduced to junior high school cliques fighting over nonsense – it’s imbarassing!

    Personally I feel bad for Meeka – the only woman so far with an intact marriage which seemed to bring out jealousy and childishness in the other women. That Tami is unable to conduct herself without violence is vile and ugly & should’ve been an indication to this show’s producers that she is unfit for live television. It literally turned my stomach to watch her lie about her comments to Meeka about the “fake & phoney” issue then use physical violence because she’s so low class to admit she did say those things – which she did in fact say. Tami should be arrested & if I were Meeka I would file assault charges against & VH-! because Tami has demonstrated she is unstable and violent in clashes with nearly every other cast member. What a waste of airtime this show is when black women do not deserve another prime-time example of ghetto filth. I’d hoped these women would be a cut above but they are just trash.

  29. A. Palmer says:

    I Love Basketball Wives I never miss an episode!!!!

  30. Jarkata kareem Almond says:

    It is a dam good show to me i luv to look at it ever monday yes boo boo…….

  31. Cher says:

    I love the show and Royce is right about only coming to season for if they can stop the drama. Royce keeps it real!!!

  32. Tori says:

    I love this show Basketball Wives…. I cnt wait till the nxt season in Feburary……

  33. Mister says:

    I love basketball wives. Shaunie is so strong and beautiful. The other women are beautiful as well. I watch it all the time and everybody has had their times venting because of this and that. When ever a new cast member comes along, they are an outsider and can expect to be given the drill, so to speak. The drama makes the show. And it is not Tami, it is Evelyn, or one of the others that will bring drama. And I believe that more seasons will be welcomed. People can relate to the women, although I am a man from head to toe. I get it. Keep it up ladies. I am a big fan.

  34. Mister says:

    I love the show. Shaunie is so beautiful and strong. The other women are strong as well. Drama is to be expected. If it is not Tami, it is Evelyn, or one of the others that spark sometime to get it going. The drama makes the show. I am a dedicated fan and I get it, although i am a man from head to toe. when a new cast member comes along, it is the norm for her to get the outsider treatment, the drill, so to speak, until she is broken in to see if she really can fit in. You have to be a strong women to hang in there on basketball wives. Keep in up ladies. I would love to meet all of you. But, I”m a fan and is watching the show now, got to go. Peace and Love!~

  35. joe says:

    Why Evelyn ass. want her keys so bad. She cant afford to change the locks maybe Evelyn not paying her enough to b an assistant. That y she closed her store. Her fiance could have paid that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. joe says:

    Jenn give her a couple of change to get a new key lock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. angela austin says:

    I must admit that the “GREENSTALK GIRLS” on this show have me questioning why do I pray for monetary success? I think God if I had just enough to take care of my family and celebrate with my friends, and of course spiritual,physical and emotional health guided by your hand…only love is needed to prosper. But I must say to my sisters …you sicken me with your hate, jealousy, fear and self-righteouness. How dare you set the example you do for us who still walk, crawl in the valley of darkness. Be bold and bring someone form the curb who has not forgotten where they came from. The way you hurt each other is sadder than burning in hell. I wish…pray that all of you realize that our daughters, mothers, aunts, nieces, sisters,grandmothers, etc…others are watching you declare war when peace should be your covenant of hope. Bring me from DA Curb….on your show…I dare you to be enlightened. Valid actions are not right choices. Remember that. I know I am not famous so…being in your circle as you have express…is beneath you. At least I would not be lookingup to you to create a horizon of brotherhood. You all proved …the love of money is the root of all evil.

  38. strong black woman says:

    only unhappy people act out toward others. being that this show airs all around the world, i would be happier if black women were represented in a better way. very disapointed with all the fighting and confrontations that are allowed and seem to be encouraged to occur. it’s like watching a MIDDLE SCHOOL version of the jersey shore sometimes.

  39. Black&Proud says:

    I started out loving the show but this seasons fights between the ladies have really gotten on my freaking nerves. I would have never thought that Shaunie O’Neal would have ever sounded herself around such madness. I guess this is one of those cases where you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I happen to like Jen and Royce. I think their about success and living life drama free. All this fighting makes us black women look bad, and on national television. Shaunie you need to re-group honey, you’ve forgotten where you come from.

  40. Michele White says:

    This show “basketball wives” is awful.Tammy ,Evelyn and SHack’s Ex are fake,REAL ugly on the inside and a embaressment to all women. They r all RIDICULOUS!!!!!!. I work in a salon and EVERY woman that came in thought this show sets us back 100 years. All three of u are bullies ,evil, terrible role models for your childen. You could never be role models for mine.Go get some help and stay off my tv. I will not support any of your advertisers I think u should be banned.