Donald Trump’s Ubiquity Tour Continues On Audrina


Donald Trump has been making headlines recently for so many reasons. Pretty safe to say that he has never been in the news as much as he has in the past two weeks and, love him or hate him, his orange mug is inescapable. But more important than his controversial political views, his beef with Robert DeNiro, or the fact that Celebrity Apprentice was cut off so President Obama could announce the death of the world’s most hated terrorist, Trump’s biggest celebrity moment of the week has yet to come.

Why? Because he managed to snag a cameo on the upcoming episode of Audrina! Yes, his royal hairness appears on the show and —ack!— manages to smooch not one but two Patridges. Check out the clip above for proof. (Note: It’s not long-form proof. For that, you’ll need to watch the entire episode on Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT.)

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  1. haley458 says:

    How low have we sunk that we’re giving this random girl her own show. She claims to be a business women, a model, and a celebrity? She was on ONE show — and it was the dumbest thing ever — a scripted reality show? What does that even mean?? And I have yet to see her as a model for any actualy company’s campaign (i.e Gucci, Cover Girl, etc.). And what business is she running? Ugh. You couldn’t pay me to watch this crap.

  2. haley458 says:

    However, if YOU enjoy watching spoiled little rich girls complain about how hard it is to be them, you may have found your niche.