Bye-Bye Braids! Jim Jones Debuts His New Hairstyle


Jim Jones has a new look! The Love & Hip Hop star Tweeted photos of his new hairstyle earlier today showing that his signature braids are a thing of the past. Was it just time for a change, or is he gearing up for a special occasion? Did Chrissy finally get him to agree to a wedding? Are we just projecting our own fantasies? (Yes, probably.) Let us know what you think, is his new look working for him, or should he have kept the braids intact?

If you’re curious about Jim’s new hairstyle or anything else Love & Hip Hop related, leave a question for us and it may get answered by the cast on our reunion episode which airs Monday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

[Photos: Twitter]



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  1. Ms. Lady says:

    I luv it……

  2. Lebralee says:

    OMG!! He looks sooooooo nice and clean!! I loooove it!! He doesn’t look soo dingy, now he looks very desiring and doable….

  3. ARIES33 says:


  4. Antonio Moreno says:

    I would like to ask Jim Jones was this haircut part of a decision to cross over into the pop genre to be more marketable and successful? I say that because of the song “Perfect Day” on your last album which had a pop sound and was definately a cross over from your usual gangsta style.

  5. everett says:

    Now he need to do is, cut that ugly beard.

  6. tamika says:

    chrissy if you beefn with him six years and he did not ask you to marry then why now do you want this commitment so bad i mean he got on national tv and said how much he love you my next questions why are you 2 still waiting to have kids
    i mean after six years did you not want kids was that the reason. noo matter what the answer is you still cool as hell.

  7. Creshie Sar says:

    Jimmy is growing up and it looks good on him, Jimmy do whatcha do

  8. Miss. California says:

    Mr. Jones you seem to be a cool cat. Chrissy love you very much and I know you have wonderful love for her too. Life is too short go ahead and get married don’t be afraid of other people out comes in their marriage. I see you are in the middle between Mom and your Women but Prayer changes things your mother and Chrissy will come around to love each other I believe that. Start your new marriage life with your women Chrissy and have some happy kids with her. Keep this in mind a good women these days is hard to find. God bless and much love to the East Coast.

  9. ray says:

    I think Mama Jones just wants Grandkids and I bet she will let you be ..or maybe not..