Lady Gaga Coaches on American Idol


Lady Gaga didn’t have to try to be the most interesting thing on last night’s American Idol, but she still gave her all while coaching the contestants through the Lieber and Stoller songbook. Her calculated weirdness collided forcefully with some contestants’ blandness and hesitance.

Sporting a monochromatic wig and wardrobe (including a fake birthmark), she forcibly Elvis-swiveled James Durbin‘s hips as he practiced “Love Potion No. 9,” used an extended tongue-kissing metaphor to describe how Scotty McCreery should relate to the microphone, and all but told Lauren Alaina to grow up. Haley Reinhart seemed the least uncomfortable with Gaga, discussing theatricality and breath control. But all the advice was good, if awkwardly transferred. Gaga herself did not sing.

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  1. Deborah Thurlow says:

    I rather enjoy Lada Gaga, she is very today, a bit outlandish, bold, and the kids love her! What is not to love? She speaks her mind, and I find her refreshing. She is to kids today what the 60′s & 70′s ‘icons’ were to us. I thought she did the IDOL kids some good…