Our Official Cinco De Mayo Drinking Playlist Will Help You Celebrate In Style Tonight


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today Americans across the country will celebrate the Mexican combat victory over the French in 1862 by getting plastered! And like musical sommeliers, we are here to pair the appropriate drinks with the appropriate music. Here’s how you should start your night—and how you should end it.

A shot of tequila (nothing too fancy but at least something middle-shelf) with salt and lime paired with The Ventures “Tequila”

This is tradition—at least, as much as any minor ethnic celebration recast as a major American drinking holiday can be said to have tradition. The bolder among you can try a Pee-Wee Herman (though it might be a little early in the night for that).

A Matador (tequila blanco and pineapple juice, and lime juice as preferred) paired with Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”

This margarita variation will ease you into the rest of the night. The lime juice adds a bit of a bite to a pretty sweet cocktail. And Pink gores a matador in the video for her party-ode to underdogs (which fits today’s historical context).

drinker’s choice paired with Rihanna “Cheers”

Here’s where you can set off on your own journey for the evening. Rihanna mentions Jameson in “Cheers,” but this ain’t St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re feeling a beer, Tecate and Modelo are obvious choices. If you want to get your The-Dream on, go for a shot of Patrón. The sky’s the limit.

At some point you’re going to want to wind down the evening, though. Here’s how to do it in Cinco de Mayo style.

Shot(s) of well tequila paired with The Smiths “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before”:

Tons of Mexican-Americans love Morrissey. And this Smiths song is a perfect reminder to yourself—and hint to your drinking cohorts—that you should probably start wrapping it up. Plus it’s got the tequila-chant-esque couplet, “Oh, so I drank one; it became four/ And when I fell on the floor I drank more.”

Corona with lime paired with Reel Big Fish “Beer”

The Southwestern mestizo population may love the Smiths, but the punks in the D.F. (Distrito Federal, aka Mexico City) love ska. (Just ask Daniel Hernandez.) So salute them, because the Puebla resistance on Cinco de Mayo protected Mexico City (albeit temporarily). That said, not everybody is going to love this song choice, so you want to make sure everybody is good and drunk first. The drink pairing not only is dictated by the song, but also will help cut the harshness of all that well tequila you’ve been shooting.

A margarita paired with Jimmy Buffett “Margaritaville”
Because, simply put, Cinco de Mayo celebrants nationwide wouldn’t have it any other way.

What songs do you put on to get the party started (or, to wind the evening down)? Hit us up in the comments!

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