Celebrities Are Answering YOUR Questions Via Webcam, Thanks To Big Morning Buzz Live


Phew! As we get close to putting a wrap on the first week of Big Morning Buzz Live, VH1′s new morning show, we wanted to take a few moments to remind you about one of the most interactive ways for you to talk to your favorite celebrities. The process could not be any more simple: First, submit a question for either our lovely host Carrie Keagan or any of our upcoming guests through the widget above or by visiting our Big Morning Buzz Live page on VYou.com. Then, kick back and wait for them to respond via webcam when they stop by our offices. Like we said, it doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Remember, if you have a specific question for a specific celebrity, just leave their name IN CAPS to denote that a particular question is intended for them. You can submit questions anonymously, but if you leave your email, you’ll receive a notification if and when one of the many stars that swing by our set answers your query. Just this week alone, celebs like Morgan Spurlock, Linda Perry, Lily Collins and Nick Offerman took the time to answer your questions. And next week, we’ll have people like Grace Potter (Tuesday), The Script (Wednesday), Christina Perri (Wednesday) and Matt Nathanson (Thursday) stopping by, so start submitting those questions!

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  1. RK says:

    THE SCRIPT- How can you describe your show in Manila? :)

  2. Raissa says:

    THESCRIPT – if you could describe your music as a fruit what fruit would it be?

  3. hailie says:

    The script -most embarrassing moment

  4. hailie says:

    The script – what is the most crazy thing you ever done?

  5. Justine Aura says:

    THE SCRIPT: How do you deal with the fame? Is it what you expected?

  6. scripter_MNE says:

    THE SCRIPT-Will you come at some Ex-yu (Yugoslavian) country

  7. Danielle says:

    What is your favorite song on the new album, Science and Faith?

  8. hailie says:

    The script – can you say happy 21birthday to me?

  9. roisin_keating says:

    The Script
    Hey guys, whats been your all time favourite gig? ( of yours)
    love you loads! especially dannny <3

  10. Shelley Davies says:

    This is a question for The Script – Danny what grade did you get up too in Piano and whats Glen going to get up too on his Birthday
    Only got to Grade 4 myself and can play smoke on the water with two strings on guitar – I know soooo talented.
    Question for the Presenters or DJs – If you are New Yorkers – Say Coffee without adding a “W” after the C – I Love NY by the way wish I was there but someone has to sell trucks

  11. Nabs Ash says:

    What influenced your decision to come to South Africa? It really must make you proud to see an almost sold out show on the other side of the world!

  12. Vivian Diep says:

    The Script – Did you see any cool Australian animals when you went to Australia?!

  13. Emily says:

    THE SCRIPT: What is each of your favourite memories from the tour? :-) xxx

  14. Jil says:

    THE SCRIPT- What does it take for you to notice a fan? (LIKE ME)

  15. Lilly Tessa says:

    THE SCRIPT! – What is your favorite pre show ritual?!

  16. Why all of your songs is about a broken-hearted man? Is it based all of Danny’s experience?

  17. Diane says:

    CHRISTINA PERRI: What’s your middle name?

  18. Cheska says:

    Danny, Mark, Glen – If you guys weren’t musicians/singers, what would you be?

  19. CCRider77 says:

    THE SCRIPT: When will we know if you are going to be on next years Best Cruise Ever? Danny, will you marry me? lol :)

  20. NGAathlete13 says:

    THE SCRIPT- my girlfriend is your biggest fan, can you give a quick shout out to Jamie in Georgia?

  21. Vallery says:

    THE SCRIPT – what is the best thing in the world for each of you?
    just letting you know, I went to the gig in Singapore, I had to skip school for 2 days because I live in Indonesia.
    don’t you think I deserve a shoutout? ;)

  22. Tash says:

    The Script – What would be one place that you’d love to tour, but haven’t yet?
    Also, please come back to Australia soon, you guys were brilliant :-)

  23. Adhlin Suhaimi says:

    THE SCRIPT: What is your favorite song by the band (the script)?

  24. Mary Anne says:

    THE SCRIPT: Where do you spend most of your time when not on tour / doing work?

  25. Vallery says:

    THE SCRIPT – hey guys! I wanna know what’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?
    just want you to know, I went to the gig in Singapore, I had to skip school for 2 days because I live in Indonesia. but it was totally worth it :D
    lots of love <3

  26. Emily says:

    THE SCRIPT: When is your next tour? :-D This one was really amazing and I can’t wait till the next one! xxx

  27. Pua says:

    CHRISTINA PERRI: hi, i’m from Hawaii \ooo/ CHEE. What process did you go through to get to where you are now? Any advice?

    please come to HAWAII!!! :)

  28. Melissa says:

    Hi, will you please add exit wounds to your setlist for the aviva, i love that song.

  29. Sarah says:

    THE SCRIPT – all websites say something else, so what age are you guys?? (including Ben please ;) )

    and to Glen: have you ever listened to the MyTown album, if not, do it, you’ll have a real laugh :D

    much love from Holland xxx

  30. Gillian says:


  31. Gillian says:


  32. Gillian says:


  33. Carla says:

    THE SCRIPT: what is the thing you can’t live without?

  34. Caroline says:

    Matt Nathanson: Will you be doing a headlining tour to promote “Modern Love?”

  35. The Civil Wars- I love how you two interact with each other at a show. You seem very much in love with each other. Are you two married to each other? Dating each other? Your chemistry is awesome! :)

  36. Wally Walker says:

    THE CIVIL WARS – Seeing the world is ending May 21, what city or country do you regret never having played?

  37. Wally Walker says:

    THE CIVIL WARS – Can you give us a hint of the next cover you’re working on?

  38. Wally Walker says:

    THE CIVIL WARS – Joy and JP, who would you choose to play each of you in a movie (Johnny Depp not included)?

  39. Camilla says:

    Matt Nathanson: Hey Matt. I was wondering… do you have any kids? they’d be cute. and are you ever planning on coming to Brazil? I love your work, btw, you’re brilliant!

  40. Alyssa says:

    Will you ever release another live album?

  41. Kathy says:

    Matt Nathanson – What percentage of the songs you’ve written are about your own life vs. others’ lives? Very much looking forward to ‘Modern Love!’

  42. Jeff says:


    I hear a George Michael influence in the new single “Faster”–what other influences will be on the new record? Also, Rick Springfield or Bryan Adams????

  43. adamsheroin says:

    ANDREW W.K.- I assume if someone made a movie about your life it would be called Party Hard. What actor would play your part?

  44. Brendyn says:

    How hard is it to wake up each morning and do what you do? Sometimes things must get tough.

  45. skylar storrie says:

    whats your favourite song you have recorded?

  46. To everybody – What is your favourite soup?

  47. alana says:

    you’re currently dating?

  48. Amber says:

    Question for Trina Braxton – 1. You’ve never dated a black man? What is that about? 2. What if anything has changed in your family as a result of the show?

  49. steve-o says:

    STEVE-O how long your nuts hurt after electricity in jackass 3.5
    And which one was worse – rat zapper or butterfly :)

  50. Alison says:


    I truly believe you are such a talented writer and can give such raw and visual emotions within your work. I was wondering have you always been into writing and how have you honed your craft through the years?

    Thank you

  51. DAVID COOK says:

    What is your favorite thing to barbeque on the grill at home?

  52. Tara says:

    Jordan Knight, how does it feel to be completely awesome?

  53. Amber Elaine says:

    Jordan Knight – who is your favorite backstreet boy ? LOL

  54. Jeri says:

    Question for Jordan Knight:
    Who thought up the concept for the Dirty Dawg video? (it was pretty terrible, just saying LOL)

  55. Linda says:

    Question for David Cook – Hi David, When will you be coming in concert to San Diego, CA ? Hoping it’s soon, would love to see you in concert. Haven’t seen you live since the Nokia theatre when you competed for the final time. Loved it!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent!

  56. Aysegül Cetin says:

    @ Jordan Knight…..Hey Jordan If u r again 14 ,what would you do differently or would you change something? :)
    Big L?ve

  57. Katie says:

    My question is for David Cook:

    If you were a film maker what film would you make and why?

  58. Flavia says:

    Question for Jordan Knight: What’s the name of the cologne you use?

  59. Hi Jordan, Was there a song on Unfinished that was really fun to record? If so, which one?

  60. Gretchen Fraser says:

    Question for Jordan Knight: first of allow me to say thank you. It is very rare to find an artist that is so real and kind to their fans. Greatly appriciated:) Now for the question: How do you know exactly what songs to record? What i mean is how do you create music that is designed for your fans? Just like your new Cd ‘Unfinished” (which Is amazing by the way) all the songs on there are amazing but some really stand out to me personally (inside,believe & never alone). I can really related to the songs and each time I hear it I tear up. so how do you know exactly what your fans need and/or want to hear? Thank you

  61. Gretchen Fraser says:

    Question for Jordan Knight: How do you know exactly what music to create so that your fans will enjoy it? What I mean is the songs you create are amazing..for example your new CD “Unfinished” (which is amazing by the way) & all the songs are amazing. Although some of the songs really touch me personally (inside, believe & never alone). So how do you know just the right songs to record so that your fans will enjoy them. Thank you

  62. Karyn P. says:

    Question to Jordan Knight.

    If you were stranded on an Island what 3 things would you like to have with you?
    You seem the type to sing in the shower,so what song do you sing or hum to while in the shower or when taking a bath?
    What’s your favorite song you like to sing to your 2 kids?

  63. Amibeth says:

    Question for Jordan Knight: Hi Jordan! How did you injure your foot, and has the surgery you had a few years ago helping out any, or does it still bother you at times?

  64. Sondra D. Thomas says:

    Hey David Cook I was wondering when you look back at the show American Idol, how do you feel now about it, and all the fame that came along with it? Do you know David Archuleta well enough and do you hang out together, like maybe do a tour together? Are you coming back to do a concert at the York Fair? Hope you answer my questions. Luv Ya and all your songs. Sondra D. Lancaster PA

  65. Sondra D. Thomas says:

    Hey David How well do you know David Archuleta, and would youngo on tour with him? How do you rate fame after American idol show? Will you do a concert in York Fair again? Luv Ya and all your songs too Sondra D. in Lancaster PA

  66. monica says:

    Question for David Cook:
    Will you include small venues/colleges in your upcoming tour?

  67. Jennifer says:

    Jordan Knight

    How does your wife feel (after all these years) about the millions of women who dream about you and the generous interaction you give in return? Let me apologize now to her, I’ll be hugging you tightly in AC! Love the new album!

  68. Kelly (lvmyHBYnDC) says:

    A while back you tweeted something about having just written the best lyric/line ever – did that lyric make the record?

  69. LoveLifePeaceofMind says:

    DAVID COOK – does it ever occur to you that you are our “Raine Maida”?

  70. Alex Heller (Tweetmejordan) says:

    Hi Jordan,

    here are my questions:

    During one of your recent Ultimate VIPs, you stole a girl’s glasses. You looked very sexy. I saw a couple of old-school pictures of you wearing glasses. Do you need them? Is that why you squint so much? Or do you wear contacts?

    I love your new album. It is excellent!
    In a Canadian interview a few weeks ago, I read that there would be another anthemy song on “Unfinished” called “Make it Loud.” Why didn’t this song make the cut? Was it due to its political content?

    I read a few years ago in an interview that you would have loved to go to Egypt. Were you able to visit the Pyramids?
    The most spiritual/mystical place I visited was the Inca ruins in the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu. Breathtaking. If you decide to go and need a tour guide, let me know.

    I was impressed by your yoga class on the cruise. I can tell you have been working out a lot. You are in great shape and very flexible. How much time do you dedicate to Calisthenics per day?

    Do you like to cook? Or maybe grill? If so, what is your specialty dish?
    You should try Peruvian food if you haven’t yet..great sea-food!

    Do you or your kids have any pets?

    Thank you in advance for taking time to read my questions. I hope you answer at least one.


  71. Michele says:

    For Jordan Knight 1. Do you ever see yourself having more kids in the future? 2. How many DMs do you get a day from fans? 3. Does it freak you out when you see the same fans repeatedly or do you just appreciate the love they have for you?

  72. Merica Bench says:

    Question for David Cook

    If you ever get or got the chance to be casted in a movie in the near future who would you want to be casted with which actor or actress?

  73. Danielle ,N says:

    Question for david cook
    which song on your new album has the most personal meaning for you and why.

  74. Carole Stryker says:

    David Cook Question
    Is there a flat out rock song on your new album This Loud Morning ? If so , what is the name of the song?

  75. Suse says:

    At some point in the writing process for The Last Goodbye, you tweeted that you had done some writing alone that day. Can’t quote you exactly but you mentioned that the song had a mellow vibe and you were kind of “in love with it”
    Can you tell us what song that was?

  76. Alicia mack says:

    JordanKnight my question is when are you going to follow me twitter i been asking it for three years now? its @ringriot

  77. Alicia mack says:

    question for jordanknight when are going to follow me i’ve been asking for three years now?

  78. Alicia mack says:

    Question for JordanKnight when are going to follow me on twitter?

  79. Anita M says:

    Question for Jordan Knight:
    1.Beside Boston, if you could choose one city to live in , which city wolud that be?
    2. Is there any place in the world that you still haven’t seen , but you would like to visit very much?
    thank you

  80. C LeGrow says:

    What about Spaced ’4′.

  81. Alicia mack says:

    Question for jordan knight when can get a follow ? @ringriot

  82. Alicia mack says:

    Question for jordanknight
    are going to contuine follow fans on twitter?

  83. Eleen(@ChirpinkJackson) says:

    Jordan Knight,
    Do you know that you still got TEENS going crazy over you? :)

  84. Eleen(@ChirpinkJackson) says:

    Jordan Knight,
    Can you please get or tweet @JKclickAnita? :)

  85. Eleen(@ChirpinkJackson) says:

    Jordan Knight

    Do you still watch Bugs Bunny? Lol.

  86. Heather c says:

    Hi Jordan, Do you like roller coasters? Where do you like to go on vacation? Where were you when the red sox broke the losing streak ? thank you hope you answer

  87. Heather c says:

    question for Jordan Knight — Hi Jordan, Do you like roller coasters? Where do you like to go on vacation? Where were you when the Red Sox end the curse and won the world series?

  88. Richie Rich says:

    Bethenny Frankel,
    Are you willing to contact me on a business idea that I have? I would love for you to contact me, to see what you think, & be involved !
    I remember you saying how you were turned down by people with your own Ideas on Ellen, but you kept going. Are you willing to give me that chance to speak with you?
    I just hope you respond.

  89. Julio says:

    Raven would you ever invite Belinda [from the Cheetah Girsl 2] onto your new show?

  90. Nicki says:

    Question for Raven-Symone’: First of all I loved Revenge of the Bridesmaids, and I can’t wait to hear/see some more of your projects. I am trying to lose weight, and I would like to know what key tips helped you to lose weight and how do you keep your confidence/self-esteem high?

  91. Acer1987 says:

    Raven-Symoné: I loveyou , and I love That’s so Raven, so why don’t you make a movie? I mean, it’d be great a movie right now, and I’m sure that if you try you can have it!

  92. Question for Raven-Symone

    1. What is your favorite Broadway Musical and what show would you want to be in?

    Love you, Raven!

  93. Kim says:

    How are you?