Ask The Love & Hip Hop Cast Anything, Have Your Question Aired On The Reunion Episode


The Love & Hip Hop reunion show is scheduled for Monday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and it promises to deliver plenty of dirt on the cast that we we’ve been wondering about since the show ended. But what have you been wondering about? That’s what we want to know.

We’d love to hear some of your viewer questions for the lovely Love & Hip Hop ladies, so if you want to know something…anything…leave your questions in the comment section. If you’ve had a burning desire to know what’s up with the ladies’ relationships, careers, or, if you’re like us, how Emily‘s makeup always looks so flawless, now’s your chance.

Make sure you leave the name you’d like to be referred to as on air in the “Name” field of the comments section, as well as your location (your city would be ideal)!

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  1. ashley says:

    chrissy, how did you and jimmy meet?

  2. Kesha J says:

    I have a question for Somaya…WHY do you & your LITTLE manager ALWAYS have to throw “HIP-HOP” into everything?? From my understanding that will happen in ANY GENRE if YOU TALK SMACK; CHECK THAT!!!!

  3. Mariah says:

    Emily, how is your relationship with Fab now and did he watch the show, if so, what was his reaction?

  4. Sheena says:

    Olivia, Do you feel that Somaya has all this jealousy towards you because of your success? that’s why she felt a need to consantly hate on you?

  5. Carvette ( Monroe Louisiana) says:

    Question for Chrissy: When you first met Jimmy, what drew you too him and was it “LOVE” at first site?

  6. LMS says:

    Emily, is it true that Fab has a girlfriend that lives in Philadelphia? Are you guys together, if not are you dating or have you dated anyone else recently?

  7. LMS says:

    Hey Liv! You mentioned having several offers…Who have you decided to sign with? When can we expect some more new music from you? Love to see young women of color doing well and being creative!

  8. shareeca says:

    Is Emily going to stay with Fablous or is she going to leave and find someone who is not going to keep her a secret?

    Was Somaya put on the show to started drama because looking at the show that seems to be the only thing she did?

    Have Chrissy found a middle ground with Jim Jones’ mother?

  9. lori says:

    For Emily: Is livng in misery worth our happines & what are u showing our daughter & teaching ur son?

  10. Denise says:

    My question is for Chrissy; If Jim had asked you to marry him traditionally he would ask your father for his blessing first, since you did it backwards don’t you think Mama Jones is justified that you skipped this crucial tradition by not asking for her blessing? If you didn’t want to ruin the surprise you could of asked her backstage when you were stressing your outfit and maybe gave her a “mom” ring to be nice and show you mean to include her in your family not leave her out.

  11. Denise says:

    Emily and Somaya ; As latina women on national tv you should represent, have you watched the show and thought I look weak(Emily) and ghetto(Somaya)? If not you should watch again! Dee
    Las Cruces, NM

  12. Gilberto Martinez says:

    my question to emily.. you by far very attractive young lady and i’m pretty sure you have men very interested in you why are you waiting for Faboulos to make up his mind so you should find a man that will truly love you for you and your kids blieve me there are good men that would truly love you

  13. NikaNice19 says:

    Why does Somaya look like a imatation Nicki Minaj ?

  14. Tracey Trigga Woods says:

    Why did everyone judge and shun Somaya from the begining, as well as continue to look down on her as if she is not good enough to be around you ladies???? Even After she tried to make amends with you all for prejudging her…

  15. Yolanda says:

    Chrissy–You have the best wardrobe ever! Where do you buy the bulk of your clothing? I particularly like the lavender dress with the slit sleeves. I have looked all over Florida and have been unsuccessful in finding a replica. Please share your wardrobe secrets.

  16. Tracey Trigga Woods says:

    1. Why did everyone judge and shun Somaya from the begining, as well as continue to look down on her as if she is not good enough to be around you ladies???? Even After she tried to make amends with you all for prejudging her…

    2. Chrissy = You are a great girl and a good match for Jimmy, however why can’t you see things from his perspective? The type of career he has feeds his insecurties, and trust issues etc. When you love someone sometimes you have to make the first sacrifice to show them you are down for them and it’s not just a phase!!! So why did’nt you have his child yet????? Because you have to give to get!!! Think about it, maybe the same reason you wont have his child yet is the same reason he won’t marry you yet…. It’s like chess someone has 2 make the first move!!! Trust Love

    3. Olivia = You are cool and the new single is hot, with that being said you have alot going on in you’re life so how do you find time to always stir things up??? Get a new hobby or a man because people are starting to say You come across as unhappy with you’re personal life!!!

    4.Emily = You have one of the most Beautiful spirits on the show and I’m crazy about you’re Boo, Lol no disrespect… Why don’t you focus on projecting that image to the world more vividly??? And if Fab Really loves you he will be there to capture that picture…. Just do you, because most of the time love often tends to finds us when we find ourself!!!!

    5. Mashonda = A very sweet person… Will you start dating again soon??? I hope so because you been through so much and you deserve to be happy…. I wish you abundant success in you’re new journey!!!!!

    6. I love you Mama J = You the reason I watch the show, but can you ease up on Chrissy what if she break up with Jimbo and you get a much worse daughter in-law???

    7. Somaya = I like your new single as well, Controversy sells, But why so much??? Everyone is not going to love you, and everyone won’t hate you either…. Sometimes you just have to move on with new experiences in hand….. Be the bigger person let the beef go, maybe friendships will grow!!! If not you can’t miss what you never had….. But always keep XO LOL

  17. ANGEL BABY says:



  18. ANGEL BABY says:



  19. Pinky says:

    I recently read on a blog that Chrissy had a beautiful house and beautiful children. But no husband. Is it true that Chrissy already has children of her own?

  20. shunte says:

    I LOVE HIM(jim jones) :)

  21. Amy says:

    Chrissy first of all you are beautiful and my favorite from the show my question to you is What is it like being in a realtionship with a rapper and have yall started wedding planning yet?

  22. Amy says:

    Emily what made you stay in the realtionship with Fab if he treats you like you are nothing when you are something?

  23. channdra says:

    Jim Jones, why do your mother dont like Chrissy. I know mother known best but sometime you have to make your own mind without your mother say so.
    Emily do you and Fab have a relationship or not because you can do better, I know that he is your son father but if he is showing you that he not with you girl so move on with your life without him and you can do it always put God first he got your back all the time.

  24. Amy says:

    For Olivia,
    What did you think of Emily after you saw she was with Somaya when she gave the interview to Vlad TV?

  25. brittany hunt says:

    I would like to know will jim and chrissy get married? did emily leave fab? when is olivis’s cd coming out and did the beef between olivia and somaya end? where can i find the song that jim wrote for chrissy? is somaya’s mixtape out yet and is she back with her ex? and also did jim’s mom and chrissy make up and/or getting along now?

  26. brittany hunt says:

    did chrissy and jim’s mom make up or getting along now? did emily leave fab? when is olivia’s cd coming out? where can i find the song jim wrote for chrissy? did olivia and somaya squash their beef? is somaya’s mixtape out yet and if so where can i find it? did somaya’s manager leave her? did somaya get back with her ex? are chrissy and jim still engaged and if so do they plan to get married soon?

  27. April says:

    For Emily, Is it true you was messing with Olivia ex, your client?

  28. Lucy Lu says:

    Emily why did you keep starting things between the girls and Somaya by inviting her and then switchin things around? Then act like u don’t understand why everyones mad. And you talkin bout u told Somaya she can’t b actin like that no u didn’t then gonna get mad olivia she had every right 2 b mad.

  29. Lucy Lu says:

    Emily u always would say Oliva walks away from conflict,but b4 she leaves she says what she has to say right so what is your point, don’t body need to stay to keep goin back and fourth. U r so drama and 4 all we know u layin bout bein wit Fab Groupie who’s gonna b babydaddy #3

  30. Mirrah W. says:

    How does Somaya think she’s making Olivia relevant, when the only time she is revelant is naked or causing controversy? Olivia apparently is the bigger person in the matter.

  31. Lucy Lu says:

    Somay that was weak as hell the lil video u did tryin diss Olvia, like who responds to a nobody u not strong enough u don’t make nothin move. Thats like responding to a child 4 what it doesn’t mean nothin. why don’t u like Olivia again O cause she rolls her eyes at u. U sound dumb.

  32. SLS - Baltimore, MD says:

    First off I want to say that Chrissy is the BEST and I love the REAL friendship that her and Olivia share it’s real unlike the fake EMILY! But my question is for Somaya why are you SO upset with Olivia claiming that she “put your life in danger” when none of this would have started if it wasn’t for YOUR manager talking smack to Chrissy and about Jim?

    Emily I would like to know why you felt the need to play both sides? I think you were a real trouble maker on the show.

    Olivia you were right to remove yourself from those situations where Emily was being two-faced, Emily claimed you were running but I think that she was just trying to force a bond between everyone and Somaya that clearly wasn’t there. Oh yeah and you have a great manager Olivia and I say that because he showed that he will go HARD for his clients.

  33. Theresa says:

    Chrissy how do you put up with jim jones and all his crazyness ?

  34. gina says:

    my question is to emily…we know u love Fab and alot of us DID till we saw what a a hole he is to u and ur family…hes making you out to look like a fool girl. why don’t u kick him to the curb?

  35. Nicole says:

    Emily, what is the situation with you and Fab and are you currenty dating Darrelle Revis?

  36. rubyruby says:………

  37. Louise Douglas says:

    How can I purchase the song Jim Jones made for Chrissy.

  38. Stephanie Denver, Co says:

    Hey love and hip hop your show is to die for ! My question is for Chrissy and Oliva: Are you two jealous of Somaya’s boldness and obvious sex appeal?

  39. Delreena says:

    Emily, You seem like a good woman to me but very naive.I wonder did you ever leave Fab and/or what/s the realtionship like now that everything has been aired out?

  40. Delreena says:

    Emily, You seem like a very good woman but very naive. I wonder, are you still with Fab and/or who is the relationshiop now that everything has been aired out?

    Chrissy, My fellow hood, strong, black woman. I see a lot of the Jones’s but where is your peeps at? Mother? Father? Sisiter? Brother? ???

    Chrissy. I understand that you hitting 40 but what took so long to deciede you want to get married and have kids now? I know stated that he wasn’y ready for marraige but he was ready for a kid, at least you should have blessed him with that. That might have infuenced him to put a ring on ya figure. Now your ready in he’s not. FORCED MARRAIGAES NEVER WORK.

    Oliva, Your mangaer seems a little to over protective over you. Did you two have a intimate relationship going on? He was ready to knock Somaya into next week! lol

  41. Diahanna says:

    1. What was Somaya’s purpose on the show? Still can’t figure it out.

    2. Is Emily going to leave Fab? Great Decision to leave

    3. Chrissy stand your ground with Jim and if he’s a true man and loves you like he says he’ll put the ring on and grow up.

    4. Chrissy do you really think you can put up with Mamma Jones? Can’t deal with that kind of drama, she reminds me of Keyshia Coles Mom just not that over the top.

  42. Candiss says:

    1. Emily: Why are you so TWO FACED???

    2. Somaya: Why are you trying to look like, talk like, and act like Nicki Minaj?

  43. Katrina Renee' says:

    Somaya you said that Olivia endangered your life, when in fact it was your manager who put your life in danger by flapping his gums to the wrong people. Are you starting beef with Olivia to get a buzz for yourself because you know in your heart that your music is wack?

    Oakland, CA

  44. stephanie a says:

    this question is for emilly were you ever afraid that faboulous would actually leave you for coming out with the truth about your relationship?

  45. Nancy says:

    Emily.. I know for us women the idea of moving on or starting new is heartbreaking especially when you have kids, Would that be more of a factor as to why you haven’t left Fabulous? I’m not going to lie you come off as a gullible lady who chooses to pretend that things are okay.. You try to justify everything.. You let him get away with too much.. Maybe you could learn a thing or two because I am sure Chrissy wouldn’t take that from JIM..

    Chrissy.. You seem like a very strong minded individual ..I could see you starting a center for troubled young ladies.. Please take that into consideration..

    Olivia…Please don’t give up on your singing.. I was never a fan till now when i heard those notes in the song December.. WOWOWOWOW.. Don’t give up I beg because we need someone like you with that kind of voice.. I felt you singing.. Bless your voice..

    Somaya.. OMG.. I am sorry but you cute and nice body maybe you can a start a carrer with that.. But this music thing is not for you.. I youtube so many clip you did and they were all bad.. The only that was okay was the spanish song you did.. Please find something else your good at what else are you good at?

  46. lucky30 says:

    this is for Emily, are you looking to date someome who will be for you and only for you? you are a pretty person in and and your children deserve is what makes the world go round not money,or fame..

  47. MiMi.B says:

    Shomaya do you really believe that you are a talented artist like really you need to SERIOUSLY LISTEN to your lyrics wth are you talking about if you actually do get signed that goes to show that the music business is a big time JOKE!!!

  48. AshCash says:

    Chrissy: I hope everything between you an Jims mom work out for the better, I feel like if she was really a good mother then she would try a little bit harder to have a better relationship between you two….Bt how are things w/ you an Jim?Hope you guys came up with that two year plan that you were talking about.

    Olivia: GIIRRRLLL that voice of yours is amazing keep up the good hard work an continue to be that strong women you are. Btw did you get a record deal yet or a new man in your life?

    Emily: What do you see yourself doing if Fab continues to be negligent about the realationship?

  49. Vanessa says:


    Why did you try to catch Olivia in a lie about her relationship with your client when people do the same thing to you with Fab?

  50. SLS - Baltimore, MD says:

    Hey Ladies! First off I want to say that I LOVE the REAL friendship that Chrissy and Olivia have! (Emily is a little too two-faced for me) But my question is for both Chrissy and Olivia: After watching the season for yourself do you think that Emily was playing both sides?

  51. SHuGa says:

    Olivia- After so many years of being out of the music industry, what was your inspiration throughout the making of “December”?

    Emily-After so many years of being in the shadows of Fab, You obviously see he isn’t willing to take the step to make it official in the way you would like it to be so Build up the Courage and say to yourself I wasn’t born to fade into the background. You were born to shine. You will make it Just let your kids be your guide.

    Chrissy- Congratulations on your engagement!!. You’re a Go-Getter and a very strong female with values, Don’t let mama Jones step over boundaries because she is his mother yes but she isn’t your mother. let’s be honest she hasn’t really welcomed you with opened arms from the beginning but she needs to start valuing a good woman for her son when she comes across one.

    Somaya- OMG! get a new day job. Singing just isn’t cut out for you. Some are born with the gift, while others are just hoping it will come to them but I think that gift passed you by without a second thought. Sorry.

  52. kz says:

    samaya why is it that you are mad at olivia when the problem you av is withchriss i wast oliva who said you only need to rap during christmas time it was chrissy i just find it funny that womenlike you are afraid to address the real issue which is with chrissy be grown up about your stop hating on oliva and get your career jumping that should be our main focus

  53. Ashley Fayt says:

    Okay, so everyone keeps saying that that Olivia is weak but I understand her walking away in order to be the bigger person. I respect that!
    My issue, though, is with somoya… to me after jim stepped to to you and your people you moved towards olivia because you just wanted to seem hard… you were afraid of jim so you left off of chrissy and directed your anger to olivia… why do you have to cause drama at all? why not be a grown-up and just admit you were wrong and stop trying to place the blame on everyone but you? FYI that last question was rhetorical.
    Chrissy I love you!
    Liv I respect you!

    Ms. Fayt

  54. Sheona says:

    1) To Somaya: After seeing that Olivia did not set you up, do you feel any remorse about your childish behavior and immaturity?
    2) To Crissy: Don’t you think your laying it on real thick with Jim? He loves you with all his heart, its very apparent. Also how do you deal with momma Jones, she seems a little over the top. Do you have any suggestion for people that deal with difficult inlaws?
    3) Emily, you come off as if you have low self-esteem. There are rappers out there that parade their wives and girlfriends and it doesn’t effect their career that Fabolous’s cop out. I lost a lot of respect for Fabolous, but you, you could do better for yourseld. Love has nothing to do with it. How are you in a relationship and the other person doesn’t want to admit it mama? You need to let that negro go. You gorgeous and he should be proud to claim you.

  55. I like to know why Nancy feel Chrissy isn’t the one for Jim.Do Nancy think her and Chrissy will ever get along.

  56. Erica S says:

    This question is for Chrissy. Do you think that you and Mama Jones will ever get along even if you and Jim never get married or not?

  57. Erica S says:

    To Somaya- U came to New York to get your imaginary career off the ground but the whole time you were picking fights with people, why not put all that energy into finding a way to realize your dreams? Instead you were more of a distraction.

    To Chrissy- Will you and Mama Jones ever get along?

    To Olivia- I love you song and can’t wait til the album drops!!!!

    To Emily- How do you feel about being Somaya’s puppet throughout the season? She played you like a fool and used you to continue causing drama on the show.

  58. Kanika Gittens says:


    I must say there have been very few female anthem shows to watch these days, I was absolutely obsessed with the show; I loved that all sides of a women were shown. Chrissy I have to say I identified with you the most,being with the love of your life for 6-years and wanting to know that your Man is in it for the long run. I to have an amazing soulmate, in my life, just remember that our “Black Men” are fragile and need strong opinionated women like us to hold them down,even if they pretend like they dont. I love that you took charge and showed women everywhere what you wanted, I can’t say I would have done the same but that’s because I grew up in an old fashion family so I expect my man to get down on one knee; however I commend you for taking ownership, I hope you and Jim continue the Amazing union you have,I can tell he loves you next season he needs to show you how it’s done by proposing to you!! don’t trip off “Mama Jones” that will work itself out.

    Olvia– Your December song is amazing, I love it, Happy you are back on the scene.

    Emily– I really home you find out how to love yourself because if “Fab” hasn’t claimed you yet, then it will never happen sorry to break it to ya! You have amazing children love them and yourself first, the right man will come along. I wish I would be with a Man who didn’t claim me, a REAL Man would shout from the rooftops!!!

    Overall Ladies I can’t wait for next season, Stay Strong Ladies!!! *50-Cent Pieces Rare and Hard to Find*KG

  59. Sammi says:

    Chrissy do you think Jim Jones is a coward for having thugs approach little Somaya’s manager? (Chrissy you told Jim because you’re jealous of Somaya.)

  60. Nancy says:

    Chrissy you are Beautiful and Bold and Jim is Gangsta & a #1Hottie. Me and my husband are similar to you and Jim Jones in the “cute couple division” except we do not have your $$$$$’s. I say to you Chrissy that you are going to have to lay law with Jim about marriage and please do not have a child before marriage. I think after 6 years you both have answered each other 21 questions(50 cents). Chrissy only settle for the Princess package. Good luck to you both.
    Ladies you all were very interesting and I hope there is a season 2.

  61. chiffon b (amsterdam, ny) says:

    to chrissy: it took alot of balls to ask jim to marry you, honestly do you think nancy will be the end to your relationship? second, you have been with jimmy for so long and his hair was always the same, how are you feeling the new hair cut? also i really loved the song he did for you you should release it so we can go from ballin to hold’n u down :) <3 you all give us another season



  63. Michelle says:

    This question is for Chrissy: Do you feel bad for not telling Jim’s mother before hand about the engagement? It is usually tradition to ask the parent for the intended’s hand in marriage. Whereas the two of you had an already rocky relationship was that an extra nudge for front runner in the HBIC lane? Dont you think sharing that would have brought you and Jim’s mom closer?

  64. Nikki says:

    Why isn’t Olivia saying anything when So Maya is stepping to her? Rich should leave it between women only.

  65. Miss. California says:

    Your hair cut looks nice so those that are hating don’t worry about them. Chrissy love it. lol

  66. LaTasha J says:

    Does anyone else notice the fake mole on Chrissys face? No joke, we just watched a couple episodes and the damn thing moves from the left side of her face to the right side. Dont believe me, watch it yourself. Pay close attention. It does move from one side to another.!.!.!?.?. Trippy ish.

  67. dannie says:

    for chrissy now that you have the ring on your finger , are you and jim moving foward towards kids
    and also there has been many rumors about you and max b dating is it true ? and why did he make that song “touched it in mamii

  68. kim barnes says:

    my question for yandy. Why what Jimmy do for Chrissy bother you so much. You keep saying he’s like a brother but i personally thinks your jealous of their relationship. I’m glad Jimmy put you in your place. SOCIALLI INAPPRIORIATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM CHRISSY ALL DAY