Top Ten Most Hilarious Tweets From Mob Wives’ Drita


The women of Mob Wives have barely been around for a month and yet they already have a massive fan following. And by that, of course we mean a massive Twitter following. Hard to believe none of them had a Twitter account before the show aired and now they each have thousands of followers. And these women are not just sitting around retweeting their fan’s praises, they’re pretty hilarious on their own too, especially Drita D’Avanzo. When she’s not busy punching out anyone who crosses her,@DritaDavanzo is coming up with some of the most hilarious one-liners we’ve seen from a reality show star. Check out some of our faves below and start following her already. #teamdrita FTW!

10.@DritaDavanzo My guy friends say Y buy the Cow when u can get the milk for free? I said your right…Y buy the Pig for a little bit of sausage??

9. @DritaDavanzo Lee asked me if I really ate the food…I said every bite of it Sucka….

8. @DritaDavanzo Osama got whacked last night huh…its official..

7. @DritaDavanzo all I know is Im finding out alot of people want beef…beef is when you need to gats to go to sleep.

6. @DritaDavanzo I was food shopping..n asked some guy what aisle for paper towels…I told him talk to my face cuz my breasts are hard of hearing..

5. @DritaDavanzo Nothn better than being hungover and having a 3 yr old jumpn on your head screaming..good times

4. @DritaDavanzo Wen Aleeya’s tooth fell out her father left $100. I left $5 she said what happened?I said Tooth Fairy violated parole.It was in the paper.

3. @DritaDavanzo Im trying to figure out Y my little girl has such a bad temper…she’s goin toe to toe with me.I don’t know if I should have

2.@DritaDavanzo Oh I forgot to wish my haters a happy Easter too…without u guys I know I’m doing something wrong:)

1. @DritaDavanzo Mob wives is on again …my daughter is like can I watch it..Im like after I edit


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  1. Ceci says:

    Drita is the best thing I have ever seen on television. I was fighting with my soon to be ex on the phone and I am pretty sure I was using the “Drita” voice…

  2. amy says:

    if drita loves her kids so much why would she risk depriving them of both parents by catching an assualt charge? that’s what happens when you fight in the club.

  3. truth be told says:

    Really Renee? “Do you know who I am?” LOL A drag queen?

    Nobody knows who you are and we don’t care either. Unless a Staten Islander, nobody heard of you or your family. Maybe the FBI should be checking where all the money is coming from that you ladies spend and the IRS might be interested as well.
    Homeland Security should put up a fence around Staten Island so none of you bimbos and crooks can get out.

  4. Cherie Kuebler says:

    I’m an Italian girl in Iowa.. lol. I love the show. They are all beautiful ladies. So stop hating on them. Do you really think they care what you think about them? If so, Wrong answer. I hope the show lasts for along time. I will buy all the dvd.s.

  5. Linda says:

    OMG, Drita’s the bomb! She’s so pretty and then when she opens her mouth it’s a trip. Her tweets her hilarious! I didn’t want to like Mob Wives but I love it.

  6. J says:

    I love the show ! I think the women are awesome because they each have there own personality, can’t wait for the next episode !

  7. Cherie Kuebler says:

    Sorry you all about the 5 somments. I was having problrms with my computer and did not know the were posting. Again the show kicks ass!