Mob Wives – Episode 4 – Exclusive Bonus Clips!


On this week’s episode of Mob Wives, we saw Renee Graziano receive a detailed psychic reading, but what happened when her son, AJ, had his fortune told? In our exclusive bonus clip, find out AJ’s fate — now might be the time to get to know him, because the cards say he’s going to be quite the money-maker.

And after the jump, check out another bonus clip featuring AJ and Renee after they find out that Renee’s ex, Junior made bail after getting arrested in the mob bust. Mob Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. me says:

    best show ever!

  2. Christy Cannella-Braccino says:

    Love the show the last show was the best!

  3. tima says:

    I like the show,but shocked of the content at times. I am Italian and never known anyone to speak so openly about the Mafia. Renee is a nice person and down to earth,I do not understand why Drita and Carla are negative about her. They both made the comment you never know Renees mood and this would be after Renee is given something she felt the need to respond to, that was said by Drita or Carla. I feel Drita can not be trusted,when Renee tried to speak with her and said she (Renee) should trust her friends Drita said ya that’s crazy you should trust your friends and Drita’s body language was totally oppisite her lip and nose started nerously moving a sign of hiding something. Drita speaks how tough she is come on lady your in your 4o’s be real,you crack me up on how you act like your a mobster. lol Italian women or a least most are caring family and friends not all that swearing and toughness.Renee I believe has the right way of thinking God,family and friends RESPECT

  4. Ellen Morelli Adinolfi says:

    What kind of People are you RELLY ? , who ever produces & promotes This show to its “cast of cahracters” must realize it’s more like a DISAPPOINTING CIRCUS !! You So Called Mob Wives are making Fools of yourselves, granted so other fools are putting MONEY in you pocket for this garbage!! I just hope the world Knows this show for what it is — A JOKE !! Ther’s NoONE – MOB ANYTHING who acts such as this or even thinks this show should be on the AIR !! Have self RESPECT & Some for the REAL PEOPLE of the WORLD !! GET OFF TV !! END OF STORY !!