Music Seen: All-American Lissie Flaunts All-Natural Style (PHOTOS)


Lissie made a name for herself playing the Los Angeles club circuit, but she’s a small-town girl (Rock Island, Illinois) who looks like she could be from Anywhere, U.S.A. This isn’t a bad thing — it’s part of her girl-next-door charm. To state the obvious, Lady Gaga Lissie is not. While Lissie may have covered Gaga (nailing “Bad Romance”, in fact), the two singers couldn’t be more different in their music and fashion. Lissie is a roots-y folk-rock singer who has a down-to-earth style and a heavenly voice. She seems most comfortable in flannel or a T-shirt and apparently consumes large quantities of all-natural tea and plum extract. This Music Seen was shot by MTV/VH1 photographer Lauren Weissler as Lissie stopped by VH1 to perform a You Oughta Know Live set with her bandmates, including guitarist Eric Sullivan and Lewis Keller, who plays bass and simultaneously drums with his feet. — Matt Muro

“Tuning… and tuning that darn guitar.” — Lissie

“Something amusing must have happened in this photo. Eric and Lewis are always saying silly things.” — Lissie

“Sometimes I can just close my eyes, and not think about anything other than the sound coming from my belly to my throat and out of my mouth. I love to sing!” — Lissie

“That’s my manager Peter Leak’s briefcase! Making the deals happen!! :)” — Lissie

“Throat Coat tea is a crucial item for the road, especially when you gotta sing at noon and you still have a groggy morning throat. As for Plum Extract, it seems to neutralize acid so my larynx is safe from acid burn. (Too much pizza and beer? ha!)” — Lissie

“I wear my my trusty old brown boots everywhere! They remind me of the boots I wore when I played Annie in the musical. They’re like 1930’s ragamuffin boots!” — Lissie

“I am a bit compulsive about pouches and compartmentalizing my things.” — Lissie

Eric Sullivan, my awesome guitarist! He got those Ray Bans in England when we did a taped song or two in a taxi cab! He wears them a lot and we all agree he is quite the handsome rock star! — Lissie

“Lewis Keller playing his ukulele… Lewis can play just about any instrument it seems. He plays some mean Bach!” — Lissie

“Eric made a handle for his guitar case from an old bit of corduroy from a Levi’s jacket. We really like fender amps!” — Lissie

“The mandatory flannel, which I promise I was sporting before it became ‘cool’… haha. People would call me a lumberjack.” — Lissie

“Flannel/sweater combo. Sort of lumberjack meets Starsky & Hutch as some nice gentleman pointed out to me on an airplane not long ago. I was like, “thanks?” — Lissie

“Goji berries are amazing for you. I love snacking on seaweed, also good for you. And pistachios are addictive. When one travels so much you gotta fill up on food that gives you energy and makes you feel strong. Don’t get me wrong, I probably had a cheeseburger as well.” — Lissie

“Maybe I felt silly getting my photo taken on the street, but i do it all for you!” — Lissie

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