The Top Ten Things To Look Out For On Next Week’s Love & Hip Hop Reunion


There was So! Much! Drama! at the Love and Hip Hop reunion taping last night, and we were there to witness it all. You’ll have to tune in at 8 p.m. on Monday night, May 16, to see it for yourself, but we’re so hyped about it that we just couldn’t help but share a few tidbits with you.

There were a million little things to observe in the studio last night, from Emily‘s gorgeous new Cleopatra hairstyle (when she walked in, people actually asked out loud “Who was that?” only to realize it was Emily, totally vamped up and made over), to the multiple pairs of Louboutins on display, to the ever-so-faint scent of some kind of herb in the air. However, we’ll save most of those details for our recap after the show airs, but here are the Top 10 Things You’ll Want To Look Out For At The Love & Hip Hop Reunion:

10. We counted four people angrily storming off-stage during the show. One person actually stormed off twice.

9. When Jim Jones and his new hair arrived, someone hilariously mentioned he looked like Al B. Sure.

8. Jim lost points with the audience when he says he “forgot” to wear his engagement ring to the taping.

7. One person told Somaya, “I came here with every intention of being politically correct to your trifling whack-ass.” (That person was one of the people to leave the taping.)

6. Someone told Maurice, Somaya’s manager, “You only apologized”—about discussing Jim’s money on the boat—”because you got dealt with.”

5. Olivia spent some time clarifying the difference between what it means to be “dating” Darrelle Revis and being his “girlfriend.”

4. Emily divulged her current relationship status with Fab.

3. By the end, someone broke down in tears.

2. Everyone admitted they were worried that someone was going to get thrown off the yacht during the boat ride episode.

1. Chrissy told someone they acted “like a little bitch” on the show.

Who said what, who got called out for their behavior, and who got their feelings hurt? You’ll have to tune in to Love & Hip Hop: The Reunion Show on Monday May 16 at 8p.m. to find out.

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  1. Katrina Renee' says:

    yeahhhhhhh buddy

  2. Kenesha Johnson says:

    I hope that there will be another season of Love & Hip Hop. I really loved the show . I found myself calling my daughter asking her about the show if I missed it. I watched it on demand all the time. Please consider another season.


  3. Kenesha Johnson says:

    I really enjoyed the show Love & Hip Hop. I am going to be looking forward to another season.

  4. Felicia Johnson says:

    now this reunion show how the money has not change the attitude of you young women and men as my god says in his god we have to change are mind set and if the money is the problem by you thinking that the money brings you peace pls try god and you will see what real peace is i truly believe god has something better for all of us but when we don’t come to him for counseling and guidance we think we are better than god and we can handle all of are problems on our own you see young people kill themselves and the tsunami that happen all those people died in a matter of 5 mins and you think your life can not end in a second now today i was told another young rapper died so what do you think the devil has in store for you pray people Jesus is coming back have your house in order

  5. mrscooper says:

    Chrissy needs to walk away. I know she loves Jimmy but if he can tell his mom that he loves her and this is his life,then she needs to walk away knowing that she did all she could. I know this first hand. Momma Jones needs to get a life and get a man. Your son is grown you can not do for him what Chrissy does. If you are so worried about your relationship with your son not being as close because he gets married then your relationship wasn’t that tight anyway. Emily needs to move on, Fab didn’t even want to take pic with you,MOVE ON. Somaya you aint all that get over yourself. Can’t wait til next season.

  6. Jemini H says:

    I noticed that Jim Jones had approached Somaya manager with a Friend…and the Friend was getting aggressive with the Guy ( manager) …couldn’t Jim Jones approached the Guy Alone… The Manager was outnumbered …and Jim Jones and the friend was ganging up on the Guy…that is unfair…their both adults …grown men…they can speak to each other Alone…
    The Chrissy situation is toxic.. I had looked up the psychology of the reasons why Moms are against their sons Girlfriends…their is a time you have to cut the umbilical cord, and let your sons make choices on their own…whether they be the wrong choices or good ones…their has to be space between a Mom and the son’s woman….just trust that you instill in your son that he can make the right decisions on his own…Most people would not put themselves in Chrissy situation …a tug a war is never attractive…come on people …
    And for Olivia …never claim a guy first …let him claim you ….then you know your status with him…

  7. tbanger says:

    Hey VH1! Me and my daughter love your show love&hip hop and hope to see another season. I can’t wait for season 2 to see if Jimmy will marry Chrissy. I hope he does because she is a very smart and intelligent young lady. She has class and knows what she wants out of life. And don’t forget she’s very pretty. JIMMY THEIRS NOT ALOT OF WOMEN OUT THERE LIKE CHRISSY. SHE’S A KEEPER!!! And Chrissy if he don’t have a date set in the next 3 years for you alls wedding don’t question it no more and turn into cruela deville on his azz. Not so mean to the point it drives you guys apart but just be silent(u know they hate that) and get boring. Just do your thing but don’t include him. Go out to eat by yourself. Just do things alone and i put money on it he’ll come around. We as fans would love to see you guys together. So best wishes and hope to see you guys again for another season.. Peace,love,& hip hop!!!


    IEYE LOVE THIS SHOW ESPECIALLY, CHRISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YHOO GUYS NEXT SEASON YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!