Lady Gaga’s “Judas” Video Leaks, And We Count Down Its Top 5 Influences


Lady Gaga must be feeling déjà vu. Just two weeks after the audio of new single “Judas” was leaked, the video for the song found its way online earlier today in advance of its premiere on E! News at 7:00PM, forcing an impromptu reschedule.

E! News will still be airing its interview with Gaga tonight, but we have a pretty good idea where the video’s imagery came from:

    Gaga described the clip as motorcycle Fellini, but the video is much heavier on the former than the latter. There’s a connection to Juliet of the Spirits—both draw on virgin/whore religious iconography—but that’s more a matter of a shared Catholic source.

    The motorcycle look, however, is in full force. And while The Wild One may get all the props, biker-movie iconography owes more to no-budget American International pictures, starting with 1966’s The Wild Angels:

    Lady Gaga as Nancy Sinatra? We think it fits.

    Gaga-gone-Catholic is an obvious debt/homage to Madonna, especially in this Mary Lambert-directed video featuring Madonna as Magdalene.

    Gaga’s Jesus may not be black, but her Matthew is, and he rocks quite the Houston grill.
    Gaga actually pulls a reverse-“Like a Prayer” in “Judas”; about 40% into the video, her Magdalene look gives way to Virgin-chic, immaculate heart and all. Surrounded by apostle-gangsters, Gaga is suddenly Our Lady, Help of Christians—or, in Colombia, as seen in wider culture through Barbet Schroeder‘s adaptation of the novel—Our Lady of the Assassins.

    Of course, the iconography and faith in the Virgin Mary is of particular importance in many areas of the Americas once colonized by Spain—not just in Colombia.

    The broad pageantry of Gaga’s modernized lower-class update of a centuries-old story feels like musical theater, although less the New York ballet-realism of West Side Story—Gaga is too baroque for that. John Leguizamo and Harold Perrineau as Tybalt and Mercutio? Now we’re talking.

    And speaking of Harold Perrineau…

  5. Lost Season 6
    Because it’s about betrayal and forgiveness, it’s got a ton of water imagery, and it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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