Posted: Christina Perri Shares A Message (And Some Photos!) From The Road


On Monday, we introduced you to our brand new Posted artist, Miss Christina Perri. And, what do you know, she’s already chiming in with a special message for you, her fans, direct from the road, where she’s opening up for James Blunt.

So, without any further ado, we’re going to turn the floor over to Christina. Take it away!

hi vh1 readers!

welcome to my first Posted artist blog :) it’s good timing too ’cause im doing a million things a day + have a lot to share!!!!!

tonight i played my 10th show opening for james blunt.

it was in san diego … and it was beautiful.

I thought this would be a good chance to introduce you to my band, who i’m madly in love with…

on the left is johnandersson. we spell his name as one word… it’s like the lack of his nickname has become his nickname… i didn’t mean for it to stick… but it did. he plays everything that i’m not playing. we always switch back and forth from piano + guitar. he also plays a mean slide guitar during “black + blue” WHILE playing piano. and then shreds a guitar solo! whoa. i swear… you just have to come to a show and see for yourself. he also wrote + performs by himself, every night, the guitar part for “penguin” which is so epic + impressive. he’s the best sidekick ever.

jenni tarma (pronounced: yenni) is from finland… and is the best, most solid bass player ive ever seen… and everyone else who sees her says that too. seriously, blown. away. not to mention she’s the sweetest + funniest girl ive ever met + her humor mixed with her finish accent with a little LA surfer thrown in there makes her so hard not to love. she’s the best. sometimes we call her “buddy” + “dude cakes”.

elmo lovano is my drummer, favorite italian + basically my big brother. he is incapable of not being funny. all the time. he + i are so similar it warms my heart every day– not to mention he’s the best drummer ive ever seen. elmo is amazing at improv MCing and singing everything he is thinking instead of speaking. he’s having a hard time learning to tap dance. but im trading him lessons for drum lessons. will report back on this later.

i know im gushing like a little kid… but having played the past 10 shows with them… having toured the whole country with them… and after giving my heart to each of them i could not + would not imagine playing with anyone else. they. are. my. family.

they make me so happy to wake up every morning + play!

speaking of… i wake up every day to one of these:

it’s a day sheet.

we roll into a town.

load into the venue.

i go hang out at radio stations and play 2 or 3 or 4 songs for the radio or for a bunch of contest winners…or make a bunch of phone calls to magazines, newspapers, or websites, called “phoners.”

we eat rad (james blunt) catering :)

then we sound check.

sometimes i have sound check parties where people come watch… or i do more meet + greets.

then i get ready.

we all hug + throw our hands in + make some silly chant every night.

then we play the show.

(the magic goosebump music stuff happens here)

after the show, i always (unless my voice is gone) hang out at the merch table every night until james blunt goes on + meet you!!

then i normally go on the bus… get into my pjs… play on the interweb or watch movies with the band… and chill.

then i sleep.

in general this tour has been pretty interesting. i’ve realized that this tour has fallen right into my “list of firsts” along with the past crazy 11 months:

first opening show. first 45 minute set. first tour bus. first tour manager + front of house crew. first real sound checks. first nice catering. first humble beginnings + introductions to sold out theaters who are there to see someone else. first amazing reactions. first not-so-amazing reactions. first mess ups. first stomach twisting fears. first singing-too-loud hoarseness. first food balancing. first sleeping on a moving vehicle. first learning curve. first sing along audiences. first standing ovations. first autograph signing. first overwhelming happiness. first overwhelming overwhelmness + everything else! first. first. first… ahhhh!! i could seriously keep going.

it’s pretty epic + crazy + scary + exciting + amazing + fast + sometimes feels like growing pains and sometimes feels like magic.

i continue to lay in bed every night grateful. grateful for the opportunity to meet you all over the world + thank you for listening to my voice + songs + sounds.

well, gotta try to sleep. im playing in LA tomorrow… and yeah, its a big deal show… mini sort-of homecoming of sorts :) love you guys

goodnight from me + the penguins

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